Panasonic DMP-BDT465 Operating Instructions Manual
Panasonic DMP-BDT465 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic DMP-BDT465 Operating Instructions Manual

Blu-ray disc player


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Operating Instructions

Blu-ray Disc
Firmware updates
Panasonic is constantly improving the unit's firmware to ensure
that our customers are enjoying the latest technology.
Panasonic recommends updating your firmware as soon as you
are notified.
For details, refer to "Firmware updates" ( (This site is in English only.)
Model No. DMP-BDT465
14) or


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Panasonic DMP-BDT465

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    DMP-BDT363 DMP-BDT361 DMP-BDT360 Firmware updates Panasonic is constantly improving the unit’s firmware to ensure that our customers are enjoying the latest technology. Panasonic recommends updating your firmware as soon as you are notified. For details, refer to “Firmware updates” ( 14) or (This site is in English only.)
  • Page 2: Precautions

    Precautions CAUTION Unit ≥ This unit utilizes a laser. Use of controls or adjustments or WARNING performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. ≥ Do not place sources of naked flames, such as lighted candles, Unit on this unit.
  • Page 3: To Dispose Or Transfer This Unit

    You must be aware of these limits before using this unit. discard this unit either by disposal or transfer, then follow the Panasonic will in no way be responsible for any incidental damage procedure to return all the settings to the factory presets to delete which may arise due to a failure to obey these limits, or to any the user settings.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Precautions ....2 Getting started Playback Accessories ....5 Inserting or removing media .
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    February 2014. These may be sale in all countries, e.g. not available in subject to change. Germany, please consult your Panasonic ≥ Do not use AC mains lead with other equipment. dealer for advice. ∫ Using the remote control ≥...
  • Page 6: Playable Media

    Getting started Playable media Device Media markings Device types Contents format BD-Video Video Video, BD-RE JPEG, MPO BD-R Video, MKV, Xvid DVD-Video Video DVD-R Video, AVCHD, MKV, Xvid, JPEG, MPO, AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA DVD-R DL DVD-RW Video, AVCHD —...
  • Page 7: Region Management Information

    3D ∫ BD-RE, BD-R compatible TV using a High Speed HDMI Discs recorded in DR mode using Panasonic Cable. Blu-ray Disc recorders may not play back the ≥ 2D video can be enjoyed as 3D virtually. ( audio etc., correctly.
  • Page 8: Control Reference Guide

    TV operation buttons control code. ( You can operate the Panasonic TV using this unit’s remote control. Some buttons may not work depending on the TV. [Í TV] : Turn the TV on and off...
  • Page 9 Getting started e.g., [BDT465] [BDT460] Pull to flip down the front panel. SD CARD Disc tray ( USB ports ( Remote control signal sensor Display Distance: Within approx. 7 m Open or close the disc tray ( Angle: Approx. 20e up and down, 30e left and Basic playback control switches ( right 10 Standby/on switch (Í/I) (...
  • Page 10: Connections And Settings

    ≥ Use the High Speed HDMI cables. Non-HDMI-compliant cables cannot be utilized. It is recommended that you use Panasonic’s HDMI cable. When outputting 1080p or 24p (4K) signal, please use HDMI cables 5.0 meters or less. To a household mains...
  • Page 11 Connections and settings HDMI AV OUT SUB [BDT465] [BDT460] You can enjoy richer sound by using the HDMI AV OUT SUB terminal. HDMI cable HDMI cable HDMI IN HDMI IN Amplifier/receiver ≥ Set “HDMI(SUB) Output Mode” to “V.OFF(Video Off)”. ( –...
  • Page 12: Connecting To The Network

    Wireless router, etc. Internet ≥ For up-to-date compatibility information on your wireless router, refer to (This site is in English only.) ≥ The unit is not compatible with public wireless LAN services provided in airports, stations, cafes, etc. ≥ See page 3 for the precautions for wireless LAN connection.
  • Page 13: Settings

