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Use & Care Guide
Model No.
30 Gallon Tall
40 Gallon Tall
Gas Water Heater
For potable water heating only.
Not suitable for space heating.
For use only in mobile homes.
This water heater shall not be installed in
the occupied space of the manufactured
(mobile) home.
INSTALLER: Affix these instructions to or
near the water heater.
OWNER: Retain these instructions for future
FOR YOUR SAFETY: An odorant is added to
the gas used by this water heater.
Si no puede leer o entender el inglés y necesita el manual de
instrucciones en español, puede solicitarlo al 1-800-821-2017. NO
advertencia podría originar lesiones graves o mortales.
P/N 321634-001 (0512)
Sears Brands Management Corporation,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.



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  • Page 1

    Use & Care Guide Model No. 153.336930 30 Gallon Tall 153.336940 40 Gallon Tall LOW LEAD CONTENT Kenmore ® Gas Water Heater For potable water heating only. Not suitable for space heating. For use only in mobile homes. This water heater shall not be installed in the occupied space of the manufactured (mobile) home.

  • Page 2: Safe Installation, Use And Service

    SAFE INSTALLATION, USE AND SERVICE Your safety and the safety of others is extremely important in the installation, use and servicing of this water heater. Many safety-related messages and instructions have been provided in this manual and on your own water heater to warn you and others of a potential injury hazard.

  • Page 3

    Water temperature over 125°F (52°C) can cause servere burns instantly resulting in severe injury or death. Children, elderly, physically or mentally disabled are at highest risk for scald injury. Feel water before bathing showering. Temperature limiting valves available. Read instruction manual for safe temperature setting.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFE INSTALLATION, USE AND SERVICE ....................2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ........................... 2-3 PRODUCT WARRANTY ..........................6 CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES ......................... 7 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ........................8 MATERIALS AND BASIC TOOLS NEEDED ....................9 TYPICAL INSTALLATION ..........................10 IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS WATER HEATER ..............11 Installation Checklist ..............................11 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ......................

  • Page 5

    SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENT ......................28-30 Vent System Inspection ............................28 Burner Inspection ..............................28 Burner Cleaning ..............................28 Housekeeping ................................. 29 Anode Rod Inspection ............................29 Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve Operation ....................... 29 Draining and Flushing ............................. 30 Service ..................................30 MAINTENANCE OF YOUR WATER HEATER ..................

  • Page 6: Product Warranty

    Replacements and/or repairs furnished under this warranty do not carry a new warranty, and are only covered by the unexpired portion of the original warranty. 1 - YEAR EXCLUSIVE KENMORE LABOR WARRANTY For the first year from the date of purchase, Sears will, free of charge, supply and install new water heater parts for defective ones or a new water heater for one that develops a leak.

  • Page 7: Customer Responsibilities

    CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES • Thank You for purchasing a Kenmore water heater. Properly installed Examine the location to ensure the water heater complies with and maintained, it should give you years of trouble free service. If the Installation Instructions section in this manual.

  • Page 8: Product Specifications

    INCHES (mm) (Btu/hr) PER HOUR DIA. INCHES (mm) HEIGHT TO @ 90°F RISE (mm) JACKET TOP Natural 35,500 36.34 153.336930 30 (113) 3 (76) OR 4 (102) 18 (457) 58 (1473) 32,000 32.75 Natural/ 153.336940 40 (151) 35,500 36.34 3 (76) OR 4 (102) 20 (508) 58.25 (1480)

  • Page 9: Materials And Basic Tools Needed

    MATERIALS AND BASIC TOOLS NEEDED MATERIALS NEEDED To simplify the installation, Sears has available the installation parts shown below. You may or may not need all of these materials, depending on your type of installation. METAL DRAIN PANS AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES: EXPANSION TANKS FOR THERMAL EXPANSION...

