Hunter 44110 Owner's Manual

Hunter model 44110 programmable thermostat owners manual.
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Owners Manual
Model 44110

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  • Page 1: Programmable Thermostat

    ® Programmable Thermostat Owners Manual Model 44110...

  • Page 2: Important Information, Installation, Features

    Congratulations! Your new Hunter thermostat will provide years of reliable service. By saving energy, your thermostat will pay for itself during its first season of use. Thank you for buying a Hunter product! Please read this manual for complete instructions on installing and operating your thermostat. If you require further assistance, call Hunter Technical Support at 1-888-830-1326 from 8am to 5pm Central Time.

  • Page 3: Mount Wallplate And Thermostat

    If hole in wall is larger than necessary for wires, seal this hole with insulating material so that no hot or cold air can enter the back of the thermostat from the wall. This air could cause a false thermostat reading.

  • Page 4: Wiring Diagrams

    Fan come on as expected after installation. If the Fan operation is normal, leave it in the “HG” position. If the Fan does not come on within a minute of the thermostat calling for heat, change the switch position to “HE”. The system selector has no effect in the cooling mode.

  • Page 5: Programming

    12 Hr. / 24 Hr. Time Format Your thermostat is set from the factory in normal 12 (AM / PM) time format. To change to 24 hour (military) time, press program at any time while the Hour, Minute, or Day is flashing to toggle between the 12 hour and 24 hour formats.

  • Page 6: Temporary Manual Override, Permanent Override

    3 seconds. SPAN Setting Mode Your thermostat is set at the factory to cycle at 1˚F (0.5˚C) above and below the set tempera- ture. (Span = 2) This setting has been designed to provide a comfortable room temperature under most all conditions.

  • Page 7: Troubleshooting, Auto Recovery/cut Off

    Auto Cut Off Your thermostat will automatically cut-off in Heat mode if the room temperature rises above 95˚F (35˚C). It will cut-off in Cool mode if the room temperature drops below 40˚F (4˚C). Note that if your system has malfunctioned and no longer responds to thermostat controls, the Auto Cut-Off will have no effect.

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