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Kenmore 790. 7231 Series Use & Care Manual

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Use & Care Guide
Guía de uso y cuidada
English / Español
790. 7231*, 7233*
Gas Range
Estufa de gas
* = color number, código de color
P/N 316901016 Rev B
Sears Brands Management Corporation
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.



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  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide Guía de uso y cuidada English / Español Model/Modelos: 790. 7231*, 7233* Kenmore ® Gas Range Estufa de gas * = color number, código de color P/N 316901016 Rev B Sears Brands Management Corporation Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Master Protection Agreement ..........35 Sears Service ............back cover Kenmore Limited Warranty When installed, operated and maintained according to all instructions supplied with the product, if this appliance fails due to a defect in material and workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-800-4-MY-HOME® to arrange for free repair.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Read all instructions before using this appliance. This manual contains important safety symbols and If the information in this manual is not instructions. Please pay attention to these symbols and followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result follow all instructions given.
  • Page 4 Important Safety Instructions Air curtain or other overhead range hoods, which Do not use water or flour on grease fires operate by blowing a downward air flow on to a range, — smother the fire with a pan lid, or use baking soda, a shall not be used in conjunction with gas ranges other than dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher.
  • Page 5 Important Safety Instructions Important safety notice IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELF- The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic CLEANING OVENS Enforcement Act requires the Governor of California to publish a list of substances known to the state to cause • Clean in the self-cleaning cycle only the parts listed in cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and this Use &...
  • Page 6: Product Record/Serial Plate Location

    Important Safety Instructions Grounding Instructions Avoid fire hazard or electrical shock. DO See the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS packaged with NOT use an adapter plug, an extension cord, or remove this range for complete installation and grounding grounding prong from electrical power cord. Failure to instructions.
  • Page 7: Before Setting Oven Controls

    Before Setting Oven Controls Oven vent location Types of oven racks flat handle The oven vent is located below the control panel (Fig. 1). oven rack When the oven is on, warm air passes through this vent. This venting is necessary for proper air circulation in the oven and good baking results.
  • Page 8: Before Setting Surface Controls

    Before Setting Surface Controls Using proper cookware Setting proper burner flame size DO NOT place flammable items such as Never extend the flame beyond the outer plastic salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic edge of the cooking utensil. A higher flame wastes energy, wrappings on the cooktop when it is in use.
  • Page 9: Setting Surface Controls

    Setting Surface Controls Setting surface burners Your gas appliance may be equipped with different sized surface burners. The ability to heat food quicker and in larger volumes increases as the burner size increases. It is important to select cookware that is suitable for the amount and type of food being prepared.
  • Page 10: Oven Control Functions

    Oven Control Functions For satisfactory use of your oven, become familiar with the various key pad functions and features of the oven. Oven control keypads 12. Delay Start - Use with Bake, Conv Bake , Conv Roast, 1. Conv Bake or Convection Bake - Use to select Conv Conv Convert and Flex Clean functions to program a Bake (some models) or Convection Bake (some models).
  • Page 11: Setting Oven Controls

    Setting Oven Controls Setting Clock Add 1 Minute When the appliance is first powered up, 12:00 will flash in Use the Add 1 Minute to set additional minutes to the timer. the display (See Fig. 1). The time of day must first be set Each press of the key pad will add 1 additional minute.
  • Page 12: Setting Silent Or Audible Control Mode

    Setting Oven Controls Changing oven temperature display Setting Oven Lockout The oven control is preset to display °F (Fahrenheit) when The control may be programmed to lock the shipped from the factory. The control can be changed to oven door and lock the oven control key pads. display either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Page 13: Setting Bake

    Setting Oven Controls Setting Preheat Setting Bake For best baking performance use the Preheat feature. The Use the bake feature whenever the recipe calls for baking Preheat feature will bring the oven up to the set cooking using normal temperatures. A reminder tone will sound temperature.
  • Page 14: Setting Cook Time

    Setting Oven Controls Setting Cook Time Setting Delay Start Use Cook Time to program the oven control to Delay Start sets a delayed starting time to oven cooking or automatically turn the oven function off after a desired cleaning functions. Prior to setting a delay start, be sure length of time.
  • Page 15: Convection

    Setting Oven Controls Conv Bake Benefits of the convection bake feature — Foods may cook up to 25 to 30% faster, saving time and energy. — Multiple rack baking. — No special pans or bakeware needed. Convection functions use a fan to circulate the oven's heat uniformly and continuously around the oven (See Fig.
  • Page 16: Convection

    Setting Oven Controls Conv Roast Conv Convert The Conv Convert function allows you to convert any The Conv Roast function combines a cook cycle with the baking recipe using the convection feature. The control convection fan to roast meats and poultry. Meats cooked uses the normal recipe settings and adjusts to a lower with Conv Roast function will be juicer and poultry will be temperature for convection baking.
  • Page 17: Broil

    Setting Oven Controls Broil Use the broil function to cook meats that require direct exposure to radiant heat for optimum browning results. The Broil feature is factory preset to broil at 550°F. The Broil function temperature may be set at any temperature between 400°F (205°C) and 550°F (288°C).
  • Page 18: Slow Cook

