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Lenovo px2-300d User Manual

Milestone arcus user guide
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Lenovo EMC px2-300d & px4-300d NVR
Milestone Arcus User Guide
August 6, 2013
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  • Page 1 Lenovo EMC px2-300d & px4-300d NVR Milestone Arcus User Guide August 6, 2013 Page   |   1    ...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Getting Started Log In Enabling Security Enabling Email Notifications 6-7 Discover Cameras Camera License Activation 9 Configure Cameras 10-12 General Video Recording Motion Detection Live View 16-17 Pan, Tilt, Zoom Controls Search and Playback 19-20 Export Video 21-22 Update Software 23-25 Technical Support Information 25 Click here...
  • Page 3: Getting Started

    Getting Started Before using the Arcus software, make sure that the Lenovo EMC NVR is properly connected to the network. For more details about setting up and connecting the appliance, please see the Lenovo EMC NVR Quick Start Guide. To begin using Arcus, open a web browser. In the URL box, type in the IP address shown in the LCD window of the LenovoEMC NVR unit and hit enter.
  • Page 4: Enabling Security

    Enabling Security To enable security go to the screen above and click on the Manage button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, see the red arrow. Page   |   4    ...
  • Page 5 On the left-hand side menu go to the System Icon and click on it, Look for the Security Icon with a Key on a shield and click on it. After clicking on the Security Icon the screen below will appear, minimally all you need to do is create a user name and password and click the Apply button at the bottom of the section.
  • Page 6: Enabling Email Notifications

    Please read the next Warning window and make sure your OK or make the appropriate changes! Enabling Email Notifications On the left-hand side menu go to the System Icon and click on it, Look for the Email Notification and click on it. Page  ...
  • Page 7: Discover Cameras

    If the LenovoEMC Network Video Recorder detects a problem, an email message will be sent to the addresses supplied here. If multiple email addresses are listed they will all receive notification messages, Check Send a test email message to validate the email notification. A test message will be sent to all the listed email addresses when you click Apply.
  • Page 8 Once you arrive at the settings screen you will see a magnifying glass icon that says “Is your camera not listed?” (Note the Red Arrow) When you click on this link, a box will appear (see the image below) asking you to type in the IP address of the camera, as well as the camera username and password.
  • Page 9: Camera License Activation

    Camera License Activation Camera licenses are automatically applied to cameras and activated by the LenovoEMC NRV device. If your NVR device is not on a network with internet access, the licenses will need to be manually activated. From the settings tab click on “manual activation” on the lower right side.(see the red error) This will walk you through the 3 steps to manually activate your camera licenses.
  • Page 10: Configure Cameras

    Configure Cameras You can find the configuration options for your cameras by clicking on the Settings tab in the upper right corner of the Home page. The number on the Settings tab indicates the number of cameras newly connected to the LenovoEMC NVR device that have yet to be configured. It could also indicate a notification of something that has changed or needs attention.
  • Page 11 Once all cameras are properly connected, you can begin the configuration process. Next to each camera there is a button that reads Configure. (See image below) When you click on this button you will be lead to a screen that contains four areas of camera configuration settings: General, Video, Recording, and Motion Detection.
  • Page 12: General

    General Under the General settings tab you will find options to: Enable or disable the camera • See the IP address of the camera • Change the name of the camera • Delete the camera • Page   |   1 2    ...
  • Page 13: Video

    Video Under the Video settings tab you will find options to: Choose your encoding settings • Edit the frames per second • Change the resolution of the recorded video • Choose the video rotation • Your codec options are MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H264 Main Profile. (Your options may vary depending on the camera type) JPEG encoding is optimal for obtaining best video quality, however it uses more disk space than H264.
  • Page 14: Recording

    Recording Under the Recording settings tab you will find options to: Select when the camera records. (always or motion detection) • Choose how long the recordings are retained • Check the disk usage • Delete the current recordings • Details about motion detection configuration are found in the following section. Page  ...
  • Page 15: Motion Detection

    Motion Detection Under the Motion Detection settings tab you will see the live feed from the camera divided by a grid. The motion occurring in the live feed will be highlighted in green. Using the grid overlaying the feed you can designate areas of the grid to exclude from motion detection simply by clicking on the square you would like to exclude.
  • Page 16: Live View

    Live View It is possible to see the live feed from a camera in two different areas. The home page of the Arcus software shows the feed from all cameras, however the feeds are smaller and do not have controls. To see a more detailed live view, click directly on the feed of the camera you would like to observe.
  • Page 17 Page   |   1 7    ...
  • Page 18: Pan, Tilt, Zoom Controls

    Pan, Tilt, Zoom Controls If the camera you are using is equipped with PTZ capabilities, it is possible to control and move the camera using the Arcus software. To control the camera, you must be in Live View mode, viewing the enlarged live feed of the desired camera.
  • Page 19: Search And Playback

    Search and Playback Search and playback can be found from Live View mode. You can find the live view screen from the home screen by clicking on the feed of the camera you want to view. From the live view, click on the small circle with an arrow in it, in the lower left corner of the camera feed.
  • Page 20 bottom. To use the calendar, click and drag the day, hour, or minute bar until you arrive at the desired time. To make that time active in the large view, click the Go To button. To return to live view, either click on the Live View button in the pop-up calendar or click on the small circle again to collapse the toolbar and return to the live feed Page  ...
  • Page 21: Export Video

    Export Video To export video you must be in Playback mode. To learn how to access Playback mode, see the Search and Playback section of this guide. Once you are in Playback mode you will see the Export icon in the bottom right corner of the feed. When you click on the export button a screen will pop up with two side-by-side calendars.
  • Page 22 To download the video to your own PC, go to the Home page and click on the tab labeled Exports in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you will find all of your exported video files and you have the option to download the files to your own computer or storage device.
  • Page 23: Update Software

    The Arcus software will not automatically update, but the option to update the software becomes automatically available when a new version of software is released by Lenovo EMC and Milestone. Arcus software updates can be found by going to the manage icon found in the upper right corner of the main screen, after clicking on the manage button you will be redirected to the Login page of the LenovoEMC PX NVR if you’ve enabled security, Login, if you haven’t enabled security you’ll be...
  • Page 24 When you arrive at the system tab page you will see a icon labeled Software Updates, click on the software Updates icon. In the section titled Status you see if your software is Up to date or if there is an update to download and apply.
  • Page 25: Technical Support Information

    Do not shut down the LenovoEMC NVR during the update process as this can damage the LenovoEMC NVR. The Lenovo EMC NVR will be temporarily inaccessible during the software update. Be sure no critical files are being accessed. Tip: In order for software updates to automatically appear, the LenovoEMC NVR unit must have Internet access.

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