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GE TV 24769 Instruction Manual page 2

Outdoor tv antenna
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Things to Consider Before Installation:
1. You may want to go to
best location for installing your antenna before you start the installation.
2. Where to position your antenna
3. How much coax cable needed for the installation
a. Recommended cable size is RG6
b. Recommend using weather proof "F" connectors
4. Recommend selecting the cable entry into the house nearest TV and marking it.
Tools Need for Installation:
1. Drill
2. Pencil to mark hole position for mounting bracket and cable entry
3. 5/16" Drill Bit about 8" to 10" Long
4. 1/8" Drill Bit (for drilling pilot holes)
5. Flat Head Screw Driver
6. #2 Phillips Head Screw Driver
7. Cable Stripper
8. "F" Connector Crimping Tool
9. Wire Cutter
10. 3/16" drill bit
11. Small Hammer
12. Small crescent wrench
Parts Needed for Installation:
1. RG6 Coax Cable
2. Coax Wall Plate (AV23235 Ivory or AV23239 White)
3. Weather Proof RG6 "F" Connector (AV23260)
4. Nail-In Cable Clips (AV23251)
5. Cable Stripper (AV23318)
6. "F" Connector Crimping Tool (AV23258)
7. Feed Through Bushing (AV23257)
8. Small tube of caulk
9. 4 #8 X 1" Pan Head Screws
10. 2 Medium size hollow wall anchor (Blue in color)
Assembly and Installation:
1. Locate the best location for the antenna on the exterior of the home
a. Use the mounting plate to mark the holes for drilling pilot holes
b. Drill pilot holes approximately 1" deep with the 1/16" drill bit
c. Using the 4 #8 Pan Head Screws, mount the wall bracket to the wall where
the antenna will be in a vertical position
to get assistance on selecting the


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