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Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-24UV -E2 Service Manual page 23

Inverter-controlled multi system
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11-6.Refrigerant recovery control on heating
<Control status>
The control performs when the following status are satisfied everything;
• When there is 1 unit or more not operating indoor unit on heat operation. (Excluding thermo OFF)
• When discharge temperature becomes 107; or more.
• When it passed 60 minutes or more since the operation has started or the last refrigerant recovery has controlled.
<Control details>
LEV opening, which adjusts to not operating indoor unit, is considered to be 80 pulse.
<Control finish status>
The control finishes either as follows. However, the LEV opening is considered to be 59 pulse.
• When it passed 60 seconds since the control has started.
• When the discharge temperature is 90; or less.
11-7.Outdoor fan control
Fan speed is switched according to a number of operating indoor unit and the compressor frequency.
• When operation, fan speed of Hi/ Low mode changes to VHi/ Hi mode by promoting those fan speeds respectively by
1 step after defrosting is operated. This control is cleared, when the compressor off.
• When overheat protection of P.C. board temperature or fin temperature operates, the outdoor fan speed is fixed to VHi
mode regardless of compressor frequency. Also, when the overheat protection is cleared, the fan speed is
back to normal.
• When the indoor coil thermistor is 57; or more on HEAT operation, fan speed is fixed to Low notch.
Or, the indoor coil thermistor is 45; or less on HEAT operation, fan speed is back to normal.
11-8.Relation between main sensor and actuator
Relation between main sensor and actuator.


Table of Contents

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