  • Page 10: Typical Installation

    TYPICAL INSTALLATION GET TO KNOW YOUR WATER HEATER - GAS MODELS A Vent Pipe J Inner Door S Gas Control Valve/Thermostat B Draft Hood K Outer Door T Drain Valve C Anode (Not Shown) L Union U Manifold/Burner Assembly D Hot Water Outlet M Inlet Water Shut-off Valve V Flue E Insulation...

  • Page 11: Important Information About This Water Heater

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS WATER HEATER This gas water heater was manufactured to voluntary safety standards to reduce the likelihood of a flammable vapor ignition incident. The new technology used in meeting these standards makes this product more sensitive to installation errors. Please review the following checklist and make any required installation upgrades or changes.

  • Page 12: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Removing the Old Water Heater Attach a hose to the water heater drain valve and put the other end in a fl oor drain or outdoors. (See Figures 2 and 5.) Open the water heater drain valve. The water passing out of the drain valve may be extremely hot.

  • Page 13: Location Requirements

    Location Requirements the fire department from a neighbor’s home. Do not attempt to clean the spill until all ignition sources have been extinguished. WARNING WARNING Fire or Explosion Hazard Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard • Read instruction manual before installing, using or Do not install this water heater in any occupied space of the servicing water heater.

  • Page 14: Securing Water Heater To Floor And Wall

    Insulation Blankets Insulation blankets available to the general public for external use on gas water heaters are not necessary with Kenmore products. The purpose of an insulation blanket is to reduce the standby heat loss encountered with storage tank heaters. Your...

  • Page 15: Insulation Blankets

    Filling the Water Heater • Do inspect the insulation blanket frequently to make certain it does not sag, thereby obstructing combustion air flow. Never use this water heater unless it is completely full of water. To prevent damage to the tank, the tank must be fi lled with water. Clearances and Accessibility Water must fl...

  • Page 16: Gas Conversion

    GAS CONVERSION Figure 12. If “NAT” faces outward, repeat step 2. WARNING b. NATURAL GAS: If you are converting the unit to use natural gas, verify that “NAT” is marked on the exposed For your safety, the following procedures should be end of the fitting.

  • Page 17: Gas Requirements

    GAS SUPPLY WARNING MANUAL GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE GROUND JOINT UNION CHECK WITH LOCAL UTILITY FOR MINIMUM HEIGHT Explosion Hazard • Use a new CSA approved gas supply line. • Install a shut-off valve. 3” MINIMUM • Do not connect a natural gas water heater to an DRIP LEG L.P.

  • Page 18: Lp Gas Only

    LP Gas Only WARNING Liquefi ed petroleum gas is over 50% heavier than air and in the occurrence of a leak in the system, the gas will settle at fl oor level. Basements, crawl spaces, skirted areas under mobile homes (even when ventilated), closets and areas below ground level will serve as pockets for the accumulation of gas.

  • Page 19: Combustion Air Supply & Ventilation

    COMBUSTION AIR SUPPLY & VENTILATION U.L. recognized fuel gas and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are WARNING recommended in all applications and should be installed using the manufacturer’s instructions and local codes, rules, or regulations. Carbon Monoxide Warning IMPORTANT: The vent system must be installed according to all •...

  • Page 20: Enclosure Installation

    Enclosure Installation Also, if the manufactured home is skirted, an air intake opening with a minimum free area of 32 square inches must be provided Air for combustion and ventilation must not be supplied from in the skirt. Other gas fired appliances in the home may require the occupied spaces of the manufactured (mobile) home.

  • Page 21: Water System Piping

    WATER SYSTEM PIPING Piping Installation MASSACHUSETTS: INSTALL A VACUUM RELIEF IN COLD WATER LINE PER SECTION Piping, fittings, and valves should be installed according to the 19 MGL 142. installation drawing (Figure 17). If the indoor installation area TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE (T&P) is subject to freezing temperatures, the water piping must be RELIEF VALVE (OPTIONAL TOP T&P HOT WATER...

