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Vermont Castings Merrimack Homeowner's Installation And Operating Manual

Vermont Castings Merrimack Homeowner's Installation And Operating Manual

Large insert
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SaFeTy NoTIce: IF ThIS appLIaNce IS NoT pRopeRLy INSTaLLeD, opeRaTeD aND MaIN-
TaINeD, a hoUSe FIRe May ReSULT.
Low INSTRUcTIoNS May ReSULT IN pRopeRTy DaMage, boDILy INjURy oR eveN DeaTh.
ReqUIReMeNTS IN yoUR aRea.
Do Not Discard This Manual: Retain for Future Use
Merrimack cover
Large Insert
and Operating
For Use in North America
Nous recommandons que nos appareils de chauffage
au bois soient installés et entretenus apr des
professionnels qui ont été accrédités aux É.-U. par le
National Fireplace Institute® (NFI) comme étant des
spécialistes du NFI en matière d'appareilsde chauffage
au ois, ou qui sont accrédités au Canada
30004671 5/12 Rev. 6



Summary of Contents for Vermont Castings Merrimack

  • Page 1 Manual For Use in North America 4671 Merrimack cover SaFeTy NoTIce: IF ThIS appLIaNce IS NoT pRopeRLy INSTaLLeD, opeRaTeD aND MaIN- TaINeD, a hoUSe FIRe May ReSULT. To ReDUce The RISk oF FIRe, FoLLow The INSTaLLaTIoN INSTRUcTIoNS. FaILURe To FoL- Low INSTRUcTIoNS May ReSULT IN pRopeRTy DaMage, boDILy INjURy oR eveN DeaTh.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    For more complete details on stove performance and specifications, please refer to Page 3. The Merrimack Large Insert is designed, tested and listed for burning wood. Do not burn other fuels. Installation or service of the Merrimack Large Insert should be performed only by a qualified installer, preferably NFI or WETT (Canada) certified.
  • Page 3: Specifications

    Vermont Castings’ Authorized Dealer to determine realistic expecta- tions for your home. 29 ” (740 mm) 24 ” (629 mm) ” (313 mm) ” (183 mm) 25 ” (645 mm) 31 " (800 mm) ” (449 mm) ” ” (668 mm) (605 mm) Fig. 1 Merrimack Large Insert dimensions. 4671 Merrimack dims 30004671...
  • Page 4: Installation

    INSTaLLaTIoN INSpecTIoN ReqUIReMeNTS IN 2' Min. yoUR aRea. Min. Requirements for existing Fireplaces The Merrimack Large Insert is listed for installation within a properly built masonry or heat circulating, masonry-type Reference AC617 fireplace that is constructed in accordance with the require- Point ments of recognized building codes.
  • Page 5 A permanent metal warning label must be affixed to a height of 21¹\₂” (540 mm) 2. Though the Merrimack Large Insert will fit into larger fireplaces, the to the back of the fireplace stating the fireplace decorative optional MHSC Surround Panels will not completely cover the may have been altered to accommodate the in- fireplace opening if these dimensions are exceeded.
  • Page 6 1. Convert specifications to R-value: Such hearths are considered combustible. i. R-value given - no conversion needed. The hearth for the Merrimack insert must be constructed ii. k-factor is given with a required thickness (T) in over a completely non-combustible surface (such as un-...
  • Page 7 MHSC offers a steel or cast iron surround panel kit. air tubes to allow easier access. • Installing the Merrimack Large Insert Remove the iron flue collar from the stove and fasten either the adapter pipe or flue liner to it by drilling 1.
  • Page 8 (Fig. 9) 10.Install the supplied handle storage bracket by simply sliding the flat end under the right or left side of the stove. (Fig. 7) This completes installation of your Merrimack Large In- sert. 30004671...
  • Page 9: Operation

    Generally, more air entering the stove makes the fire burn hotter and faster, while less air prolongs the burn. The Merrimack Large Insert’s air supply is increased when the control lever is moved to the left, and decreased when moved to the right. It may be set anywhere between the two extremes, depending on the amount of heat desired.
  • Page 10 Horizontal too should be properly dried. Medium 1” from Turn clockwise Your Merrimack Large Insert will accept wood up to 22” (559 full right mm). Longer wood pieces work better than short ones. Fully right Turn counterclockwise Wood should be stored under cover to maintain dryness.
  • Page 11 TIoN! keep chILDReN, cLoThINg, aND FURNITURe away. coNTacT May caUSe SkIN bURNS. burn solid wood fuel only in the Merrimack Large In- sert, and burn it directly on the grate. Do not elevate NoTe: Some chimneys need to be “primed,” or warmed the fuel.
  • Page 12 Merrimack Large Insert located centrally in an open floor plan, will be easier to heat than a drafty home in the far north in which a Merrimack Large Insert is installed on an exterior wall at the end of a long house.
  • Page 13: Maintenance

    If you must remove spills or stains from porcelain surfaces, make sure the fire is out and the Merrimack Large Insert has cooled completely before cleaning. Use a kitchen appliance cleaner and/or polish specifically formulated for enamel surfaces.
  • Page 14 Examine the gasket that seals the glass to the door IMpoRTaNT NoTeS frame. If necessary, replace this with gasket obtained • Do not operate the Merrimack Large Insert if the from your local Vermont Castings’ authorized dealer. Directions for replacing gaskets are given below. glass is damaged or broken.
  • Page 15 (such as kitty litter) to heating season as part of a regular maintenance schedule. keep the interior of the stove dry. To inspect the chimney, let the Merrimack Large Insert cool • Touch up painted surfaces with black paint.
  • Page 16: Optional Accessories

    Merrimack Large Insert Flex connection: Two Months: For parts and information about your insert, contact your Vermont Castings authorized dealer. For the name of the • Inspect the chimney and flue connection. Clean the dealer nearest you, contact: system if necessary.
  • Page 17: Replacement Parts

    Merrimack Large Insert 73                     16 60 MHSC reserves the right to make changes in design, materials, specifications, prices and discontinue colors and products at any time, without notice. 4671 Merrimack Large Insert Merrimack parts Ref. Description part Number Ref. Description part Number 1.
  • Page 18 50. Disk 30005050 51. Throttle Lever 30005051 52. Spring 30005052 53. Bracket, Upper Lattice 30004676 54. Bracket, Door Hinge 30004947 Shell enamel parts - Merrimack Large Insert part Name classic black ebony Door Left 30004626 30005193 Door Right 30004627 30005194...
  • Page 19: Warranty

    LIMITeD LIFeTIMe warranty Merrimack Large Insert For vermont castings Merrimack, Non-catalytic Large Insert Limited Lifetime warranty MhSc warrants that all refractory brick and material 5. Damage to the unit while in transit is not covered by this used in this product will be warranted against deteriora-...
  • Page 20 MhSc 149 Cleveland Drive • Paris, Kentucky 40361

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