Teac CR-H250 Owner's Manual

Teac CR-H250 Owner's Manual

Cd/receiver micro-system
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CD/Receiver Micro-System


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  • Page 1 9A10001300 CR-H250 CD/Receiver Micro-System OWNER’S MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before Use Thanks you for choosing TEAC. Read this manual Read this before operation carefully to get the best performance from this < As the unit may become warm during operation, unit. always leave sufficient space around the unit for ventilation.
  • Page 3: Compact Disc

    If you use such discs in this radiators or heat-generating electrical devices. unit, TEAC Corporation and its subsidiaries cannot be responsible for any consequences or guarantee < Printable CD-R and CD-RW discs aren’t the quality of reproduction.
  • Page 4: Connections

    Connections Speaker Connections Caution: < To avoid damaging the speakers by inputting a sudden high-level signal, be sure to switch the power off before connecting the speakers. < Check the impedance of your speakers. Connect speaker with an impedance of 6 ohms or more. <...
  • Page 5 < Be sure to insert each plug securely. To prevent < You can use the system remote control unit RC- hum and noise, do not bundle the connection 956 (provided with this unit) to operate TEAC R- cords with the power cord or speaker cord. H300mk...
  • Page 6: Connecting Antennas (Am/Fm)

    Connecting Antennas (AM/FM) AM Indoor Loop Antenna FM Indoor Antenna The high-performance AM loop antenna provided Connect the lead-type FM antenna to the FM 75Ω with this unit is sufficient for good reception in socket, extend the lead and tune the tuner to your most areas.
  • Page 7: Connecting Antennas (Dab)

    Connecting Antennas (DAB) DAB Indoor Antenna DAB Outdoor Antenna Connect the T-type DAB antenna to the DAB In an area where DAB signals are weak, it will be socket, extend the lead vertically and attach it to a necessary to use an outdoor DAB antenna. There window frame or wall with thumbtacks, or the like, are two main types available.
  • Page 8: Name Of Each Control

    Names of Each Control 1 Remote Sensor SKIP ( . m / , / ), TUNING, PRESET, TIME When operating the remote control unit, point it In CD mode, use these buttons to skip tracks. towards the remote sensor. In TUNER mode, use these buttons to tune in stations or select the preset stations.
  • Page 9 In CD mode, use this button to start playback. ON/standby both the CR-H250 and the R-H300mk In TUNER mode, use this button to select FM, AM by pressing the POWER button of the CR-H250. or DAB. TUNING MODE, ENTER/SET In FM or AM mode, use this button to select the tuning mode.
  • Page 10: Names Of Each Control

    Press this button to turn the unit to stanby mode. In DAB mode, press this button to activate auto location of all available DAB services. Press once for Buttons for the operation of TEAC R-H300mk UK services or, hold for longer than 2 seconds to (TAPE).
  • Page 11: Remote Control Unit

    Remote Control Unit The provided Remote Control Unit allows the unit BAND to be operated from a distance. In TUNER mode, use this button to select FM, AM When operating the remote control unit, point it or DAB. towards the REMOTE SENSOR on the front panel of the unit.
  • Page 12: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Muting To cut the sound temporarily, press the MUTING button. Press any button to restore the sound. How to select CD/TAPE Every time the CD/TAPE button is pressed, the mode is changed as follows: Dimmer (remote control) Press the DIMMER button to dim the display. Press the button again to cancel the dimmer function.
  • Page 13 How to adjust TONE/BALANCE/DIMMER Bass control This control is used for adjusting the level of the low frequency sound range. Press the TONE/BAL button. Each time the TONE/BAL button is pressed, the mode is changed as follows: Treble control This control is used for adjusting the level of the high frequency sound range.
  • Page 14: Listening To Cds

