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Pioneer AVH-X4690DVD Owner's Manual

Dvd rds av receiver.
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Owner's Manual


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   Summary of Contents for Pioneer AVH-X4690DVD

  • Page 1

    DVD RDS AV RECEIVER AVH-X5690BT AVH-X4690DVD AVH-X2690BT Owner’s Manual AVH-X1690DVD...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Receiving traffic announcements Smartphone link adaptor operations Making a call by entering phone Precautions Receiving alarm broadcasts interrupting Starting procedure number IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS regular broadcasts Setting the private mode To ensure safe driving Using PTY functions Voice control To avoid battery exhaustion Setting the FM tuning step Moving images operations...

  • Page 3: Precautions

    Section Contents Precautions Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER Setting MIXTRAX mode Connection WARNING Changing the picture adjustment Connecting the power cord product. ! Do not attempt to install or service this (Brightness, Contrast, Color, Hue, Dimmer When connecting to separately sold power To ensure proper use, please read through this product by yourself.

  • Page 4: To Avoid Battery Exhaustion

    Section Precautions Before you start ! Please note that the edges of the rear view When you attempt to watch a video image while About this unit About this manual driving, the warning “Viewing of front seat camera images may differ slightly according ! This unit features a number of sophisticated video source while driving is strictly prohib- to whether full screen images are displayed...

  • Page 5: Demo Mode

    Displaying the home display. The red lead (ACC) of this unit should be con- ! Remove the battery if the remote control is AVH-X5690BTand AVH-X4690DVD The display returns to the Launcher screen nected to the ignition on/off function. Failure to not used for a month or longer.

  • Page 6: Home Display

    Turning the source ON/OFF Source on display USB storage device to this unit, refer to Android device (running Android OS 4.0 or high- (Function of AVH-X5690BT/AVH-X4690DVD) When connecting with optional CD-IU201V er) is connected by MTP connection using a USB Radio cable.

  • Page 7: Remote Control

    Section What’s what What’s what b BAND/ESC Remote control Press to perform fast forward. Press to select the tuner band when tuner is Press to change the fast forward speed. selected as a source. Also used to cancel the control mode of functions. Press to return to the previous track (chap- Press to switch between modes when play- ter).

  • Page 8: Common Operations

    Section Common operations Common operations Common operations for Activating the touch panel keys Using the rear view key to DVD-V 1 JAN 12:43 display the rear view menu settings/lists Touch panel keys Displaying the rear view image by (Function of AVH-X5690BT/AVH- DVD-V 1 JAN 12:43...

  • Page 9: Changing The Wide-screen Mode

    ! The sound retriever setting is turned off Touch a or b to set the correct date and viewed in ZOOM mode. when the MIXTRAX function is used in USB (Function of AVH-X5690BT/AVH-X4690DVD) time. ! This function is enabled for playback on the source mode.

  • Page 10: Tuner

    Section Tuner Tuner # To cancel the storage process, touch Cancel. Tuner operations Storing and recalling radio text. Displaying radio text (Only available on FM stations) Touch panel keys 8 List key Tuning in to strong signals Radio text data transmitted by RDS stations, Displaying the preset channel list.

  • Page 11: Receiving Alarm Broadcasts Interrupting Regular Broadcasts

    Section Tuner Tuner # If no station is broadcasting the type of program Turn off the announcement while a traf- Touch the system key to open the system Touch the system key to open the system fic announcement is being received. you searched for, Not Found is displayed for about menu.

  • Page 12: Disc (cd/dvd)

    Section Disc (CD/DVD) Disc (CD/DVD) 9 Screen mode key g Audio output key Introducing movie operations Touch to change the fast forward and reverse speed. Changing the screen mode. Switching the audio output, when playing You can use this unit to view DVD/DVD-R/DVD- Refer to Changing the wide-screen mode on video discs recorded with LPCM audio.

  • Page 13: Sound Playback Operations

    Section Disc (CD/DVD) Disc (CD/DVD) ! You can also switch between subtitle lan- 2 Search key Operating the DVD menu Selecting a chapter using the buttons guages using Video Setup menu. For de- Displaying a list of track titles/file names to 1 Press c or d (TRK).

