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Husqvarna WH3614A Operator's Manual

36" and 48” walk-behind hydro commercial mowers
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Operators manual
968999105 / WH3614A
968999111 / WH3615A
968999106 / WH4817A
MANUAL NO. 539104754 REV. 02 (2/22/01)



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  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna WH3614A

  • Page 1 Models: Operators manual 968999105 / WH3614A 968999111 / WH3615A 968999106 / WH4817A MANUAL NO. 539104754 REV. 02 (2/22/01)
  • Page 2 Thank you for buying an HUSQVARNA! Before operating your new mower, read, understand and follow the important safety instructions and the other instructions contained in this manual. Lawnmowers and all power equipment, can be potentially dangerous if used improperly. SAFETY REQUIRES GOOD JUDGEMENT, CAREFUL USE IN ACCORDANCE WITH INSTRUCTIONS AND COMMON SENSE.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    SAFETY: 1. Training 2. Preparation 3. Operation 4. Transportation 5. Maintenance SETUP AND ADJUSTMENTS: 1. Cutting height 2. Motion control linkage 3. Reverse spring detent 4. Blade belts 5. Engine belt guides 6. Pump belt 7. Safety interlock system OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1.
  • Page 4: Training

    SAFETY TRAINING: 1. Read this manual carefully and question your dealer if something is not clear. 2. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and proper use of the equipment. 3. Never allow children, teenagers, or people unfamiliar with these instructions to use the mower.
  • Page 5: Transportation

    4. To reduce the risk of fire, keep the mower free of grass, leaves and excessive grease or oil. 5. Have your mower inspected and serviced each year by an authorized Husqvarna dealer. 6. Use only authentic Husqvarna replacement parts to insure the safety and quality of your mower is maintained.
  • Page 6 d. Reinstall the bottom two bolts on both sides.(A tapered punch may be needed to help align the holes.) e. Retighten all four bolts both sides and remove jack. 5. Using the chart(on page 7), find the correct number of spacers to be placed under the caster swivel.(see fig.
  • Page 7 CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT CHART USE ONLY 4 BLADE SPACERS MAXIMUM MOTION CONTROL ADJUSTMENT 1. This adjustment must be made with the drive wheels rotating. Raise rear of the unit and block it up so the wheels are free to rotate. CAUTION: Keep hands, feet and clothing away from rotating tires.
  • Page 8: Reverse Spring Detent

    8. Turn the short linkage the proper direction in the swivel, so that when the thumb latch is engaged the wheel doesn’t turn (or it is in neutral). Reinstall the hairpins and repeat on other side. (see fig. 3) 9. After these adjustments have been made it will be necessary to adjust the reverse detent. (See reverse spring detent adjustment) REVERSE SPRING DETENT ADJUSTMENT 1.
  • Page 9: Blade Belts

    BLADE DRIVE BELT ADJUSTMENT 1. Before performing adjustments on blade belt, turn the mower off and disconnect spark plug wire or wires. 2. Remove front deck belt shield. 3. Loosen nut on turnbuckle. 4. Set belt tension when blade engagement lever is in the engaged position. 5.
  • Page 10: Engine Belt Guides

    1. Before performing adjustments on belt guides, turn the mower off and disconnect spark plug wire or wires. 2. Belt guides under the engine should be adjusted as shown in figure 6. 1. Before performing adjustments on pump belt, turn the mower off and disconnect spark plug wire or wires.
  • Page 11 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS CONTROLS: 1. Be thoroughly familiar with all controls their function and how to operate them before operating the mower. 2. Control levers: Located on each side of the handle control direction of movement. The left lever controls the flow of oil from the left hydro pump to the left wheel motor. The right lever controls the flow of oil from the right hydro pump to the right wheel motor.
  • Page 12: Safety Interlock System

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STARTING AND OPERATION: 1. Making sure the blades are disengaged, ground speed lever in neutral, the thumb latches locked, and the fuel valve on. 2. Adjust throttle to choke (if needed) turn key to on position. 3. Pull start the engine. Once the engine is running adjust the throttle. 4.
  • Page 13: Hardware

    Clean around the filter and the drain plug on the bottom side of the tank. Remove the filter and allow any oil to drain from the filter head. Then replace with new filter. Use only Husqvarna p/n 102606, filter which has a bypass valve and the correct micron filter. Remove one of the hydraulic lines from the bottom of the tank and allow the tank to drain, reinstall the hydraulic line.
  • Page 14 CUTTER HOUSING SPINDLE ASSEMBLIES The cutter housing assembly is designed with a slip fit inner race and pulley. The sole purpose of the setscrew in the pulley is to hold the housing assembly together. The setscrew is not meant to secure the pulley. The pulley is secured by pinching the pulley to the inner race of the bearings using the blade bolt and nut.
  • Page 15: Tire Pressure

    PROBLEM Engine won’t start Mower will not move or moves slowly or with difficulty Blades won’t engage Uneven cut Cut is ragged Mower moves when in neutral position Mower pulls left or right When a problem occurs, do not overlook the simple causes. TROUBLE SHOOTING POSSIBLE CAUSES 1.

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