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GE 24763 User Manual

Ultra-flat digital amplified antenna


Ultra-Flat Digital
Amplified Antenna
User's Manual



Summary of Contents for GE 24763

  • Page 1 24763-1 Ultra-Flat Digital Amplified Antenna User’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Product Features

    Introduction: The 24763 Ultra-Flat Digital Amplified Antenna is specially designed to receive digital and analog terrestrial broadcasted TV signals. The compact and stylish design will blend in with any décor. Important Safety Instructions: • Use only the supplied UL Listed Power Adapter •...
  • Page 3: Digital Indoor Antenna Assembly

    Digital Indoor Antenna UL Listed Antenna In-Line Amplifier Power Stand Adapter Antenna Assembly: 1. Remove contents from the box 2. Attach the stand to the back of the antenna i. Be sure the coax cable is positioned between the stand and the back of the antenna ii.
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation: 1. Attach the coax cable from the antenna to the in-line amplifier input labeled “ANT IN” 2. Connect the coax cable from the in-line amplifier labeled “TO TV” to the back of the TV 3. Connect the DC plug from the Power Adapter into the in-line amplifier 4.
  • Page 5 using the included hardware above your TV for best reception. Helpful Tip 2: Place or mount the antenna as high as possible or near a window. Helpful Tip 3: Visit to determine the available television stations and location of the broadcast towers in your area.