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Playback; Playing An Ipod/Usb Device - Sony DSX-A40UI Operating Instructions Manual

Fm/am digital media player
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Playing an iPod/USB Device

In these Operating Instructions, "iPod" is
used as a general reference for the iPod
functions on an iPod and iPhone, unless
otherwise specified by the text or
For details on the compatibility of your iPod,
see "About iPod" (page 15) or visit the
support site on the back cover.
MSC (Mass Storage Class)-type USB devices
(such as a USB flash drive, digital media
player, Android™ phone) compliant with the
USB standard can be used.
Depending on the digital media player or
Android phone, setting the USB connection
mode to MSC is required.
 For details on the compatibility of your USB
device, visit the support site on the back cover.
 Playback of the following MP3/WMA files is not
 lossless compression files
 copyright-protected files
 DRM (Digital Rights Management) files
 Multi-channel audio files
Connect an iPod/USB device to the
USB port (page 7).
Playback starts.
If a device is already connected, to start
playback, press SOURCE to select [USB].
Adjust the volume on this unit.
To stop playback
Press and hold OFF for 1 second.
To remove the device
Stop playback, then remove the device.
Caution for iPhone
When you connect an iPhone via USB, phone
call volume is controlled by the iPhone, not
the unit. Do not inadvertently increase the
volume on the unit during a call, as sudden
loud sound may result when the call ends.
Operating an iPod directly
(Passenger control)
Press and hold MODE during playback to
display [IPOD] to enable operation by the
iPod directly.
Note that the volume can be adjusted only
by the unit.
To exit passenger control
Press and hold MODE until [AUDIO] appears.

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Table of Contents

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