Sharp TU-TV322H Operation Manual

Sharp tu-tv322h digital tv recorder operation manual
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Digital TV recorder
Important: This product can only receive Digital Terrestrial TV signals, subject to coverage an
aerial upgrade may be required. Test your postcode followed by your house name or number to
83331* or go to
(*Costs no more than a normal text).
1. Read this operational manual carefully.
2. If you still encounter a problem, please call our Help line on 08444 159 159


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  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    DIGITAL TV RECORDER MODEL TU-TV322H OPERATION MANUAL Digital TV recorder PRESS TU-TV322H Important: This product can only receive Digital Terrestrial TV signals, subject to coverage an aerial upgrade may be required. Test your postcode followed by your house name or number to 83331* or go to
  • Page 2 Turns the DTR (or TV) Turn on/off sound on or off. (on the TV). Sets the remote Sets remote control to TV mode. control to DTR mode. Displays the recorded “Quick” key to the programmes screen. Top Up TV services. D i s p l a y s t h e Displays the TV...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents getting Started introduction Quick Start guide Basic functions Using Your DTR Basic operation Using the Quick TV guide Using the Menus Using the programme guide Top Up TV Anytime Using your programme Library how to make Recordings Additional DTR functions Setting Up Scan for Channels Customise your DTR...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    introduction Congratulations on your choice of this state-of-the-art Digital Television Recorder (DTR). we hope you will enjoy all the new features this technology brings to your home for many years. Your DTR is going to revolutionise the way you watch TV. You can pause live TV, for example while you answer the phone and then resume watching where you left off.
  • Page 5: Quick Start Guide

    Quick Start guide A Quick Start guide to setting up your Top Up TV+ Digital TV Recorder first things first ensure you can receive Digital Terrestrial TV (freeview) services in your area. if you are not sure, you should ask your retailer to check your postcode for you or try one of the following: • Text your postcode to 83331 (standard rates apply) • Visit or
  • Page 6: Typical Installation

    6 quick and easy steps to get you up and running Unpack your DTR Step 1 – Unpack your DTR and check you have all the following accessories: • Remote control • Mains lead • Scart lead • Remote control TV set-up codes (loose sheet) • 2 x AA batteries to place in your remote control (refer to page 37) please record the CAN number from the label on your DTR below please write your viewing card number below A typical installation...
  • Page 7 Unplug the aerial cable from your VCR (or TV) and plug it into the Aerial in socket of your DTR. Using the SCART lead, connect the TV SCART socket on your DTR to the AV1/eXT1/AUX1 SCART socket at the back of your TV. Connect the mains lead to the mains socket and switch on at the mains.
  • Page 8: Channel Scan

    Channel Scan Step 4 – You will see this screen showing that your DTR is now searching for all available channels. in the event that your DTR does not find any channels, or has missed some, see the section on what to do if your installation fails, on page 10.
  • Page 9 Step 6 – Top Up TV Anytime set up with Top Up TV Anytime you’ll get up to 600 carefully selected programmes downloaded to your Top Up TV+ DTR every month. That’s up to 150 extra programmes available at any one time on top of your normal freeview channels.
  • Page 10 insert your card into the slot with the chip upwards. To ensure the best operation of your DTR, we recommend that you leave your DTR in STANDBY whenever it is not in use. Note that turning the power off at the mains will prevent your DTR from receiving Top Up TV programmes.
  • Page 11: Basic Functions

    Basic functions Using your DTR remote control The next few pages of this manual will help you to get the most out of your DTR. it is worth keeping this manual to hand for a few days whilst you get to know how it works.
  • Page 12: Basic Operation

    Basic operation Turning on and off To turn on your DTR, press the button. The red standby indicator light will go green. To turn off your DTR, press the button. The standby indicator light will turn red again. The message ‘oAD’ will indicate the box is updating and that you should wait before pressing any further buttons.
  • Page 13: Using The Quick Tv Guide

    Using the Quick TV guide Now Shows Next Shows Shows short Shows the Shows the the programme the programme details of the current date name and name and programme channel name and time start time start time (synopsis) when you are watching TV you can find out what’s on other channels without interrupting your viewing using the Quick TV guide.
  • Page 14: Using The Menus

    Using the Menus please refer to the inside front cover for a full colour image of your remote control and its primary functions. To use these menus, you must first press the MeNU button which will then display the main menu.
  • Page 15: Using The Programme Guide

    Using the programme guide Your DTR has access to two programme guides. initially your DTR will provide the standard freeview 7 day programme guide, but as soon as your DTR has acquired the Top Up TV on-screen programming guide, you will have access to 14 day listings.
  • Page 16 Across the bottom of the screen are a number of functions that can be activated by pressing the coloured buttons on your remote control. go to day pressing the gReeN button will bring up an overlay box (pop-up). This is the go To DAY menu. Using the Up and DowN arrows you will move the highlighter to a day in the future.
  • Page 17: Top Up Tv Anytime