    Connections and settings Settings ∫ About the wireless connection Before beginning wireless connection setup The following settings can be performed anytime ≥ Obtain your network name (SSID*). in the Setup menu. ( 28, 29) ≥ If your wireless connection is encrypted, please be sure that you know your encryption key.
  • Page 14: Firmware Updates

    Connections and settings Firmware updates Occasionally, Panasonic may release updated firmware for this unit that may add or improve the way a feature operates. These updates are available free of charge. This unit is capable of checking the firmware automatically when connected to the Internet via a broadband connection.
  • Page 15: Playback

    ≥ [BDT465] [BDT460] When removing the SD card, press the centre of the card and pull it straight out. ≥ If you connect a Panasonic product with a USB connection cable, the setup screen may be displayed on the connected equipment. For details, refer to the instructions for the connected equipment.
  • Page 16: Home Menu

    Playback HOME menu Videos/Photos/Music Major functions of this unit can be operated from Disc Play back the contents. the HOME menu. ≥ When multiple contents Preparation are recorded, select the Turn on the TV and select the appropriate video types of contents or the input.
  • Page 17: Multi User Mode

    Playback Multi User Mode Personalizing a new user Multi User Mode allows individuals to customize Press [HOME]. settings and switch to their saved settings easily. Press the coloured button that indicates Up to four people can use the unit with their own new user personalization.
  • Page 18: Playback

    Playback Playback Search/Slow motion Search Insert the media. While playing, press [SEARCH6] or Playback starts depending on the media. [SEARCH5]. Select the item to play and press [OK]. Slow motion Repeat this step if necessary. While paused, press [SEARCH5]. The speed increases up to 5 steps. ≥...
  • Page 19: Show The Status Messages

    Playback Show the status messages Enjoying BD-Live While playing, press [STATUS]. With “BD-Live” discs, you can enjoy bonus contents that use Internet access. The status messages give you information about For this BD-Live function, connection of a USB what is currently being played. Each time you device is necessary along with Internet press [STATUS], the display information may connection.
  • Page 20: Enjoying Network Service

    XXXXXX XXXXX discontinued either temporarily or permanently without XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the MORE XXXX XXXXXXXXXXX BACK XXXXXX, XXXX content or the continuity of the services.
  • Page 21: Home Network Feature

    Playback Home Network feature Playing back contents on the Before using the following features, be sure to DLNA server configure the connected equipment on your Home Network. You can share photos, videos and music stored in the DLNA Certified media server [PC with Using Miracast Windows 7 installed, smartphone, recorders (DIGA), etc.] connected to your home network.
  • Page 22 About DLNA and Media Renderer For more details, refer to the following website and the operating instructions for each of the equipment. Server Renderer (This site is in English only.) Controller ≥ Wi-Fi Direct connection while using Home Network feature * DMC compatible software should be installed.
  • Page 23: Hdmi Cec

    Playback “HDMI CEC” This unit supports “HDMI CEC” (Consumer Electronics Control) function. You can use this function by connecting the equipment with an HDMI cable*. See the operating instructions for connected equipment for operational details. * [BDT465] [BDT460] Only when connecting via an HDMI AV OUT MAIN terminal on this unit.
  • Page 24: Settings

    Settings Option menu ∫ Repeat Play Settings Select the item that you want to repeat. ≥ You can repeat the playback of a chapter, A variety of playback operations and settings can playlist, the entire disc, etc., but the items be performed from this menu.
  • Page 25 Settings Picture Settings 3D Settings ∫ Signal Format ∫ Picture Mode Select the picture quality mode during play. Original Keep original picture format. ≥ If you select “User”, you can change settings in 3D picture format comprising Side by side “Picture Adjustment”.
  • Page 26: Setup Menu

