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Additional Tips For Smart Use; Fabric Care Labels - LG RC7064AZ Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
dditional Tips for Smart Use
Drying Guide & Energy consumption
Mixed Fabric
Easy Care
Bulky Item
Skin Care
Sports Wear
Quick Dry
* Tested in accordance with EN61121 : 2005 test program
- Energy consumption might not be the same as the value in the "Energy Consumption" table by spin rpm
of the washing machine, installation condition and using condition.
Dry woollens on ''wool'' cycle. Be sure to follow fabric care
label "symbols", first. Wool is not completely dried from the
program so don't repeat drying. Pull woolens to their origi-
nal shape and dry them flat.
Woven and Loopknit Materials
Some woven and loop knit materials may shrink, depending
on quality.
Permanent Press and Synthetics
Do not overload your dryer. Take out permanent press items
as soon as the dryer stops to reduce creases.
Baby Clothes and Night Gowns
Always check the manufacturer's instructions.
Rubber and Plastics
Do not dry any items made from or containing
rubber or plastics such as:
a) Aprons, Bibs and Chair Covers
b) Curtains and Table Clothes
c) Bathmats
Do not dry fiberglass articles in your dryer.
Glass particles left in the dryer could be picked up
by your clothes the next time you use the dryer and irritate
your skin.

Fabric Care Labels

Clothes have their own wash care labels, so drying accord-
ing to the wash care label is recommended.
Not only that, the laundry must be sorted according to size
and fabric type.
For the best drying performance and most efficient energy
usage, do not overload the dryer.
Ca. of Dryer
7 kg
4 kg
2 kg
2 kg
1.5 kg
2 kg
Dress Shirts Max.4EA
1.5 kg
4.5 kg
1.5 kg
1 kg
2 kg
Display Drying Time
(Including Cooling Time)
103 mn
48 mn
58 mn
51 mn
60 mn
118 mn
20 mn
30 mn
36 mn
45 mn
21 mn
50 mn
Below are fabric care labels.
Tumble dry
Permanent Press /
Wrinkle resistant
Gentle / Delicate
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry
High heating
Medium heating
Low heating
No heat / air
Line Dry / hang to dry
Drip dry
Dry flat
In the shade
Energy Consumption
3.92 kWh
1.70 kWh
0.93 kWh
0.54 kWh
2.85 kWh
2.85 kWh
0.50 kWh
0.69 kWh
1.80 kWh
0.85 kWh
0.45 kWh
1.41 kWh


Table of Contents

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