    Listening to CDs Press the CD/TAPE button to select ‘CD’. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button (L) to close the tray. ‘No Disc’ will be displayed if no disc is set. The total number of the tracks and total play time of the disc is displayed. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button (L).
  • Page 15 To stop playback Search for a part of a track Press the H (STOP) button to stop playback. During playback, hold down the . m or ,/ button and release it when the part you want to listen to is found. On the remote control use them or , button.
  • Page 16: Programmed Playback

    Programmed Playback .m/,/ PROGRAM/ CLEAR MEMORY < This function allows you to program up to 32 tracks Press the y (PLAY) button to start for playback in any desired order. programmed playback. Press the PROGRAM/MEMORY button in the stop mode. <...
  • Page 17: Shuffle Playback

    Shuffle Playback To delete a track from the program In the stop mode, press the PROGRAM button repeatedly until the program number to be deleted appears on the display, then press the CLEAR button. The selected track is deleted from the program.
  • Page 18: Repeat Playback

    Repeat Playback Every time the REPEAT 1/ALL button is pressed, Repeat A-B the mode is changed as follows: This function allows repeat playback of any desired portion of the disc. Repeat one track 1. Designate the point at which repeat playback should start by pressing the A-B button.
  • Page 19: Time Display

    Time Display Listening to the External Sources Each time the TIME button is pressed during playback,the display changes as follows:. You can connect external sources such as VCR deck or elapsed time of the current track TV to the AUX input jacks. Press the TUNER/AUX 1/2 button to select ‘AUX 1’...
  • Page 20: Setting Up Your Dab Tuner

    Setting up your DAB Tuner Auto Tuning The first time you listen to the DAB radio, it will scan If you move the unit to a new area or you want to for DAB channels and build a channel list. check to see if there are new channels available in your area, you can scan to find new channels To enter the DAB mode, turn the unit on, and...
  • Page 21: Using The Channel List

    Using the Channel List Follow the steps below to tune in and listen to the channels found by the unit. Select DAB by pressing the BAND button. < To display the signal strength of a channel, press Press the TUNING/PRESET/TIME button to find the ENTER button again.
  • Page 22: Using Function Control 1

    Using Function Control 1 VOLUME/SELECT Station order Use station order to set the order in which stations are listed. There are four orders: Favourite, Alphanumeric, Active and Tidy. While listening to a DAB broadcast press the FUNCTION/FM MODE button. ENTER FUNCTION/ FM MODE In DAB mode, use Function Control to set system options.
  • Page 23: Sig Error Rate

    Sig error rate (Signal error rate) Press the ENTER button. This option shows the digital bit error rate (0-99) of the currently tuned channel. This is for information only and no adjustment is available. The lower the figure the better the quality of the received broadcast. While listening to a DAB broadcast press the FUNCTION/FM MODE button.
  • Page 24: Preset Tune

    Using Function Control 2 Preset tune Press the ENTER button to select the preset station. Use this option to select the DAB preset station. While listening to a DAB broadcast press the FUNCTION/FM MODE button. Press the TUNING/PRESET/TIME button until ‘Preset tune’...
  • Page 25: Drc Value

    DRC value Press the TUNING/PRESET/TIME button until the desired level of DRC is displayed in the This option sets the Dynamic Range Control (DRC) second line of the display. value to be applied to received broadcasts. DRC is used to reduce the range between high and low volumes of audio and is sometimes applied at the broadcast source.
  • Page 26: Manual Tune

    Using Function Control 3 Manual tune Press the ENTER button when the channel you wish to tune in is displayed in the second line This option allows you to manually tune in a channel of the display. and view a continuously updated display of the strength of the signal.
  • Page 27: Changing Display Settings

    Changing Display Settings You can choose the type of information displayed in Multiplex name the second line of the display while listening to a DAB This displays the name of the Mulitplex that is channel. broadcasting the programme. Each time the INFO/RDS MODE button is pressed, the information is displayed as follows.
  • Page 28: Listening To Fm/Am