    Settings Setup menu ∫ HDMI Output Press [OK] to show the following settings: Change the unit’s settings if necessary. The HDMI Video Format The items supported by the connected devices settings remain intact even if you switch the unit to standby. are indicated on the screen as “¢”.
  • Page 27 Settings ∫ PCM Down Conversion HDMI(SUB) Output Mode [BDT465] [BDT460] Select how to output audio with a sampling Set to output the video from the HDMI AV OUT frequency of 96 kHz for the PCM output from the SUB terminal or not. OPTICAL.
  • Page 28 Settings Network ∫ 3D BD-Video Playback ∫ Easy Network Setting ( Select the playback method of 3D compatible ∫ Network Settings video software. Perform network-related settings individually. ∫ 3D AVCHD Output [BDT465] [BDT460] Press [OK] to show the following settings: Select the output method of 3D AVCHD videos.
  • Page 29 For the setting and operation method of System connected equipment, refer to the following website. ∫ Easy Settings You can execute basic settings. (This site is in English only.) ∫ TV Settings Remote Device Settings ( 20, 22)
  • Page 30: Control Code

    ∫ Remote Control Choose whether to show status messages Change the remote control code if other automatically. Panasonic products react to this remote control. HDMI CEC ∫ Firmware Update ( Set to use “HDMI CEC” function when Press [OK] to show the following settings: connected via HDMI cable to a device that supports “HDMI CEC”.
  • Page 31: Reference

    The TV tuner mode is not displayed when the Do you have the latest firmware installed? TV is turned on. Panasonic is constantly improving the unit’s This phenomenon may occur, depending on firmware to ensure that our customers are the TV setting, when “Quick Start” is set to enjoying the latest technology.
  • Page 32 Reference If you connect USB HDD to this unit, use the When outputting in 24p (4K), images may be USB cable that is supplied with the HDD. distorted depending on the HDMI cable. Use When you connect a USB HDD, use the right an HDMI cable that supports 4K output.
  • Page 33 Reference Audio Playback Cannot switch audio. Disc cannot be played. The audio cannot switch, if “Digital Audio The disc is dirty. ( Output” is set to “Bitstream”. Set “Digital The disc is not finalized. ( Audio Output” to “PCM”. ( Confirm the “Mixed Data Disc Option”...
  • Page 34: Messages On The Screen

    Reference Network Messages on the screen I can’t connect to the network. Cannot play. Confirm the network connection and settings. You inserted an incompatible disc. 12, 13, 28) Cannot play on this unit. There may be interference that prevents the You tried to play a non-compatible image.
  • Page 35 Reference START Messages on the unit’s display The system is being restarted during the firmware update. Please do not turn off the unit. While connecting to a network. UPD / No PLAY (“ ” stands for a number.) There is a viewing restriction on a BD-Video The firmware is being updated.
  • Page 36: Specifications

    Reference Specifications File format File format Extension Reference General “.MKV”, “.mkv” ≥ The video file and subtitles text file are Subtitles text file inside the same folder, Signal system PAL/NTSC “.SRT”, “.srt”, and the file names are “.SSA”, “.ssa”, the same except for the Operating i5 oC to i35 oC “.ASS”, “.ass”...
  • Page 37: Audio Information

    Reference Audio information Display languages list The audio output differs depending on which Display Language Display Language Display Language terminals are connected to the amplifier/receiver, English Japanese Arabic and the settings on the unit. ( 27, “Digital Audio French Chinese Hindi German Korean...
  • Page 38 Player Settings menu. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. At least three (3) years from delivery of this product, Panasonic Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. will give to any third party who contacts us at the contact...
  • Page 39 Reference Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of the Unicode data files and any associated documentation (the ““Data Files””) or Unicode software and any associated documentation (the ““Software””) to deal in the Data Files or Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, and/or sell copies of the Data Files or Software, and to permit persons to...
  • Page 40 Ingen farlig stråling sendes ut (Inside of product) (Produktets innside) Manufactured by: Panasonic Corporation Kadoma, Osaka, Japan Importer for Europe: Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Panasonic Testing Centre Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany Panasonic Corporation Web Site: SQT0085 F0214QK0 C Panasonic Corporation 2014...

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