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Sony BDV-E690 Operating Instructions Manual

Blu-ray disc/ dvd home theatre system
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Blu-ray Disc™/
DVD Home Theatre
Operating Instructions


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 4-418-860-11(1) Blu-ray Disc™/ DVD Home Theatre System Operating Instructions BDV-E690/BDV-E490/BDV-E290/BDV-E190...
  • Page 2 Disposal of This marking is located on the laser WARNING protective housing inside the waste enclosure. batteries Do not install the appliance in a (applicable in confined space, such as a bookcase the European or built-in cabinet. Union and To reduce the risk of fire, do not other cover the ventilation opening of the European countries with...
  • Page 3: Copy Protection

    (especially those under six Logic adaptive matrix surround The Authorized Representative for years old) is still under decoder and the DTS** Digital EMC and product safety is Sony development. Consult your doctor Surround System. Deutschland GmbH, Hedelfinger (such as a pediatrician or eye...
  • Page 4 • “Blu-ray 3D” and “Blu-ray 3D” • “PhotoTV HD” and the “PhotoTV outside of this product is logo are trademarks of Blu-ray HD” logo are trademarks of Sony prohibited without the appropriate Disc Association. Corporation. license(s) from Microsoft. ® Content owners use Microsoft •...
  • Page 5 End User License rights under this Agreement against © Gracenote, Inc. 2009 Information you directly in its own name. REAL END USER LICENSE The Gracenote service uses a AGREEMENT (Singapore, ® Gracenote End User unique identifier to track queries China, Thailand, and License Agreement Taiwan models only) for statistical purposes.
  • Page 6: About These Operating Instructions

    BDs, DVDs, Super Audio CDs, or CDs unless otherwise specified by the text or illustrations. • The instructions in this manual are for BDV-E690, BDV-E490, BDV-E290, and BDV-E190. BDV-E690 is the model used for illustration purposes. Any difference in operation is clearly indicated in the text, for example, “BDV-E690...
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents About These Operating Instructions ..6 Changing the Brightness of the Front Unpacking ..........8 Panel Display........37 Index to Parts and Controls....12 Saving Power in Standby Mode ... 37 Browsing Websites ....... 38 Getting Started Settings and Adjustments Step 1: Installing the System..
  • Page 8: Unpacking

    Unpacking BDV-E690 • Front speakers (2) • Speaker-bottom covers (4) • High Speed HDMI cable (1) (India, Middle East, Singapore, and Thailand models only) • Bases (4) • Lower parts of the front and • Dock for iPod/iPhone surround speakers (4) •...
  • Page 9 BDV-E490 • Front speakers (2) • Speaker-bottom covers (2) • High Speed HDMI cable (1) (India, Middle East, Singapore, China, Thailand, and Taiwan models only) • Bases (2) • Lower parts of the front speakers (2) • Dock for iPod/iPhone •...
  • Page 10 BDV-E290 • Front speakers (2) • FM wire antenna (aerial) (1) • Dock for iPod/iPhone (TDM-iP30) (1) (Europe, Australia, and South Africa models only) • Remote commander (remote) (1) • Surround speakers (2) • USB cable (1) (Europe, Australia, and South Africa •...
  • Page 11 BDV-E190 • Front speakers (2) • Foot pads (2) • High Speed HDMI cable (1) (Singapore models only) • FM wire antenna (aerial) (1) • Surround speakers (2) • Operating Instructions • Remote commander (Australia, South Africa, and (remote) (1) Singapore models only) •...
  • Page 12: Index To Parts And Controls

    Index to Parts and Controls For more information, refer to the pages indicated in parentheses. Front panel FUNCTION Slot A "/1 (on/standby) (USB) port (page 25) Open the cover using a fingernail in the slot. Turns on the unit, or sets it to standby mode. (remote sensor) B Disc tray (page 24) F Front panel display...
  • Page 13: Front Panel Display

    Front panel display About the indications in the front panel display A Lights up when repeat play is F Displays the system’s status, such as activated. radio frequency, etc. When you press DISPLAY, the stream B Lights up when stereo sound is information/decoding status is displayed received.
  • Page 14: Top Menu

