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GE GLDA690 Owner's Manual page 10

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Caring for the dishwasher.
Air gap
Check the air gap any time
your dishwasher isn't draining
Spray Arms and Filters
The dishwasher will flush away all
normal food soils. However, objects (fruit
pits, bones, etc.) may collect in openings
and should be removed occasionally to
avoid clogging the drain system.
injury hazard. Before cleaning the
interior, wait at least 20 minutes after
a cycle for the heating element to
cool down. Failure to do so could
result in burn injuries.
Cleaning the Spray Arms
Because hard water chemicals will
clog the spray arm jets and bearings,
it is necessary to clean the spray arms
regularly. To remove the spray arm, twist
the retaining nut 90 degrees and pull the
spray arm off the shaft.
Wash the arms in soapy, warm water and
use a soft brush to clean the jets. Replace
them after rinsing thoroughly.
Retaining nut
Upper rack
Protect Against Freezing
If your dishwasher is left in an unheated
place during the winter, ask a service
technician to:
Cut off electrical power to the
dishwasher. Remove fuses or trip
circuit breaker.
Turn off the water supply and disconnect
the water inlet line from the water valve.
Does Your Dishwasher Have an Air Gap?
An air gap protects your dishwasher
against water backing up into it if a drain
clogs. The air gap is not a part of the
dishwasher. It is not covered by your
warranty. Not all plumbing codes require
air gaps, so you may not have one.
Cleaning the Filters
For best performance and results, the
filter assembly must be cleaned regularly.
The filter efficiently removes food particles
from the wash water, allowing water to
be recirculated during the cycle. For this
reason, it is a good idea to remove the
large food particles trapped in the filter
frequently by rinsing the main filter and
cup under running water. To remove the
filter assembly, pull up on the cup handle.
The entire filter assembly should be
cleaned at least once a month. To clean
the main filter and fine filter, use a cleaning
brush. Then, reassemble the filter parts
as shown in the illustration and reinsert
the entire assembly in the dishwasher,
positioning it in place and pressing
downward. The dishwasher must
never be used without the filters.
Improper replacement of the filter
may reduce the performance level
of the appliance and may damage
dishes and utensils.
Fine filter
Drain water from the water inlet line
and water valve. (Use a pan to catch
the water.)
Reconnect the water inlet line to the
water valve.
The air gap is easy to clean.
Turn off the dishwasher and lift off the
Remove the plastic cap and clean with
a toothpick.
Main filter



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