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Sony Corporation
Color Video Camera
© 2011 Sony Corporation
4-409-059-11 (1)
Operating Instructions _____


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 4-409-059-11 (1) Color Video Camera Operating Instructions _____ EVI-D80N/D80P/D90N/D90P Sony Corporation © 2011 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 4 ・ ・ ・...
  • Page 8 ™...
  • Page 14 °...
  • Page 25 Ø145 Ø5, 1/4-20UNC, 53.5 53.5 BOTTOM (Leg) 51.5 51.5 4-Ø9(A)
  • Page 26 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 VISCA RS-422...
  • Page 28 The nameplate is located on the bottom. For the customers in Europe For the customers in the U.S.A. The manufacturer of this product is Sony This equipment has been tested and found to Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, comply with the limits for a Class A digital Tokyo, Japan.
  • Page 29 Sony. fermé. Ne confier l’entretien de l’appareil qu’à un personnel qualifié. Pour les clients en Europe Le fabricant de ce produit est Sony AVERTISSEMENT Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Cet appareil ne possède pas d’interrupteur Tokyo, Japon.
  • Page 30 Sie sich bitte an den nächsten autorisierten geöffnet werden. Überlassen Sie Sony-Kundendienst. Wartungsarbeiten stets nur qualifiziertem Fachpersonal. Für Kunden in Europa Der Hersteller dieses Produkts ist Sony WARNUNG Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Dieses Gerät hat keinen Netzschalter. Tokyo, Japan. Beim Einbau des Geräts ist daher im Der autorisierte Repräsentant für EMV und...
  • Page 31: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting Started Precautions ........32 Phenomena Specific to CCD Image Sensors ..........33 Overview Features ..........34 Supplied Accessories .......34 Location and Functions of Parts and Controls ..........35 Camera ........35 Installation and Connection Installing the Camera ....... 38 Installing the Camera on a Desk ........38 Attaching the Camera to a...
  • Page 32: Getting Started

    Getting Started maintenance. If abnormal noise occurs, Precautions consult your Sony dealer. Operating or storage location Note on laser beams Operating or storing the camera in the Laser beams may damage the CCD following locations may cause damage to image sensors. If you shoot a scene that...
  • Page 33: Phenomena Specific To Ccd Image Sensors

    Phenomena Specific to CCD Image Sensors The following phenomena that may appear in images are specific to CCD (Charge Coupled Device) image sensors. They do not indicate malfunctions. White flecks Although the CCD image sensors are produced with high-precision technologies, fine white flecks may be generated on the screen in rare cases, caused by cosmic rays, etc.
  • Page 34: Overview

    (EVI-D80N/D80P) • The EVI-D90N/D90P are equipped with a bright zoom lens with 28× optical zoom and F1.35 aperture. • The EVI-D80N/D80P are equipped with a bright zoom lens with 18× optical zoom. • A newly-developed Processor provides high resolution images.
  • Page 35: Location And Functions Of Parts And Controls

    Camera Front Screw +M 3×8 (8) VISCA RS-422 connector plug (1) Operating Instructions (1) A Lens EVI-D80N/D80P : 18× magnification optical zoom lens EVI-D90N/D90P : 28× magnification optical zoom lens B Remote sensors C POWER lamp Lights when the camera is turned on.
  • Page 36 H VISCA RS-422 connector Rear To communicate via RS-422, use this connector. Use the supplied VISCA RS-422 connector plug. I VIDEO(output) connector J S VIDEO(output) connector K VISCA IN connector Connect to a computer via an RS-232C interface. When you connect multiple cameras, connect it to the VISCA OUT connector of the previous camera in the daisy chain connection.
  • Page 37 Bottom Setting of the BOTTOM switches A D70 mode switch Set to ON to use the VISCA command for EVI-D70/D70P. B IR OUT switch Set to ON to enable output of the receiver signals, which are transmitted from the infrared remote commander via the VISCA IN connector (page 50), or set it to OFF to disable the output.
  • Page 38: Installation And Connection

