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GE TV 24769 Instruction Manual page 3

Outdoor tv antenna
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d. Mount the Futura™ Outdoor Antenna to the wall bracket. (Be sure to
insert the stem completely into the socket located on the bottom of the
2. Locate the desired entry for the cable.
a. Check to make sure there are no electrical wires where the hole will be
b. Check to make sure that there is not a stud in the location were the hole is
to be drilled.
c. Once you have checked the location for wires and stud, drill your hole
using the 5/16" drill bit all the way through until the drill bit comes
through the inside wall.
d. Take the feed through bushing (AV23257) and place a small amount of
caulk on the inside flange of the feed through bushing
e. Press the feed through busing into the hole until it is flush with the wall
3. Measure the amount of coax cable needed for the installation and preparing the
cable for installation.
a. Start at the antenna and measure the exact route the cable will be ran to the
hole drilled in the wall. Add about 3' to 4' extra to the measurement for
slack in connecting the cable to the antenna and for stripping the cable and
running it through the wall.
b. Using the cable stripper (AV23318), strip the cable as instructed on the
cable stripper packaging
c. Attach the RG6 weather proof "F" connector to the cable (AV23260)
d. Using the "F" Connector Crimp Tool (AV23258), crimp the "F" connector
as instructed
e. Attach the finished end to the antenna
f. Using the nail in cable clips (AV23251), secure the cable to the exterior
wall placing a clip approx 6' apart keeping the cable taught as it is being
fasten to the wall.
g. Take the unfinished end of the coax cable near the hole drilled and feed it
into the feed through bushing until the cable comes out on the other side.
h. Cut off excess cable; be sure to leave about 12" of cable to work with.
i. Strip the end of the cable as you did on the other end and attach the RG6
"F" connector and crimp as done previously.
j. Attach the finished end to the coax wall plate (AV23235 or 23239). Push
the extra cable back into the wall
k. Make sure the wall plate rest flush against the wall and mark the holes to
be drilled for mounting the wall plate. (One hole at top and one hole at the
l. Using the 3/16" drill bit drill the two holes marked for the coax wall plate.
Stop drilling when the drill bit drills through the sheet rock (approx. ½"
m. Insert the wall anchors and tap in until flush with the wall
n. Position the coax wall plate until the holes line up the wall anchors and
use the screws provided with the wall plate to fasten the wall plate to the


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