  • Page 22: Water Piping Pressure Test

    Water Piping Pressure Test Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve WARNING Explosion Hazard If the water piping system is to be air pressure tested, the water heater must be disconnected from the water piping system. Failure to disconnect the water heater during air pressure testing of the water piping system could result in DEATH, SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE.

  • Page 23: T&p Relief Valve And Pipe Insulation

    • Must be capable of withstanding 250°F (121°C) without distortion. 6. Spread the slit open and slip the insulation over the cold water (inlet) pipe. Apply gentle pressure along the length of the • Must be installed to allow complete drainage of both the insulation to ensure that it is fully seated around the pipe.

  • Page 24: Operating Your Water Heater

    OPERATING YOUR WATER HEATER Lighting Instructions WARNING Read and understand these directions thoroughly before attempting to light or re-light the pilot. Make sure the view port is Explosion Hazard not missing or damaged. (See Figure 29.) Make sure the tank is completely filled with water before lighting the pilot.

  • Page 25: Lighting Instructions

    FOR YOUR SAFETY READ BEFORE LIGHTING WARNING: If you do not follow these instructions exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or loss of life. FLAMMABLE BEFORE LIGHTING: ENTIRE SYSTEM MUST BE FILLED WITH WATER AND AIR PURGED FROM ALL LINES Use only your hand to push in or turn the gas control This appliance has a pilot which is lit by a piezo- knob.

  • Page 26: Checking The Draft

    Checking the Draft Emergency Shut Down IMPORTANT: Should overheating occur or the gas supply fails WARNING to shut off, turn off the water heater’s manual gas control valve and call a qualified technician. Burn Hazard Water Temperature Regulation Do not touch vent. Water temperature over 125°F (52°C) can cause servere burns instantly Doing so can result in burns.

  • Page 27: Operating The Temperature Control System

    Operating the Temperature Control System IMPORTANT: Adjusting the thermostat past the 120°F mark on the temperature dial will increase the risk of scald injury. Hot water can produce first degree burns within: Time for Time for 1st Water Permanent Burns Degree Burn Temperature °F 2nd &...

  • Page 28: Service And Adjustment

    SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENT Vent System Inspection pilot, follow the instructions in “Maintenance of Your Water Heater.” You should check for sooting. Soot is not normal and will impair proper combustion. Soot build-up indicates a problem that requires correction before further use. Turn “OFF” gas to water heater and leave off until repairs are made, because failure to correct the cause of the sooting can result in a fi...

  • Page 29: Housekeeping

    Housekeeping The anode rod should be inspected after a maximum of three years and annually thereafter until the condition of the anode rod dictates its replacement. NOTE: Artificially softened water Vacuum around base of water heater for dust, dirt, and lint on requires the anode rod to be inspected annually.

  • Page 30: Draining And Flushing

    If after manually operating the valve, it fails to completely reset Turn off the gas to the water heater at the manual gas shut- and continues to release water, immediately turn off the gas off valve. supply and drain the water heater (see Draining and Flushing). Open a nearby hot water faucet until the water is no longer Once the water heater is completely drained, replace the hot.

  • Page 31: Maintenance Of Your Water Heater

    MAINTENANCE OF YOUR WATER HEATER Replacement Parts GAS CONTROL VALVE/THERMOSTAT THERMOPILE AND SWITCH WIRE CONNECTIONS GAS CONTROL/ IMPORTANT: The following maintenance procedures are for the TEMPERATURE KNOB FVIR System components and should be performed by a qualified PIEZO IGNITER BUTTON technician.

  • Page 32: External Inspection & Cleaning Of The Base-ring Filter


  • Page 33: Cleaning The Combustion Chamber And Flame-arrestor

    Cleaning the Combustion Chamber and tube engages the slot of the bracket inside the combustion chamber (Figure 35). Flame-arrestor Inspect the door gasket and make sure there is no fiberglass insulation between the gasket and the Follow procedure outlined in “Removing the Manifold/ combustion chamber (Figure 34).