    Setting Oven Controls Slow Cook The Slow Cook feature may be used to cook foods more FOOD POISONING HAZARD. Do not let slowly and at lower oven temperatures. Slow Cook food sit for more than one hour before or after cooking. provides cooking results much the same way as a Slow Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness.
  • Page 19: Warm & Hold

    Setting Oven Controls Warm & Hold™ Recipe Recall Warm & Hold will keep cooked foods warm for serving Use the Recipe Recall feature to record and recall your up to 3 hours after cooking has finished. After 3 hours the favorite baking recipe settings.
  • Page 20: Recipe Recall

    Setting Oven Controls Recipe Recall (cont’d) Important notes: To quickly erase all stored recipes: • Oven temperature adjustments made will not change 1. Press and hold the 7 key pad until the first single tone the Broil or Flex Clean function temperatures. sounds (6 seconds).
  • Page 21: Sabbath Oven Controls

    Setting Oven Controls Sabbath Feature (for use on the Jewish Sabbath & Holidays) Important notes: • It is not advised to attempt to activate any other oven For further assistance, guidelines for proper function except Bake while the Sabbath feature is usage and a complete list of models with the active.
  • Page 22 Setting Oven Controls Sabbath Feature (for use on the Jewish Sabbath & Holidays) Example - To turn the oven off and keep the Sabbath feature active: Press Example - To turn off the Sabbath feature: Press and hold both Cook Time and Delay Start key pads simultaneously for at least 3 seconds to turn the Sabbath feature off.
  • Page 23: Warmer Drawer

    Setting Warmer Drawer Control Warm & Ready™ drawer Storage in or on appliance—flammable materials should not be stored in an oven, warmer The purpose of the warmer drawer is to keep hot cooked drawer, near surface units. This includes paper, plastic foods at serving temperatures.
  • Page 24: Setting Warmer Drawer

    Setting Warmer Drawer Control Warmer drawer indicator light The indicator light is located above the Warmer Drawer thermostat control knob. It turns on when the control is set, and stays on until the control is turned OFF. Setting warmer drawer The thermostat control knob is used to select the temperature for the warmer drawer.
  • Page 25: Removing And Replacing The Warmer Drawer

    Warmer Drawer Removing and replacing the warmer drawer Left-hand rail and release Electrical shock hazard can occur and result in serious injury or death. Disconnect appliance from electric power before cleaning and servicing the warmer drawer. To remove the warmer drawer: Warmer 1.
  • Page 26: Flex Clean

    Flex Clean A self-cleaning oven cleans itself with high temperatures • Remove any excessive spillovers. Any spills on the oven (well above normal cooking temperatures) which eliminate bottom should be wiped-up and removed before soils completely or reduces them to a fine powdered ash starting a self-clean cycle.
  • Page 27 Flex Clean Delayed Start Flex Clean As soon as Flex Clean becomes active, a motor driven lock mechanism will begin locking the oven door Example - To start a delay Flex Clean with default clean automatically. DOOR LOCKED will appear in the time of 3 hours and a start time of 9:00 o’clock: display (See Fig.
  • Page 28: Care & Cleaning

    Care & Cleaning Cleaning recommendation table Surface type Recommendation Control knobs For general cleaning, use hot, soapy water and a cloth. For more difficult soils and Painted body parts built-up grease, apply a liquid detergent directly onto the soil. Leave on soil for 30- Painted decorative trim 60 minutes.
  • Page 29: Cleaning The Cooktop And Surface Burners

    Care & Cleaning Cleaning the cooktop and surface burners ignition port slots To avoid possible burns DO NOT attempt any of the cooktop cleaning instructions provided before turning OFF all of the surface burners and allow them to completely cool. orifice port Any additions, changes or conversions required in order for this appliance to satisfactorily meet...
  • Page 30: Caution For Aluminum Use

    Care & Cleaning General cleaning Replacing oven light (some models) Refer to the Cleaning recommendation table in the Care Be sure the range is unplugged and all & Cleaning section for more detailed information about parts are COOL before replacing oven light. Wear a cleaning specific parts of the range.
  • Page 31: Removing And Replacing The Lift-Off Oven Door

    Care & Cleaning Removing and replacing the lift-off oven door To avoid possible injury when removing or replacing the oven door, follow the instructions below carefully and always hold the oven door with both hands positioned Oven door away from the door hinge area. hinge locations The door is heavy.
  • Page 32: Before You Call - Solutions To Common Problems

    Before You Call Solutions to common problems • Before you call for service, review the following list. It may save you time & expense. Possible solutions to these problems are provided with the problem listed: Problem Solution Poor baking results. •...
  • Page 33 Before You Call Solutions to common problems • Problem Solution Oven smokes excessively when • Incorrect setting. Follow broiling instructions in Setting Oven Controls broiling. section. • Be sure oven door is closed when broiling. • Meat too close to upper burner. Reposition the oven rack to provide proper clearance between the meat &...
  • Page 34 Before You Call Solutions to common problems • Problem Solution • Surface control knob was not completely turned to LITE. Push in & turn the Surface burners do not ignite. surface control knob to LITE until burner ignites and then turn control knob to desired flame size.
  • Page 35: Master Protection Agreement

    Protection Agreements Acuerodes de protección...

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