    TV’s device. speaker(s). This function works only when you set [Control for HDMI] to [On] Accesses the “Sony Entertainment (page 44). Network™” online service. TV "/1 (on/standby) (page 37) Turns on the TV or sets it to standby mode.
  • Page 15 F Playback operation buttons H DISPLAY (pages 24, 27, 38) See “Playback” (page 24). Displays playback and web browsing information on the TV screen. ./> (previous/next) Displays the preset radio station, frequency, Skip to the previous/next chapter, track, or etc., in the front panel display. file.
  • Page 16: Getting Started

    (mains) until all the other connections are made. To assemble the speakers, refer to the supplied How to position the system “Speaker Installation Guide.” (BDV-E690/ BDV-E490 only) Install the system by referring to the illustration below.
  • Page 17: Connecting The Tv

    [Audio Return Channel] (page 44). The supplied video cord is for connection of the Dock for iPod/iPhone. (Europe, Australia, and South Africa models of BDV-E690/BDV-E490/BDV-E290 only) Audio connections If you do not connect the system to the TV’s HDMI jack that is compatible with the ARC function, make an appropriate audio connection for listening to TV sound via the system’s speakers.
  • Page 18: Connecting The Other Components (Set-Top Box, Etc.)

    Connecting the other components (Set-top box, etc.) Connect the system so that video signals from the system and other component are sent to the TV, and audio signals from the component are sent to the system as follows. Video out Component ®...
  • Page 19: Connecting The Antenna (Aerial)

    • A shielded interface cable (LAN cable), straight or crossover, is recommended. 2 USB Wireless Setup Use a wireless LAN via the USB Wireless LAN Adapter (Sony UWA-BR100* only). The USB Wireless LAN Adapter may not be available in some regions/countries. * As of November 2011.
  • Page 20 LAN router to get the information about SSID and security key. For details: – visit the following website: For customers in Europe and Russia: For customers in other countries/regions: – refer to the instruction manual supplied with the wireless LAN router –...
  • Page 21: Step 4: Performing The Easy Setup

    Step 4: Performing the Easy Setup C/X/x/c Before performing Step 4 Depending on the connection method (page 17), perform the following setting. Make sure all connections are secure, and then • HDMI cable connection: Follow the connect the AC power cord (mains lead). instructions that are displayed on the TV screen.
  • Page 22: Step 5: Selecting The Source

    Step 5: Selecting the Step 6: Enjoying Source Surround Sound You can select the playback source. After performing the previous Steps and starting playback, you can easily enjoy pre-programmed Press FUNCTION repeatedly until the sound modes that are tailored to different kinds desired function appears in the front panel of sound sources.
  • Page 23 Sound mode Effect [Sports] The system provides optimized (“SPORTS”) sound for watching sports programs. [Night] Suitable for watching movies at (“NIGHT”) night by reducing loud sounds while maintaining clear dialog. [2ch Stereo] The system outputs the sound (“2CH ST.”) from the front speakers and subwoofer regardless of sound format or number of channels.
  • Page 24: Playback

    The operation method differs depending on the disc. Refer to the operating instructions Playback of the disc. Playing a Disc • To delete data in the USB memory, select [Erase BD Data] in [Video], and press . All data stored in For playable discs, see “Playable Discs”...
  • Page 25: Playing From A Usb Device

    E Playback information Enjoying an iPod/iPhone Displays play mode, playing status bar, disc type, video codec, bit rate, repeat type, elapsed (BDV-E690/BDV-E490/BDV-E290 only) time, total playing time You can enjoy the music/video*/photo* and F Chapter number charge the battery of an iPod/iPhone via the G The currently selected angle system.
  • Page 26 (USB) port (page 12) with the iPod/ system while the system is turned on. iPhone’s USB cable. • Sony cannot accept responsibility in the event that Press HOME. data recorded to iPod/iPhone is lost or damaged when using an iPod/iPhone connected to this unit.
  • Page 27: Playing Via A Network

    Indicates signal strength for a wireless Network (SEN) connection. Indicates a wired connection. Sony Entertainment Network serves as a D Network transmission speed gateway delivering selected Internet content and E The next video file name a variety of on-demand entertainment straight to F The currently selected video file name your unit.
  • Page 28 You can play the same music at the same time Server across all Sony components which are compatible with the PARTY STREAMING function and connected to your home network. Contents in [Music] and the “FM”...
  • Page 29: Available Options

