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GE TV 24769 Instruction Manual page 4

Outdoor tv antenna
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o. Using a ready made coax cable, attach cable to the newly installed wall
plate and the other end to the TV
How to use your new Futura™ Antenna:
1. Turn TV on
2. Set the TV to the lowest VHF channel
3. If picture is not clear, try one or all of the following suggestions:
a. Turn the antenna
b. Make sure the cable connections are good and tight
c. Make sure you do not have any devices near the TV or the location of the
Antenna that may cause interference. If you do move the device if
Factors that can cause interference with reception:
• Air Conditioners
• Hair Dryer
• Microwave Oven
• Cordless Phones
• Type of structure (Brick or Stone, or older homes with plastered walls)
• Environmental surroundings
• Space Heaters
• High power consumption devices
• Weather Condition


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