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Signal Cable Connection - Sharp MZ-80SFD Instruction Manual

Floppy disk drive
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Signal cable
The signal cable to interconnect individual drives and the one to interconnect a drive and the
interface card are different in length.
Interconnection of drives (or their terminals "IN" and "OUT")
For this purpose use signal cable MZ-80FCK (option).
Interconnection of a drive and the interface card (or the terminal "IN" of the drive and the
terminal of the card)
For this purpose use signal cable MZ-80FC (option).
The overall length of the cables used between the interface card and the drive with a terminal
resistor is limited to 3 meters or less. If the length is longer than 3 meters, the drive system
may malfunction.
Signal cable connection
Connect a signal cable connector to the terminal "I N" or "OUT" on the back of each drive or
to the interface card terminal, then secure both ends of the connector with two pieces of
suppl ied screws.
Back view of the drive
,...,...-----Signal cable
Screw likewise the signal
interface card.
A braided wire comes with the MZ-80SFD. Use this wire to connect the FG terminal of
one drive to that of another or to the FG terminal of the computer. The purpose of this
practice is to reduce noises the computer system produces.
Braided wire