    You can perform a video search from a BD- [Shuffle Setting] Sets shuffle playback. ROM or DVD-ROM, and a music search (iPod/iPhone only) from a CD-DA (music CD). (BDV-E690/BDV- E490/BDV-E290 Press C/c to select [Video] or only) [Music]. [Repeat Setting] Sets repeat playback.
  • Page 30 Item Details Item Details [Leave PARTY] Leaves from a party which [Subtitle] Selects the subtitle language the system is participating in. when multilingual subtitles The PARTY STREAMING are recorded on a BD-ROM/ function continues among DVD VIDEO. other participating devices. [Angle] Switches to other viewing [Close PARTY]...
  • Page 31: Adjusting The Delay Between The Picture And Sound

    Adjusting the delay between the picture and sound (A/V SYNC) When the sound does not match the pictures on the TV screen, you can adjust the delay between the picture and sound. The setting method differs depending on the function. When playing via other than the “FM”...
  • Page 32: Sound Adjustment

    x CD • [ Stereo]: The standard stereo sound. Sound Adjustment • [ 1/L]: The sound of the left channel (monaural). Selecting the Audio • [ 2/R]: The sound of the right channel Format, Multilingual (monaural). • [ L+R]: The sound of both the left and right Tracks, or Channel channels output from each individual speaker.
  • Page 33: Tuner

    Presetting radio stations Tuner You can preset up to 20 stations. Before tuning, Listening to the Radio make sure to turn down the volume to minimum. Press FUNCTION repeatedly until “FM” appears in the front panel display. Press FUNCTION repeatedly until “FM” appears in the front panel display.
  • Page 34: Using The Radio Data System (Rds)

    Using the Radio Data System (RDS) (Europe models only) What is the Radio Data System? The Radio Data System (RDS) is a broadcasting service that allows radio stations to send additional information along with the regular program signal. This tuner offers convenient RDS features, such as station name display.
  • Page 35: Other Operations

    HDMI cable. For details of the setting, “BRAVIA” Sync function. see “[Audio Return Channel]” (page 44). By connecting Sony components that are compatible with the Control for HDMI function Language Follow via an HDMI cable, operation is simplified.
  • Page 36: Using The Sleep Timer

    Press X/x to select [Off], then press [Front Left/Right] 3.0 m: Set the front speaker distance. [Centre] 3.0 m: Set the center speaker distance. [Surround Left/Right] 3.0 m: Set the surround • The test tone signals are not output from the HDMI speaker distance.
  • Page 37: Deactivating The Buttons On The Unit

    Check that the following settings are both made: • When you replace the batteries of the remote, the – [Control for HDMI] in [HDMI Settings] is set code number may reset itself to the default (SONY) to [Off] (page 44). setting. Reset the appropriate code number.
  • Page 38: Browsing Websites

    Browsing Websites Internet Browser display You can check website information by pressing Prepare for Internet browsing. DISPLAY. The display information differs Connect the system to a network (page 19). depending on the website and page status. Press HOME. The home menu appears on the TV screen. Press C/c to select [Network].
  • Page 39 Items Details Available options [Open in new Opens a link in a new window] window. Various settings and operations are available by [Character encoding] Sets the character code. pressing OPTIONS. [Display certificate] Displays server certificates The available items differ depending on the sent from pages that support situation.
  • Page 40: Settings And Adjustments

    Press HOME. For customers in Europe and Russia: The home menu appears on the TV screen. Press C/c to select [Setup]. For customers in other countries/regions: Press X/x to select the setup category
  • Page 41: [Screen Settings]

    [Screen Settings] x [Output Video Format] [HDMI]: Normally select [Auto]. Select [Original Resolution] to output the resolution recorded on the disc. (When the resolution is x [3D Output Setting] lower than SD resolution, it is scaled up to SD [Auto]: Normally select this. resolution.) [Off]: Select this to display all contents in 2D.
  • Page 42: [Audio Settings]

    [Frame]: The picture, including subjects that do not move dynamically, is output in high • When [Control for HDMI] is set to [On] (page 44), resolution. [Audio Output] is set to [Speaker + HDMI] automatically and this setting cannot be changed. •...
  • Page 43: [Bd/Dvd Viewing Settings]

    [BD/DVD Viewing [Parental Control Settings] Settings] x [BD/DVD Menu Language] x [Password] You can select the default menu language for Set or change the password for the Parental BD-ROMs or DVD VIDEOs. Control function. A password allows you to set When you select [Select Language Code], the a restriction on BD-ROM, DVD VIDEO, or display for entering the language code appears.
  • Page 44: [Music Settings]