    Top Up TV Anytime in addition to the standard freeview channels, your DTR can also give you access to a wider range of programmes on Top Up TV Anytime. By subscribing to Top Up TV Anytime for a small monthly fee, your DTR will automatically record and download programmes from channels such as Discovery, UKTV gold, warner TV, the Disney Channel, National...
  • Page 18 Note: Buttons 0 and 1 provide punctuation such as spaces and full-stops. if you enter the wrong character, use the LefT and RighT arrows to move the cursor. Use the ReD button to delete a character and gReeN to insert. To move between the search criterias use the RewiND and fAST-foRwARD buttons.
  • Page 19: Using Your Programme Library

    Using your programme Library Your programme Library is where all of your recorded and Top Up TV Anytime programmes are stored. To access it, press the LiBRARY button or option 2 from the Main Menu. Your programme Library will be empty at first, but as you start to record programmes and Top Up TV Anytime programmes are downloaded to your DTR, it will fill up.
  • Page 20 folders programmes on y our DTR are automatically placed in folders to help organise your library and make them easy to find later. each recording can reside in more than one folder, the ALL category and typically one other genre folder, for example, Movies, Sport, Kids etc.
  • Page 21: How To Make Recordings

    how to make Recordings Your DTR will allow you to customise the way your record a programme. in this section, we will show you just what options are available to you. Typically you will have pressed the button in the programme guide which will have automatically taken you to this screen, but you may also wish to set a recording manually.
  • Page 22 Space for recordings when you add a recording to the planned Recordings, your DTR will check to see if there is enough space to complete all the scheduled recordings. if there is a risk that there is not enough space, you will see this pop-up.
  • Page 23: Additional Dtr Functions

    Additional DTR functions Tuner swap Your DTR has two tuners which means it can receive two different channels at the same time. You can switch between these two channels by pressing 0 on your remote control. if that channel is paused, it will automatically switch to play to allow you to watch the programme. furthermore, if you are watching a recorded programme, your DTR will pause that programme and switch to the programme currently being received by one of the tuners.
  • Page 24: Setting Up

    Setting Up from the MAiN MeNU, press 4 or select Set-Up. Use the Up and DowN buttons to highlight the sub-menu you wish to enter and press the oK button, or press the number button that is associated with the sub-menu. if you have trouble scanning for channels or with any aspect of the installation, refer to page 10 for more information or check the Troubleshooting guide in this manual.
  • Page 25: Customise Your Dtr

    Customise your DTR Use the Up and DowN arrow buttons to select an option and use the LefT and RighT arrow buttons to cycle around the available settings. TV picture format Use the LefT and RighT arrow buttons to choose from 4:3 Letterbox (black bars top and bottom), 4:3 Centre Cut-out (full screen, but lost picture on left and right), 4:3 full frame (if your 4:3 TV supports 16:9...
  • Page 26: Customising Top Up Tv Anytime

    Customising Top Up TV Anytime one of the great things about Top Up TV Anytime is that you don’t have to download all the programmes available. You can choose to record and download only those programmes from channels you watch. So for example, if you don’t have kids, you can save space on your hard drive by de-selecting the kids channels, giving you more space to download those you do...
  • Page 27: Recording Preferences, Messages

    Recording preferences There are two options available to change, the guard time and the rewind buffer size. Use the Up and DowN arrow buttons to move between the two options and the LefT and RighT arrows to scroll through the available values for that option.
  • Page 28 Child Lock This menu option enables you to set-up parental Control levels and to determine the access you and your family have to programmes. As soon as you select this option, you will be prompted to enter your personal identification Number (piN). The default number for this is 0000.
  • Page 29: Information

    Languages preferred audio language This option sets the preferred Audio Language output. in a multi-language broadcast, your DTR will attempt to acquire your preferred language. if your preferred language is not available, your DTR will switch to the default language. preferred subtitle language This has the same action as preferred Language, but for Subtitles in place of the audio output itself.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Reception problems when you purchased your DTR, your dealer should have checked your postcode to ensure that you can receive digital terrestrial TV. if you wish to check this yourself, please look on the internet websites:- once you have established that your area should be able to receive digital terrestrial TV, there are a few reasons why you may be experiencing problems.
  • Page 31 problems after installation Not every picture or sound problem is caused by a defect in your DTR. Leads having been accidentally pulled out or worn out batteries in the remote control can also cause impairment. if your unit does something unexpected while you are using it, please unplug it, wait a few seconds, plug it in again, then wait for the lights on your DTR to change to solid ReD or gReeN.
  • Page 32 Tuner conflict resolution in some cases there may not be enough tuners for all the functions your DTR is trying to perform, for example if two recordings are taking place and you try to change channels, you will see this pop-up menu.
  • Page 33 if your DTR fails to respond in very exceptional circumstances, your DTR ma y not respond as expected when switching it on. if this does happen, it is most likely to have been caused by corruption of programmes stored on your disk. This can occasionally cause the DTR to remain in standby mode or fail to respond to the remote control while not displaying any picture.
  • Page 34: Accessories

