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Samsung Notebook computer User Manual Page 5

Samsung computer.
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Before You Start
© 2014 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. owns the copyright of this manual.
No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any
form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the
consent of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
The information in this document is subject to change without
notice due to improving the performance of the product.
Samsung Electronics shall not be liable for any data loss. Please
take care to avoid losing any important data and backup your data
to prevent any such data loss.
OS and Software Support
If you change the product's factory OS (Operating System) to
another OS or if you install software which is not supported by the
product's original factory OS, you will not receive any technical
support, product exchange or refund. And a fee will be charged
when requesting a service.
Please use your computer with the original factory OS. If you
install an OS other than the factory OS, data may be deleted or the
computer may not start.
About the Product Capacity Representation
About the capacity representation of the storage
The capacity of the storage device (HDD, SSD) of the manufacturer
is calculated assuming that 1KB=1,000 Bytes.
However, the operating system (Windows) calculates the storage
device capacity assuming that 1KB=1,024 Bytes, and therefore the
capacity representation of the HDD in Windows is smaller than the
actual capacity due to the difference in capacity calculation.
(E.g. For a 80GB HDD, Windows represents the capacity as 74.5GB,
80x1,000x1,000x1,000 byte/(1,024x1,024x1,024)byte = 74.505GB)
In addition, the capacity representation in Windows may be even
smaller because some programs such as Recovery may reside in a
hidden area of the HDD.
About Memory Capacity Representation
The memory capacity reported in Windows is less than the actual
capacity of memory.
This is because BIOS or a video adapter uses a portion of memory
or claims it for further use.
(E.g. For 1GB(=1,024MB) memory installed, Windows may report
the capacity as 1,022MB or less)
Chapter 1.
Getting Started


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