  • Page 14: Random Play (shuffle)

    Section Disc (CD/DVD) Disc (CD/DVD) # Ways to display the menu will differ depending ! If you perform title/chapter search or fast for- Refer to Introducing movie operations on page Start playback from the selected part. ward/reverse during Chapter, the repeat play on the disc.

  • Page 15: Playing Divxâ Vod Content

    Section Disc (CD/DVD) iPod % If a message is displayed after loading a Touch your favorite file (or folder) name. iPod control Touch panel keys # When you have selected a folder, a list of the disc containing DivX VOD content, touch This manual applies to the following iPod mod- iPod audio (Control Audio) Play.

  • Page 16: Moving Images Operations

    Section iPod iPod 6 Sound retriever key 7 Pause and play key When all of the following settings are made, Refer to AppRadio Mode operation on page Refer to Using sound retriever on page 8. audio can be enjoyed on this unit using a Pausing playback.

  • Page 17: Using This Unit's Ipod Function From Your Ipod

    Section iPod iPod — iPod nano 5th generation Using this unit’s iPod Switch to iPod video mode. Note — iPod nano 4th generation Video-related functions are not available to iPod function from your iPod — iPod nano 3rd generation ROOT with lightning connector users.

  • Page 18: Changing Audiobook Speed

    ! Playlists that you created with the computer Changing audiobook speed AppRadio Mode operation ! Pioneer is not liable for any issues that application (MusicSphere) are displayed in may arise from incorrect or flawed app- % Touch the change speed key to change This system can switch to the AppRadio Mode, abbreviated form.

  • Page 19: Starting Procedure

    Section AppRadio Mode AppRadio Mode Starting procedure Start an application available for Press the home button twice to switch AppRadio Mode from the iPhone. from the AppRadio Mode display to the Install the AppRadio app on your iPhone. home display. An image of the application is displayed on the screen of this system.

  • Page 20: Smartphone Link Adaptor Operations

    Section Smartphone link adaptor operations ! You must agree to obey the above rule on the You can operate your smartphone on the unit’s This unit is compliant with USB MSC (Mass Touch panel keys display by using this function. caution screen.

  • Page 21: Sound Playback Operations

    Section ! You can also switch between languages/ ! Text information may not be correctly dis- 5 Sound retriever key Refer to Repeating playback on page 22. audio systems using Video Setup menu. For played depending on the recorded environ- Refer to Using sound retriever on page 8.

  • Page 22: Still Image Playback Operations

    Section ! This function is not available when the free 8 Previous folder key/Next folder key Touch panel keys Random play (shuffle) space of USB storage device is less than Selecting a folder. % Touch the random key. 5 MB. ! While this unit creates an index, do not turn ! On –...

  • Page 23: Playing Divxâ Vod Content

    Section Bluetooth Audio â Playing DivX VOD content Sound playback operations Touch panel keys Operation is the same as that for Disc. (Function of AVH-X5690BT/AVH-X2690BT) â Refer to Playing DivX VOD content on page 15. You can use this unit to listen to Bluetooth audio files.

  • Page 24: Random Play (shuffle)

    Section Bluetooth Audio Using MIXTRAX Notes MIXTRAX operation Touch the system key to open the system ! When playing back files recorded as VBR menu. MIXTRAX is original technology for creating (variable bit rate) files, the play time will not non-stop mixes of selections from your audio li- Touch MIXTRAX Setup on the system be correctly displayed if fast forward or re-...

  • Page 25: Bluetooth Telephone Operations

    Section Using MIXTRAX Bluetooth telephone ! Turntable – A fixed sound that mimics DJ Add a check mark to the desired sound Bluetooth telephone When switching to the entering phone effect by touching the option. scratching. number mode operations ! Flanger2 – A rushing sound that mimics The marked sound effect is registered as a pre- 13 APR 12:25...