  • Page 34: Piezoelectric Igniter System

    Piezoelectric Igniter System To remove the gas control valve/thermostat, thread a 4” section of gas pipe into the inlet and use it to turn the gas control valve/thermostat (counterclockwise.) Do not The piezoelectric igniter system consists of the igniter use a pipe wrench or equivalent to grip body. Damage may button, electrode, and wire.

  • Page 35: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Start Up Conditions NOTE: Expansion tanks are pre-charged with a 40 psi air charge. If the inlet water pressure is higher than 40 psi, the expansion tank’s air pressure must be adjusted to match Thermal Expansion that pressure, but must not be higher than 80 psi. MASSACHUSETTS: INSTALL A VACUUM RELIEF IN COLD WATER LINE PER SECTION...

  • Page 36: Operational Conditions

    Moisture from the products of combustion condense on the Do not remove the anode, leaving the tank unprotected. By cooler tank surfaces and form drops of water which may fall doing so, all warranty on the water heater tank is voided. onto the burner or other hot surfaces to produce a “sizzling”...

  • Page 37

    status light will flash a code (4 flashes), indicating an over- temperature condition and the main burner will be shut off. If a high temperature condition occurs, turn the main gas supply OFF and have the water heater repaired by a qualified service technician.

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting Checklist

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHECKLIST PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE(S) CORRECTIVE ACTION BURNER WILL NOT IGNITE Pilot not lit Light pilot Thermostat set too low Turn temp. dial to desired temperature Main burner line clogged Clean, locate source and correct Non-functioning thermostat Test Gas Control Valve/Thermostat Base-Ring Filter blocked with lint/dust Clean filter, See “External Inspection &...

  • Page 39

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHECKLIST (CONTINUED) PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE(S) CORRECTIVE ACTION SLOW HOT WATER Insufficient combustion air Provide ventilation to water heater. Check flue RECOVERY way, flue baffle, and burner Water heater flue or vent system Clean flue, locate source and correct blocked Low gas pressure Check with gas utility company Improper calibration...

  • Page 40: Pilot Light Troubleshooting Flowchart

    PILOT LIGHT TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHART Section A: Pilot light will not light (new installation). Section C: Pilot light will not remain lit. Complete this section after completing Section B. Is the manual gas shut-off valve, Turn the manual gas shut-off valve to Check for insufficient combustion air.

  • Page 41: Status Light And Diagnostic Code Troubleshooting Chart

    STATUS LIGHT AND DIAGNOSTIC CODE TROUBLESHOOTING CHART LED STATUS PROBLEM CORRECTIVE ACTION 0 FLASHES (LED NOT LIT) Pilot light is not lit or Thermopile Turn Gas Control Valve/Thermostat knob to OFF. has not yet reached normal Wait 10 minutes, then attempt to relight Pilot by operating temperature.

  • Page 42

    STATUS LIGHT AND DIAGNOSTIC CODE TROUBLESHOOTING CHART (Continued) LED STATUS PROBLEM CORRECTIVE ACTION 4 FLASHES Control Valve’s Relight pilot and verify 4 flashes. If 4 flashes are temperature sensor has detected observed, turn Gas Control Valve/Thermostat knob that the water temperature was too to OFF.

  • Page 43: Parts Order List

    PARTS ORDER LIST KENMORE MOBILE HOME GAS WATER HEATER MODEL NUMBERS 153.336930 30 Gallon Tall 153.336940 40 Gallon Tall Key No. Part Description 153.336930 153.336940 Anode Rod 9003944 9003944 Base-Ring Filter 9006616 9006616 Burner Head - Natural Gas 9006136 9006136...

  • Page 44

    Get it fixed, at your home or ours! Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: For repair – in your home – of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner’s manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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