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Philips Xalio 200 User Manual

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  • Page 3: Handset Display

    The handset is out of range. Move closer to the base station. The handset has no battery power left. Please charge for 24 hours. The Xalio 200 is in programming mode. A programming operation is in progress. The network has sent a “message” notification.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    To call the last number called (Redial) To call back last caller To transfer a call between two handsets (Xalio 200 Duo only) Programming the Xalio 200 8 To set the ringer melody To set the ringer volume To change the earpiece volume...
  • Page 5: Installing The Xalio 200

    Installing the Xalio 200 PLEASE CHARGE THE XALIO 200 FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE USE. Unpacking your Xalio 200 If anything is missing, please contact your place of purchase immediately. One Xalio 200 base station One Xalio 200 handset A B C...
  • Page 6 Setting up your Xalio 200 Plug the power supply cable into the power socket on the underside of your base. Plug the telephone line cord into the line socket on the underside of your base. Plug the power supply unit into the wall socket...
  • Page 7: Using The Xalio 200

    Using the Xalio 200 To answer a call Press the Line key to answer the call. To end a call Press the Line key. Replace the handset on the base To make an external call Press the Line key. Dial the number...
  • Page 8: To Store An Entry In The Phonebook

    To store an entry in the phonebook Press the Phonebook key. Enter the phonebook number (0 to 9) you want to give D E F A B C G H I M N O J K L to this entry. P Q R S W X Y Z T U V...
  • Page 9: To Delete An Entry

    Press the Redial key twice. Press the Line key. To transfer a call to the other handset (Xalio 200 Duo only) You can forward a call to the other handset. During a call : Press the Intercom key. Both handsets will ring.
  • Page 10: Programming The Xalio 200

    Programming the Xalio 200 To set the ringer melody You can choose from 3 ringer melodies (default setting = 2). Press the Programming key. Press the 1 key. D E F A B C Enter your choice of melody 1, 2 or 3.
  • Page 11: To Change The Earpiece Volume

    To change the earpiece volume You can choose from 3 earpiece volume levels (default setting = 2). Press the Programming key. Press the 3 key. D E F D E F A B C Enter your choice of volume 1(low), 2(medium) or 3 (high). G H I M N O J K L...
  • Page 12: To Select Pulse Dialling

    Note 2 : If Caller Display type 1 does not work, try type 2. Note 3 : Philips has designed the Xalio 200 to work on a PSTN line. Use on an ISDN line with an adapter is not guaranteed.
  • Page 13: Xalio 200 Handset International Guarantee

    In case your Philips product is not working correctly or is defective, please return your phone to the place of purchase or the Philips National Service Centre. In the event you require service whilst in another country a dealer address can be given to you by the Philips Consumer Help Desk in that country.
  • Page 14 Environment and Safety Safety information The Xalio 200 is not designed for making emergency calls when the power fails. An alternative should be made available for making emergency calls. Conformity Hereby PHILIPS declares that the Xalio 200 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of directive 1999/S/EC.

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