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Siemens 11X0123456R User Manual

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Hearing Instruments

User Manual


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Siemens 11X0123456R

  • Page 1: Hearing Instruments

    Custom Hearing Instruments User Manual...
  • Page 2 Thank you for purchasing a Siemens Hearing Instrument. Siemens Hearing Instruments are designed to achieve the highest in quality and reliability. We are sure that you will be very pleased with our product. If this Hearing Instrument is being purchased for an infant...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting Started Operating Your Hearing Instrument- Programmable Features Your hearing instruments ......4 Safety information .
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Siemens hearing instruments reflects the importance you place on quality and reliability. Feature card Your Siemens custom hearing instruments are designed for Please refer to the feature card included with this manual. comfort, performance and durability. The feature card is located at the back of this user manual in a pocket.
  • Page 5 Because your hearing instrument is custom made, it’s appearance may vary from the ones pictured . xxxx xx 11X0123456R 1 . 11: year manufactured 2 . X: facility code where instrument was manufactured XXXXX/XXX 3 . Serial number 11X123456R 4 . L or R: left or right ear instrument Fig.
  • Page 6: Identifying The Left And Right Hearing Instrument(S)

    Identifying the left and right hearing instrument(s) The left hearing instrument will have a blue serial number, and XXXXX XXX the right hearing instrument will have a red serial number. 11X0123456 Changing the battery Refer to the feature card or check with your Audiologist or Hearing Care Provider to determine the battery size for your hearing instrument.
  • Page 7: Battery Tips

    Battery tips Place the proper size battery into the battery compartment door, observing the correct polarity. The “+” sign on the • If a battery is accidentally swallowed, seek medical battery must match the “+” sign stamped on the top of the attention immediately, or call the National Battery Hotline battery compartment door (fig.
  • Page 8: Turning The Hearing Instrument On Or Off

    To turn the hearing instrument off, open the battery door. carefully pull the hearing instrument from your ear. Siemens hearing instruments may also be programmed Inserting and removing–CIC hearing instrument to allow you to turn them on and off using the program button.
  • Page 9: Operating Your Hearing Instrument-Optional Features

    Operating Your Hearing The nylon strand has been provided to allow removal of the CIC hearing instrument. Firmly grasp its bead and slowly, Instrument– Optional Features gently pull the hearing instrument out of your ear. It often helps to push lightly on the back of your ear to loosen the instrument.
  • Page 10: Tek

    ® ™ You may have received the optional Tek® (Fig. 7A) or miniTek™ Your Siemens hearing instrument is fully automatic. (Fig. 7B) Wireless Enhancement with your hearing instrument. However, it may be equipped with an optional volume Both Tek Connect and miniTek can be used to change the control for manual adjustment.
  • Page 11: Learning Volume Preference Feature

    The learning volume preference feature retains information memories, also called hearing programs. Each program on when and how you adjust the volume on your Siemens is different and designed to help you hear better in specific hearing instruments programmed for manual adjustment.
  • Page 12: Directional Microphone System

    Telecoil shown below Program button Microphone Microphone Battery compartment door Your Siemens Hearing instrument may be equipped with a Volume control Vent OPTIONAL FEATURES PROGRAMMABLE T-coil (telecoil) for telephone use. It may be programmed to FEATURES Volume control e2e wireless ®...
  • Page 13: Autophone

    AutoPhone ® WARNING The AutoPhone option allows the telecoil to automatically • Magnets can pose risks to electronics and magnetic storage engage when a “hearing aid compatible” telephone handset media when placed in close proximity. is brought close to the hearing instrument. To operate, bring • Be careful not to place magnets near computers, color the telephone handset close to the hearing instrument. The monitors, television sets, floppy disks, video/audio tape, telecoil will automatically engage to the presence of the and other electronic equipment.
  • Page 14: Operating Your Hearing Instrument

    Operating Your Hearing Note: The performance of the e2e wireless® could be temporarily affected when in close proximity to electromagnetic noise Instrument– sources, such as a computer monitor or television. Move away Programmable Features from the noise source if you experience difficulty. Technical information for e2e wireless function: Refer to the feature card included with this manual to Operating frequencies: flow = 115 kHz, fhigh = 120 kHz;...
  • Page 15: Push Button On/Off

    Push Button on/off Program change alert tones Your Siemens hearing instruments may be programmed to allow you to turn them on and off using the program button. Your hearing instrument may be programmed to inform To turn the instrument off using the program button, press you of changes to the program.
  • Page 16: Listening Tips

    Listening Tips • Encourage one person to speak at a time when you are engaging in group conversation. • Listen to radio and television programs as you • Give yourself time to become accustomed to your new normally would. hearing instruments. During this period, you may prefer to wear your hearing instruments for only a portion of the day, • Experiment finding the best place to sit for optimum and then gradually increase your usage throughout your hearing in public places like the theater, school auditoriums, normal routine each day.
  • Page 17: Maintenance And Care

    If wax has built up, it can be purchased from your Audiologist or Hearing Care Provider. easily removed with the Siemens cleaning cloth or a soft CAUTION tissue. Do not use water, alcohol, benzene or any other...
  • Page 18: Performance Checklist

    Performance Checklist Health Considerations If soreness or skin irritation develops, discontinue wearing your Problem Cause Possible Solution hearing instrument, and bring the instrument to your Hearing Weak or dead battery Insert new battery Care Professional. Minor fit adjustments can often Battery polarity reversed Make sure battery is inserted correctly...
  • Page 19: Important Notices

    Important Notices Following the medical evaluation, the physician will give you a written statement that your hearing loss has been medically evaluated and that you may be considered a candidate for Children with hearing loss hearing instruments. In addition to seeing a physician for a medical evaluation, The physician will refer you to an Audiologist or Hearing Care a child with a hearing loss should be directed to an Provider, as appropriate, for a hearing instrument evaluation.
  • Page 20 Special care should be exercised in selecting and fitting Warning to Audiologists or a hearing instrument whose maximum sound pressure Hearing Care Providers level exceeds 132 decibels (dB), because there may be An Audiologist or Hearing Care Provider should advise a risk of impairing the remaining hearing of the hearing prospective hearing instrument user to consult promptly instrument user.
  • Page 21: Warranty And Service

    Warranty and Service Procedure In case of malfunction or loss, take your Siemens hearing instrument and/or proof of purchase to the Audiologist or Your Siemens custom hearing instrument, with the exception Hearing Care Provider from whom the unit was purchased.
  • Page 22 Les renseignements contenus dans le présent guide peuvent faire l’objet de Global Business Unit modifications sans préavis. Siemens Audiologische Technik GmbH Tous droits réservés © 2011 Siemens Gebberstrasse 125 Hearing Instruments, Inc. 91058 Erlangen Germany Phone: +49 9131 308 0...