  • Page 26: Calling A Number In The Phone Book

    Section Bluetooth telephone Bluetooth telephone # If you want to change the character to Russian, a Volume key Setting up for hands-free phoning Touch the phone book key to switch to the phone book mode. Adjusting the other party’s listening volume. Arabic, or Hebrew, touch the below icon until the de- sired character repeatedly.

  • Page 27: Using The Missed, Received And Dialed Call Lists

    Section Bluetooth telephone Bluetooth telephone “Would you like to invert all names?” ap- Touch the on-hook key to end the call. Touch the preset dial key to display the Setting the private mode pears. Touch Yes to continue. preset screen. During a conversation, you can switch to private While the names are inverted, is displayed.

  • Page 28: Settings

    Section Bluetooth telephone Settings Start voice control. Menu operations Press the home button to switch to the home display. Touch panel keys Indicates that continuous calls Touch any of the following touch panel can be made uninterrupted. keys to select the menu to be adjusted. Indicates that the display is Audio closed.

  • Page 29: Audio Adjustments

    Section Audio adjustments Audio adjustments Using fader/balance adjustment Touch Balance on the audio function Press the home button to switch to the Touch the table to adjust the level of the menu. home display. equalizer band. Fader/Balance displays when Rear Speaker is Range: +12dB to –12dB set to Full on the System Menu.

  • Page 30: Adjusting Loudness

    Section Audio adjustments Audio adjustments Adjusting loudness Touch c or d next to Frequency to select Adjusting source levels the cut-off frequency. Loudness compensates for deficiencies in the With SLA (source level adjustment), the volume 50Hz—63Hz—80Hz—100Hz—125Hz low-frequency and high-frequency ranges at low levels of each source can be adjusted to prevent Only frequencies lower than those in the se- volume.

  • Page 31: Setting Up The Video Player

    Section Setting up the video player Setting up the video player Setting the subtitle language Touch the video setup key to open the Press the home button to switch to the video setup menu. home display. Registering the code. You can set a desired subtitle language. When available, the subtitles will be displayed in the Touch Menu Language on the Touch the video setup key to open the...

  • Page 32: Setting Parental Lock

    Section Setting up the video player Setting up the video player Touch Time Per Photo Slide on the Touch 0 to 9 to input the registered code Notes Video Setup menu to select the slideshow in- number. ! Up to 42 characters can be displayed on one Registering the code.

  • Page 33: Automatic Playback Of Dvds

    Touch DVD Auto Play to turn automatic screen. Setting the navigation system playback on. # To turn automatic playback off, touch Activate this setting when connecting a Pioneer Updating the firmware for Add-on Navigation system (sold separately). DVD Auto Play again. the smartphone link adaptor Device connection can be set when all of the following conditions are met.

  • Page 34: Displaying The Smartphone Link Adaptor Firmware Version

    # This unit will reset automatically after the firm- the update will fail. the update will fail. the nearest authorized PIONEER Service Sta- ! Never turn the unit off and never disconnect ! Never turn the unit off and never disconnect ware update is completed if the update is success- tion.

  • Page 35: Changing The Picture Adjustment (brightness, Contrast, Color, Hue, Dimmer And Temperature)

    Section System settings System settings — Bluetooth menu Changing the picture Touch any of the following touch panel Touch the system key to open the system — Language for cautions keys to select the function to be adjusted. menu. adjustment (Brightness, Picture Adjustment items are displayed.

  • Page 36: Setting The Rear Output And Subwoofer Controller

    # When a subwoofer is connected to the rear out- menu. put, select Subwoofer (subwoofer). CAUTION Press the home button to switch to the Pioneer recommends the use of a camera Notes Touch Bluetooth Audio on the system home display. which outputs mirror-reversed images. Oth- ! Even if you change this setting, there will be menu to turn Bluetooth audio on or off.

  • Page 37: Auto Eq (auto-equalizing)

    Section System settings System settings — The front, center and rear speakers will You can also switch the rear view image by Auto EQ (auto-equalizing) Before operating the auto EQ automatically be adjusted to a high pass pressing the touch panel key. function The auto-equalizer automatically measures the filter setting.