    Listening to FM/AM Selecting stations which cannot be tuned automatically (Manual tune) Select ‘Manual tune’ in step Repeatedly press the TUNING/PRESET/TIME button until the station you want to listen to is found. Or hold down the TUNING/PRESET/TIME button until the station you want to listen to is found and release the button.
  • Page 29: Preset Tuning 1

    Preset Tuning 1 You can also use the numeric buttons of the TUNING/PRESET/TIME remote control unit. MEMORY BAND For instance, to select preset number 25, first press You can store up to 30 FM, 30 AM and 10 DAB the TUNER button, and then press ‘2’ and ‘5’. stations.
  • Page 30 Preset Tuning 2 How to select DAB preset stations < Preset channels can also be selected by the PRESET CALL buttons or the numeric buttons of the remote See ‘Preset tune’ of page 24. control unit. < When using the remote control unit, you can skip step How to select FM/AM preset stations Select AM or FM by pressing the BAND button.
  • Page 31: Rds

    The Radio Data System(RDS) is a broadcasting service RDS RADIO TEXT which allows stations to send additional information When you select RDS RADIO TEXT, ‘RDS RADIO along with the regular radio programme signal. TEXT’ will blink for about 3 seconds and then the news of stations composed of up to 64 symbols RDS works on the FM waveband in Europe only.
  • Page 32: Pty Search

    PTY Search You can search for stations by programme type. Press the TUNING/PRESET/TIME button. Select FM by pressing the BAND button. Search starts. < When the programme that you have selected is Press the INFO/RDS MODEbutton for more found, searching stops and the programme type than 3 second.
  • Page 33: About Dab

    About DAB NEWS : brief announcements, events, public With this unit you can receive and listen to Digital opinion, reports, actual situations. Audio Broadcast (DAB) programmes. DAB uses digital, AFFAIRS : a kind of suggestion including practical not analogue signals, resulting in near CD-quality announcements other than...
  • Page 34: Setting The Clock

    Setting the Clock TUNING/PRESET/TIME ENTER/SET TIME MODE Press the TIME MODE button. Press the ENTER/SET button. Every time the TIME MODE button is pressed, the The ‘minute’ value blinks. mode is changed as follows. Current time On time Press the TUNING/PRESET/TIME buttons to set Off time the current minute.
  • Page 35: Setting The Timer

    Setting the Timer Repeat step to set the Off time. TUNING/PRESET/TIME ‘Source select’ appears on the display. Press the TUNING/PRESET/TIME buttons to select the source, and press the ENTER/SET button. ENTER/SET TIME MODE < Adjust the clock before setting the timer. <...
  • Page 36: Sleep Timer

    How to Reset the Settings Sleep Timer to the Factory Defaults If the power supply is interrupted for 14 days or longer, all the settings kept in memory (such as preset stations and timer settings) will be erased. It will take more than 3 days after plugging the power cord into the outlet to charge enough electricity for the memory backup function.
  • Page 37: Specifications

    Specifications AMPLIFIER Section GENERAL Output Power ..25 W/ch (6 ohms, 0.5 %,1 kHz) Power Requirements ..230 V AC, 50 Hz Input Sensitivity ... . . 300 mV/47k ohms Power Consumption .
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting In case of trouble with the unit, please take the time to look through this chart and see if you can solve the problem yourself before you call your dealer or TEAC service center. Amplifier DAB tuner No power No sound.
  • Page 39: Beware Of Condensation

    CD Player Maintenance Cannot play. If the surface of the unit gets dirty, wipe with a soft e Load a disc with label side up. cloth or use diluted neutral cleaning liquid. Be sure to e If the disc is dirty, clean the surface of the disc. remove any fluid completely.
  • Page 40 TEAC ITALIANA S.p.A. Via C. Cantù 11, 20092 Cinisello Balsamo, Milano, Italy Phone: 02-66010500 TEAC AUSTRALIA PTY., LTD. 280 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Phone: (03) 9672-2400 A.B.N. 80 005 408 462 This appliance has a serial number located on the rear panel. Please record the model number and serial number and retain them for your records.

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