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Features - LG 99G User Manual

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Thank you for purchasing a high resolution monitor. It will give you
high resolution performance and convenient reliable operation in a
variety of video operating modes.


The monitor is a 19-inch (18.0-inch viewable ) intelligent,
microprocessor based monitor compatible with most analog RGB
(Red, Green, Blue) display standards, including IBM PC
, Macintosh
The monitor provides crisp text and vivid color graphics with
VGA, SVGA, XGA, and VESA Ergo modes (non-interlaced), and
most Macintosh compatible color video cards when used with the
appropriate adaptor. The monitor's wide compatibility makes it
possible to upgrade video cards or software without purchasing a
new monitor.
Digitally controlled auto-scanning is done with the micro-
processor for horizontal scan frequencies between 30 and
96kHz, and vertical scan frequencies between 50-160Hz. The
microprocessor-based intelligence allows the monitor to operate
in each frequency mode with the precision of a fixed frequency
The microprocessor-based digital controls allow you to adjust
conveniently a variety of image controls by using the OSD (On
Screen Display).
The monitor has 31 memory locations for display modes, 5 of
which are factory preset to popular video modes.
This monitor is capable of producing a maximum horizontal
resolution of 1600 dots and a maximum vertical resolution of
1200 lines. It is well suited for CAD work and sophisticated
windowing environments.
For greater user health and safety, this monitor complies with the
stringent Swedish TCO'99 requirements for low radiation
For low cost of monitor operation, this monitor is certified as
meeting the EPA Energy Star requirements, and utilizes the
VESA Display Power Management Signalling (DPMS) protocol
for power saving during non-use periods.
, Centris
, Quadra
, and Macintosh II family.
, PS/2



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