  • Page 38: Selecting The Video Format

    If you have a connected steering wheel control adapter 10 Store the microphone carefully in the Video Signal Setting items are displayed. for Pioneer, please choose "With Adapter". If you are AVH-X5690BTand AVH-X4690DVD connected to your steering wheel control directly, ! AV –...

  • Page 39: Favorite Menu

    Section System settings Favorite menu Touch the desired function key on the Using the Favorite menu screen. Press to perform fast forward. Display menu columns to register. Press to change the fast forward speed. Refer to Menu operations on page 28. Steering Wheel Control # You can customize menus except Video Setup menu.

  • Page 40: Bluetooth Connection Menu

    Section Bluetooth connection menu Bluetooth connection menu Bluetooth connection menu Connecting to a Bluetooth Entering PIN code for Bluetooth Switching between the de- device automatically wireless connection operations vice names and Bluetooth device addresses. If this function is set to on, a connection be- To connect your Bluetooth device to this unit via (Function of AVH-X5690BT/AVH-X2690BT) tween your Bluetooth device and this unit will...

  • Page 41: Theme Menu

    Section Theme menu Theme menu Selecting the illumination color Touch c or d to fine-tune the color. Touch the desired setting. # You can view the hidden settings by flicking the This unit is equipped with multiple-color illumi- Touch and hold the icon to store the cus- display.

  • Page 42: Other Functions

    ! If the touch panel cannot be adjusted prop- Refer to What’s what on page 5. 1 Source sound – Press +/– (VOLUME/VOL) to erly, consult your local Pioneer dealer. About AUX connection methods Note adjust the volume of the main sound. The You can connect auxiliary devices to this unit.

  • Page 43: Connection

    Section Connection Connection ! The black cable is ground. When installing — Secure the wiring with cable clamps or adhe- WARNING this unit or power amp (sold separately), sive tape. Wrap adhesive tape around wiring In some countries or states the viewing of im- make sure to connect the ground wire first.

  • Page 44: Connecting The Power Cord

    Section Connection Connection Connecting the power cord Microphone input Microphone (Function of AVH-X5690BT and AVH-X2690BT) (Function of AVH-X5690BT and AVH-X2690BT) Wired remote input Antenna input Hard-wired remote control adapter can be connected This product (sold separately). Violet/white Fuse (10 A) Of the two lead wires connected to the back lamp, connect the one in which the voltage changes when the gear shift is in the REVERSE (R) position.

  • Page 45: When Connecting To Separately Sold Power Amp

    Section Connection Connection When connecting to separately sold power amp When connecting the external video component and the display Front output External video component This product Rear output (sold separately) Power amp (sold separately) To front output Power amp (sold separately) To rear output Power amp (sold separately)

  • Page 46: When Connecting With A Rear View Camera

    Section Connection Connection When connecting with a rear Rear view camera input (R.C IN) iPod with lightning connector When connecting with optional CD-IV203 cable view camera When connecting with optional If you switch the shift lever to REVERSE (R), the CD-IU52 cable This product USB/iPod input...

  • Page 47: Ipod With 30-pin Connector

    Section Connection Connection iPod with 30-pin connector When connecting with optional Optional Smartphone link adaptor (CD-ML100) connection CD-IU201S cable When connecting with optional This product RGB input CD-IU201V cable USB/iPod input USB - micro USB cable (Type USB A This product - micro USB B) (Supplied with USB/iPod input Smartphone link adaptor)

  • Page 48: Installation

    Section Installation Installation 5 Dashboard or console Notes Installation using the screw ! Check all connections and systems before holes on the side of the unit final installation. Installing the microphone ! Do not use unauthorized parts as this may % Fastening the unit to the factory radio- cause malfunctions.

  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    Section Installation Additional information Install the microphone on the steering Troubleshooting There is no sound. column. The volume level will not rise. Symptoms are written in bold and causes in reg- Cables are not connected correctly. ular, non-indented text. Regular, indented text is Connect the cables correctly.

  • Page 50

    Appendix Additional information Additional information Playback is not performed with the audio File size and transmission rate are above recom- Repeat play and track/time search are not language and subtitle language settings selected possible. mended rates. Playback is not possible. in Video Setup menu.

