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Replacing The Filter; Cleaning The Air Cleaner - Honeywell 16180 SERIES Owner's Manual

Plug & clean with night-light
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Replacing the filter

The air cleaner is most effective when the filter is replaced every three months.
1. Switch the air cleaner off and unplug it from the outlet.
2. Gently lift the front grille cover off the main body of the air cleaner.
3. Remove the old filter and replace it with a new filter.
4. Snap the front grille cover back onto the main body of the air cleaner.
5. Move the calendar forward three months each time you replace the filter.
6. Plug the unit into a suitable outlet and switch it on.
Rotating the plug
Fig. 3

Cleaning the air cleaner

1. Unplug the air cleaner before cleaning.
Note: This air cleaner does not disassemble.
2. Wipe the surface using a soft, damp cloth.
Important: Do not immerse the air cleaner in water. Do not use gasoline, paint thinner or other
chemicals to clean the air cleaner. Store your air cleaner in a clean, dry place.
1. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove
the screw on the back of the air cleaner.
2. Rotate the plug 90 degrees counter-clockwise as
shown in Fig 3.
3. Replace the screw and tighten it using the screw


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