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Floppy Disk Operation - Sharp MZ-80SFD Instruction Manual

Floppy disk drive
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Center hole
Index hole
Head window
Diskette with write-protection.
G . . . . . . . .
Protection seal.
1 Diskette
This unit uses a 5.25" mini-disk that records on both sides
as the recording medium. Its external appearance is as
shown on the left. It's called a diskette and is a magnetic
sheet covered by a jacket.
2 Inserting a Diskette
1. Put a finger on the bottom of the front door and lightly
put this door toward you to open it.
2. With the label side up and the head window forward,
insert a diskette in the slot. There is no other way to
insert a diskette correctly.
3. Push the diskette lightly until it stops and close the
front door. If the diskette is not inserted all the way,
the front door wi II not close. When this happens do not
force the door closed but re-insert the diskette correctly.
3 Write-protection Notch
If the write-protection notch of the diskette is covered
with a seal of silver paper, etc., writing of data is
forbidden. Reading, however, is possible. Some diskettes
supplied by Sharp that are called Masters have this part
covered with a seal. Never remove it because it prevents
trouble from improper operation.
Do not cover the notch of a diskette that is ordinarily used
for read/write operations with a seal, etc. or writing will be
i mpossib le.
4 Data Read/Write
Operation of this unit is only by ON/OFF of the power
and insertion/removal of a diskette. All reading and
writing of data is controlled by the host computer. For
details refer to the software manual. A maximum of 4
drives can be operated and drives are designated by the
drive numbers on the front of the unit.