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Casio 3423 Operation Manual

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Basic Operations
Operations common to each
mode are shown below. Check
content when using the watch.
Mode Switching
This watch has eight modes
(functions), including the
Timekeeping Mode that displays
the current time.
(Timekeeping Mode)
Timekeeping Mode
Stopwatch Mode
Recall Mode
World Time Mode
Alarm Mode
Countdown Timer Mode
Setup Mode
Control Mode
Operation Guide 3423
Press B to switch modes. The
flowchart below shows how the
mode switches when you press
* To toggle between the Control
Mode and other modes, hold
down B for approximately three
minutes. Perform this operation
while the Control indicator is on
the display.
a. Control indicator
The Control Mode can be
switched only when connected to
a mobile phone. For details, refer
to the
The Control Mode cannot be
switched to while the app
setting is one that does not
use the Control Mode.
Tap Operations
When an alarm or timer beep or
vibration alert operation is being
performed, the tap operation can
be used to stop the beep or
The tap indicator flashes on the
display while the tap operation is
a.Tap indicator
At this time, tapping the center of
the watch's display twice
(double-tapping) stops the beep
or vibration.
Tapping the display with your
fingernail or some other hard
object can scratch the watch's
display panel. Be sure to tap
with the ball of the finger.


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Summary of Contents for Casio 3423

  • Page 1 MA1402-EA © 2014 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Operation Guide 3423 Tap Operations Basic Operations Press B to switch modes. The flowchart below shows how the mode switches when you press When an alarm or timer beep or Operations common to each vibration alert operation is being mode are shown below.
  • Page 2: Watch Settings

    Operation Guide 3423 Time Offset Setting Press D to specify ON Watch Settings (summer time) or OFF (standard time). When communicating with a Hold down C for about two mobile phone, the time and date seconds. of the mobile phone is [SET Hold] will appear and automatically adjusted to.
  • Page 3: Setting Supplement

    Operation Guide 3423 Press B twice to display the Supplement: Setting Supplement screen for selecting 12-hour Pressing D between 30 or 24-hour timekeeping. seconds and 59 seconds will On the Timekeeping Mode advances the "minutes" by Press D to select [12H]...
  • Page 4 Operation Guide 3423 Stopwatch Use the button operations below to Use the button operations below to measure elapsed time. measure elapsed time. Start Start A maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds can be Measurement starts. measured. Stop In addition to normal...
  • Page 5: Recalling Records Recall

    Operation Guide 3423 Recalling Records Make sure [LP 0H] (lap) is displayed. Each press of D displays Recall recorded measurement time If [SP 0H] (split) is displayed, press D to switch to [LP 0H] (lap) in the sequence it was saved.
  • Page 6: Laps And Splits

    Operation Guide 3423 Hold down A for about two Laps and Splits World Time seconds. Displays [Hold CLEAR], Laps You can know the time in 100 deletes the specified record. world cities. The time required to cover a Press B five times to return...
  • Page 7: Setting Summer Time

    Operation Guide 3423 Setting Summer Time (Alarm Mode) Hourly time signal. Alerts at 00 minutes When summer time is used in every hour. another city, summer time can be set for that city. Displaying an alarm screen: Hold down C for about two Press D to cycle between seconds.
  • Page 8: Stopping The Alarm

    Operation Guide 3423 When ON is set for the snooze Hold down C for about two Press B three times to return alarm seconds. to the Timekeeping Mode. [SET Hold] will appear, "hour" will flash. Stopping the Alarm When an alarm tone is sounding...
  • Page 9: Setting The Time

    Operation Guide 3423 Setting the Time Display Illunmiation Using the Timer A simple operation illuminates Hold down C for about two the display of the watch for easy seconds. reading in the dark. You can also [Set Hold] will appear and enable an Auto Light feature that "hours"...
  • Page 10: Other Settings

    Operation Guide 3423 Hold down L for about three Hold down B for about two Hold down C for about two seconds. seconds. seconds. This cause the Auto Light ON [SET Hold] will appear and [SET Hold] will appear and...
  • Page 11 Operation Guide 3423 Alert Method Setting Battery Replacement Auto Light ON indicator Meaning: Light lights Period automatically. Alarm, timer, etc. alerts can be switched to beep or vibration. Vibration indicator About the Battery Meaning: Alarms and timer Replacement Period alerted by vibration.
  • Page 12: Supplementary Info

    Operation Guide 3423 Supplementary Info Cape Town Kuala Lumpur Sofia Singapore City Name List Athens Hong Kong Time Helsinki Perth City Name Zone Istanbul Beijing (UTC) Kyiv Manila Reykjavik Cairo Shanghai Lisbon Jerusalem Taipei Casablanca Moscow* Seoul London Addis Ababa...
  • Page 13 Operation Guide 3423 Anchorage Caracas Vancouver Santiago San Francisco La Paz Seattle San Juan Los Angeles Halifax Tijuana St. John's Edmonton Buenos Aires Phoenix Montevideo Chihuahua Rio de Janeiro Denver Fernando de Noronha Mexico City Praia Winnipeg * As of June 2013, the change of...

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