  • Page 51: Error Messages

    When you contact your dealer or your nearest player/USB memory and connect. Clean the disc. MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4 file. Pioneer Service Center, be sure to note the error Select a file that can be played. Security for the connected USB memory is enabled. The disc is scratched.

  • Page 52

    The connected USB storage device consumes more performing the above action, please contact your The iPod firmware version is old. than maximum allowable current. dealer or an authorized Pioneer Service Station. Format Read Update the iPod version. Disconnect the USB portable audio player/USB memory and do not use it.

  • Page 53: Understanding Auto Eq Error Messages

    ! Correct the input level setting of the power performing the above action, please contact your amp connected to the speakers. dealer or an authorized Pioneer Service Station. ! Plug the microphone securely into the jack. Indicates the audio channel.

  • Page 54: Handling Guidelines

    Appendix Additional information Additional information Handling guidelines Show the album title when re- Shows the file name of the Indicates the signal strength of ceiving the tag information. MP3/WMA/AAC file currently Discs and player the cellular phone. Shows the album title of the being played.

  • Page 55

    Appendix Additional information Additional information Playback of CD-R/RW discs may become impossi- Condensation may temporarily impair the player’s Do not connect anything other than a USB stor- About iPod settings ble in case of direct exposure to sunlight, high ! When an iPod is connected, this unit changes performance.

  • Page 56: Audio Compatibility (usb)

    Appendix Additional information Additional information Compressed file DivX compatibility Supplemental information The ID code of this unit must be registered to a compatibility (disc, USB) DivX VOD provider in order to playback DivX VOD Compatible format: DivX video format imple- Some characters in a file name (including the file files.

  • Page 57: Ipod Compatibility

    (e.g., CAUTION very hot resulting in possible damage to the version of iPod. ! Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data 001xxx.mp3 and 099yyy.mp3). LCD screen. You should avoid exposing the 2 Put those files into a folder.

  • Page 58: Bluetooth Profiles

    LIMITED WARRANTY ARE THE ONLY WARRAN- Copyright and trademark notice product lifetime, the screen will become dark TIES MADE BY PIONEER OR ANY OF ITS LICEN- Windows Media is either a registered trademark and the image will no longer be projected. In SORS, AS APPLICABLE.

  • Page 59: Language Code Chart For Dvd

    Shona (sn), 1914 0625 MIXTRAX Korean (ko), 1115 Irish (ga), 0701 Luba-Katanga (lu), 1221 Somali (so), 1915 MIXTRAX is a trademark of the PIONEER Greek (el), 0512 Gaelic (gd), 0704 Latvian (lv), 1222 Albanian (sq), 1917 CORPORATION. Afar (aa), 0101...

  • Page 60: Specifications

    Ossetian (os), 1519 Vietnamese (vi), 2209 Nose ........ 171 mm × 97 mm × 18 mm Frequency ......50 Hz/63 Hz/80 Hz/100 Hz/ Panjabi, Punjabi (pa), (AVH-X5690BT/AVH-X4690DVD) Corsican (co), 0315 Kikuyu, Gikuyu (ki), 1109 Volapük (vo), 2215 125 Hz Nose ........ 171 mm × 97 mm × 9 mm 1601 Slope .......

  • Page 61

    Appendix Additional information Signal-to-noise ratio ..62 dB (IEC-A network) USB standard specification ........USB 1.1, USB 2.0 full speed Bluetooth (For video files) (AVH-X5690BT/AVH-X2690BT) USB 2.0 high speed (For Version ......Bluetooth 3.0 certified audio files) Output power ....+4 dBm Maximum Maximum current supply (Power class 2) ........

  • Page 64

    Visit our website We offer the latest information about PIONEER CORPORATION on our website. PIONEER CORPORATION 1-1, Shin-ogura, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-0031, JAPAN PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. Box 1540, Long Beach, California 90801-1540, U.S.A. TEL: (800) 421-1404 PIONEER EUROPE NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, B-9120 Melsele, Belgium/Belgique TEL: (0) 3/570.05.11...

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