    [Music Settings] x [Auto Standby] [On]: Turns on the [Auto Standby] function. When you do not operate the system for about 30 minutes, the system enters standby mode x [Super Audio CD Playback Layer] automatically. [Super Audio CD]: Plays the Super Audio CD [Off]: Turns off the function.
  • Page 45: [Network Settings]

    DLNA controller. [Smart Select]: Allows a Sony DLNA controller x [Initialize Personal Information] to find the system as the target component to You can erase your personal information stored operate by using the infrared ray.
  • Page 46: Additional Information

    If you have any questions or problems concerning on the system. The system is equipped with a high your system, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. power amplifier. If the ventilation slots are blocked, the system can overheat and malfunction.
  • Page 47: Notes About Discs

    Notes about Discs IMPORTANT NOTICE Caution: This system is capable of holding a still video image or on-screen display image on your On handling discs television screen indefinitely. If you leave the still video image or on-screen display image displayed •...
  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    The distance between the remote and the unit is display. too far. t Contact your nearest Sony dealer or local t The batteries in the remote are weak. authorized Sony service facility. The disc tray does not open and you cannot “Exxxx”...
  • Page 49 No picture appears when the video output Sound resolution selected in [Output Video Format] is incorrect. There is no sound. t Press and hold N and VOL – on the unit for t The speaker cords are not connected securely. more than 5 seconds to reset the video output t Check the speaker settings (page 35).
  • Page 50: Usb Device

    Internet content providers. t Picture/sound quality may be improved by Playback does not start from the resume changing the connection speed. Sony point where you last stopped playing. recommends a connection speed of at least 2.5 t The resume point may be cleared from...
  • Page 51: Network Connection

    Move the system and the wireless LAN router “BRAVIA” Sync ([Control for closer to each other. t Devices that use a 2.4 GHz frequency band, HDMI]) such as a microwave, Bluetooth, or digital cordless device, may interrupt communication. The [Control for HDMI] function does not Move the unit away from such devices, or turn work (“BRAVIA”...
  • Page 52: Playable Discs

    Note on playback operations of a Playable Discs BD/DVD Some playback operations of a BD/DVD may be intentionally set by software producers. Since Blu-ray Disc BD-ROM this system plays a BD/DVD according to the BD-R/BD-RE disc contents the software producers designed, DVD-ROM some playback features may not be available.
  • Page 53: Playable Types Of Files

    Playable Types of Files • Some files may not play depending on the file format, the file encoding, the recording condition, or DLNA server condition. Video • Some files edited on a PC may not play. • The system can recognize the following files or File format Extensions folders in BDs, DVDs, CDs and USB devices:...
  • Page 54: Supported Audio Formats

    Supported Audio Specifications Formats Amplifier Section BDV-E690/BDV-E490/BDV-E290 Audio formats supported by this system are as POWER OUTPUT (rated) follows. Front L/Front R: 75 W + 75 W (at 3 ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD) Function POWER OUTPUT (reference) Format “BD/DVD”...
  • Page 55 BDV-E690/BDV-E490/BDV-E290 Antenna (aerial) terminals 75 ohms, unbalanced On: 130 W Speakers Standby: 0.3 W (at the Power Saving mode) Front/Surround (SS-TSB119) for BDV-E690 BDV-E190 On: 95 W Front (SS-TSB119) for BDV-E490 Standby: 0.3 W (at the Dimensions (approx.) 260 mm × 1,190 mm × 260...
  • Page 56: Language Code List

    Language Code List The language spellings conform to the ISO 639: 1988 (E/F) standard. Parental Control/Area Code List...
  • Page 57: Index

    Index Numerics 3D 24 FM Mode 33 Quick Start Mode 44 3D Output Setting 41 Front panel 12 Front panel display 13 RDS 34 A/V SYNC 31 Rear panel 13 Attenuate - AUDIO 42 Gracenote Settings 44 Region code 52 Audio DRC 42 Registered Media Remote Audio Language 43...
  • Page 60 The software of this system may be updated in the future. To find out details on any available updates, please visit the following URL. For customers in Europe and Russia: For customers in other countries/regions: ©2012 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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