    Accessories User Manual Remote control Quick guide TV set-up codes Remote 2 x AA Mains Control Batteries lead SCART Lead...
  • Page 35: Product Details

    : optical digital audio output 9. RS232 : for service use only 10. poweR SUppLY : 220-240V AC, 50hz front panel indicators and buttons TU-TV322H INSERT YOUR CARD INTO THE SLOT WITH THE CHIP UPWARDS RECORD/ MENU UP/ MENU RIGHT...
  • Page 36: Further Connections

    further Connections The scart lead allows rapid connection to your TV, in order to get you going as quickly and easily as possible. if you should wish to adopt the more advanced connections please purchase additional leads as explained below. Archiving off the DTR onto a VCR or other recorder Add a second scart lead to link the VCR SCART socket on your DTR to the AV1/eXT1/AUX1 socket of your VCR.
  • Page 37: Remote Control

    Remote Control inserting the batteries insert the batteries into the handset as shown. point the remote control at the DTR and press the DTR button. The DTR button will flash once to confirm that the remote control is working correctly. important information regarding the batteries Do not mix different types of batteries or new and old batteries.
  • Page 38: Safety Information

    Safety information power cord (mains lead) Do not place the product where a piece of furniture or other heavy object could trap the power cord (mains lead). handle the power cord by the plug. Do not pull out the plug by tugging the cord and never touch the power cord when your hands are wet as this could cause a short circuit or electric shock.
  • Page 39 how to replace the fuse open the fuse compartment with a blade screwdriver and replace the fuse. when replacing the fuse in the plug, use an ASTA or BSi approved 3 Amp fuse and be sure to re-fit the fuse cover. if the plug supplied with this equipment has a detachable fuse cover, be sure attach the fuse cover after you change the fuse.
  • Page 40 Don’t continue to use this equipment if you have spilt liquids on it, if it is damaged in any way or if it does not work normally. immediately unplug the equipment and get expert advice. pull the mains plug out of the wall socket during thunderstorms and disconnect the aerial lead.
  • Page 41: Functions

    functions NoTe: This product can be upgraded from software updates broadcast over the air to your DTR. Top Up TV reserves the right to transmit software updates that it would consider appropriate in order to improve the functionality of the product, without degrading the quality level. Menu Language: english.
  • Page 42: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications geNeRAL ChARACTeRiSTiCS Supply Voltage 220 - 240V AC ~ 50hz input frequency 470 Mhz – 862 Mhz Maximum power Consumption 22 w Standby power Consumption 19 w operating Temperature C to +40 Storage Temperature C to +55 humidity 25 to 75% rel physical Dimensions 360x280x48 mm...
  • Page 43 wide Dynamic Range 16-bit resolution ReMoTe CoNTRoL operating Distance 10m max. Batteries 2x1.5V Micro (R-03/AA) TUNeRS 2 x Rf in ieC 60169-2 type, female (75ohm) 2 x Rf out (loop through) ieC 60169-2, male (75ohm) hARD DiSK hard Disk Capacity 320 gB fRoNT pANeL Display...
  • Page 44: Terms & Conditions

    TUTV Terms & Conditions This document sets out the basis of your Agreement with Top Up TV europe Limited in respect of the DTR (as defined below). in this Agreement we refer to Top Up TV europe Limited as “us” or “we” and we refer to you as “you”. The TeRMS we USe we have used words with capital letters where those words have particular meanings.
  • Page 45 You must allow us, and only us, to update the software in the DTR by sending signals via the digital terrestrial network to the DTR. This clause 6 will continue after this Agreement is cancelled or terminated for any reason. ViewiNg CARD what is a Viewing Card? A Viewing Card is an electronic device that, when activated, acts like a key to enable you to view those parts of the Top Up TV Service to which you are entitled.
  • Page 46: Digital Switchover

    Digital Switchover iMpoRTANT NoTiCe: DigiTAL SwiTChoVeR AND YoUR TV eQUipMeNT what you need to do to enjoy watching TV during and following Digital Switchover Starting in 2008 and ending in 2012, television services in the UK will go completely digital, TV region by TV region. To continue using this digital TV equipment during and following digital switchover, you will need to “reset”...
  • Page 47: Index

    index Adding 8, 14, 28 ........................Reminders 11, 16 pop-ups 20, 22, 26 ..........................................Accessories problem Solving 5, 10, 30-33 ........................................programme Banner finding 11, 15 ......................programme information information 11, 13 ..................................Reminder Library 11, 19 .......................
  • Page 48 If the product is used for business purposes and you want to discard it: Please contact your SHARP dealer who will inform you about the take-back of the product. You might be charged for the costs arising from take-back and recycling. Small products (and small amounts) might be taken back by your local collection facilities.
  • Page 49: Terms Of Guarantee

    3. To benefit from this guarantee, any fault which occurs must be notified to Sharp, or its appointed Service Facility within one year from the date this product was purchased.

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