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Precautions - Sharp MZ-80SFD Instruction Manual

Floppy disk drive
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• Terminal resistor
Which drive must or must not be fitted with a terminal resistor is dependent on the combina-
tion or number of drives to be used. For prevention of troubles, every drive leaves our plant with
any terminal resistor not attached. When mounting a terminal resistor, read the directions given
later carefully and attach the resistor to a right drive. I mproper attachment could cause damages to
connected drives.
• Upgrading the drive system
A maximum of four MZ-80SFDs can be used in daisy-chain connection or the MZ-80FB or
MZ-80FB K- an extension drive unit for the MZ-80FB- can be used in conjunction with one
or two MZ-80SFDs to upgrade the drive system. When upgrading the drive system, interconnect
necessary drives in the specified manners shown later. Incorrect interconnection will destroy the
drive signal circuit.
• Connection with the computer system
When connecting any drives to the computer system, be sure to switch off the whole system in
• Power supply
Be sure to use a supply voltage that is shown on the rating plate attached to the back of the
MZ-80SFD. The use of any other supply voltage causes damages to the drive. Also, never connect
the MZ-80SFD to the same electrical outlet where some apparatus that generates a noise - a
heavy-duty motor, etc. - is connected, otherwise the system could malfunction.
• Humidity and dust
The MZ-80SFD, a precIsion engineered gadget, dislikes an excessive humidity. Avoid using this
drive in a location that is subject to high humidity or exposed to much dust.
(Ambient humidity
20 to 80%)
• Installation requirements and impact
The MZ-80SFD is composed of precision engineered mechanisms and electronical components.
Use it in a location that is not subject to an extreme high or low temperature, abrupt temperature
changes, or heavy vibration or exposed to much dust. Never give any unreasonable impact to this
device by putting something on it or dropping it by mistake. Also, never place it near a speaker,
TV set, or tape recorder because these are generating magnetism. This will cause malfunction ef
the drive or delete data or texts stored in a diskette.
Never operate the MZ-80SFD slanted. This will impede correct writing or reading.
Also, place the signal cables of the system kept as far away as possible from the other associate
devices and the power cords.
• Power cord
Be careful not to place a desk or chair on the power cord or catch it in anything, otherwise the
cord could be damaged. The use of a damaged power cord leads to hazard. When disconnecting the
power cord, be sure to pull it off by holding the plug.
• When the MZ-80SFD is expected not to be operated over an extended period of time
Be sure to disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.
• Stain
If the machine is contaminated, gently wipe it with soft cloth soaked in water or cleaning fluid.
Neither use any volatile chemicals such as benzine and thinner nor spread insecticide on the
machine. This will result in discoloration of the cabinet.