    Installation and Connection Installing the Attaching the Camera to a Tripod Camera Attach a tripod to the screw hole used for attaching a tripod on the bottom of the camera. Installing the Camera on a The tripod must be set up on a flat surface Desk and its screws tightened firmly by hand.
  • Page 39 • Always install the supplied wire rope to Attach the wire rope to the junction prevent the unit from falling. box in the ceiling. • If you install the unit in a high location, Use a screw hole and a screw (not check periodically, at least once a year, to supplied) in the junction box to attach ensure that the connection has not...
  • Page 40 Attach the ceiling bracket (B) to the Attach the ceiling bracket (A) to the junction box on the ceiling. bottom of the camera using the 3 × screws (M 3 8) supplied. Align the holes in the bracket with those in the junction box, and use appropriate Align the screw holes on the bottom of screws (not supplied).
  • Page 41 Insert the protrusions raised on the While pushing up on the front part of ceiling bracket (A) into the spaces the camera, attach it using the three × prepared in the ceiling bracket (B), screws provided (M 3 8), starting and temporarily attach them by with the screw at position 1.
  • Page 42: Installing The Camera Using The M3 Fixing Screw Holes

    Removing the camera Connections Remove the three screws used to attach the camera in step 6 of Connecting to an AC Outlet “Installation.” Use the AC power adaptor and AC power While pushing the entire camera up cord to connect the camera to an AC outlet. towards the ceiling, move the camera to the front.
  • Page 43: Connecting A Computer

    To obtain a cable, consult your Sony dealer. Connecting a Computer For detailed information on how to connect the camera and the VISCA command list, RS-232C Connections refer to the Technical Manual of the camera. For details on obtaining a Technical Manual, consult your Sony dealer.
  • Page 44: Connecting A Video Monitor Or Vtr

    • Do not mix VISCA RS-232C (cross) and VISCA RS-422 cables. Using these cables at the same time may result in malfunction. Connecting a video monitor or VTR equipped with a composite or S video input connector VIDEO S VIDEO DC 12 V Video cable S video cable...
  • Page 45: Appendix

    Appendix Message List The following messages and indications may appear for this camera. Perform the following as necessary. Lamp display Lamp Meaning and solution The STANDBY lamp and Set BOTTOM switch (5) to ON. POWER lamp are lit. Screen display Message Meaning and solution PRESET n:OK...
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before bringing in your camera for service, check the following as a guide to troubleshooting the problem. If the problem cannot be corrected, consult your Sony dealer. Symptom Cause Remedy The picture is not The video cable is not connected...
  • Page 47: Specifications

    Specifications OUT): Mini DIN 4-pin type Control input/output VISCA IN: Mini DIN 8-pin type, RS-232C System VISCA OUT: Mini DIN 8-pin Video signal EVI-D80N/ EVI-D90N: NTSC type, RS-232C EVI-D80P/ EVI-D90P: PAL VISCA RS-422: 9-pin Synchronization Power connector Internal synchronization JEITA type4 (DC 12 V)
  • Page 49 Dimensions Back Front Side 72(2 27/32) Ø145(5 1/32) 8.5(11/32) 164(6 15/32) Bottom Ø5, depth 5 42(1 21/32) 42(1 21/32) 30(1 3/16) 1/4-20UNC, depth 6.5 Tripod screw hole 53.5 53.5 (2 7/64) (2 7/64) BOTTOM switch (Leg) 4-Ø9(A) Unit: mm (inches) 51.5(2 1/32) 51.5(2 1/32) Specifications...
  • Page 50: Pin Assignments

    Pin assignments Using the VISCA RS-422 connector pin assignments VISCA IN connector (mini-DIN 8-pin, female) The VISCA RS-422 connector pin assignments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 VISCA RS-422 Pin No. Function Pin No. Function TXD IN+ DTR IN DSR IN TXD IN–...
  • Page 51 Using the VISCA RS-422 connector plug Insert a wire (AW G Nos. 28 to 18) into the desired wire opening on the supplied VISCA RS-422 connector plug, and tighten the screw for that wire using a flat-head screwdriver. Wire Flat-head screwdriver Insert the VISCA RS-422 connector plug into the VISCA RS-422 connector on the rear of the camera.

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