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GE GLDA690 Owner's Manual page 5

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Close and latch the dishwasher door and select the cycle and desired enhancements. Touch the
START/RESET pad to begin the cycle. The water fill begins immediately, and approximately 60 seconds later
the wash action begins.
When the dishwasher door is fully closed and latched, the control panel lights will display the last settings
you selected. If you don't want to change any of the settings, siimply touch the START/RESET pad to begin
the cycle.
If the door is closed, the indicator lights will turn off if the START/RESET pad is not selected within 5 minutes.
To activate the display, open and close the door or press any pad.
DELAY HOURS You can delay the start of a wash cycle for up to 6 hours. Press the DELAY START
pad to choose the number of hours you want to delay the start of the cycle; then
The machine will count down and start automatically at the correct time.
NOTE: To cancel the DELAY START selection before the cycle begins, repeatedly press the
DELAY START pad until the display is blank.
RESET To change a cycle after washing starts:
Touch the START/RESET pad to cancel the cycle. The START/RESET light will flash while
the water is pumped out, if needed. This takes approximately 2 minutes.
Time Remaining Display
During operation, the display shows the minutes remaining until the cycle is complete. The display
may adjust the remaining time while the SENSING light is on. The time displayed at the start of each
cycle may change from the factory setting as the unit customizes itself to home use. During a delay
start, the display will show hours of time remaining until the cycle starts.
The CLEAN light is illuminated when the selected cycle and enhancements are complete. The light will
stay ON until a pad is pressed or the door is opened and then closed.
(on some models)



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