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Reset Function; Taking Care Of Your Monitor - Walgreens BA-716W Owner's Manual

Automatic inflate blood pressure monitor
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Recalling Stored Measurements
Follow steps 1-3 once again to review measurements in
another zone.

Reset Function

Your Walgreens monitor will not lose the data stored in the
memory even when you change the batteries. To erase all of the
data in memory zone, refer to the instructions below.
Note: Single measurements cannot be erased.
Warning: Resetting the memory will permanently erase all of the
stored data in the memory zone that you select.
(Down) to choose a zone: 1 or 2.
Press the (M) MEMORY button. (Fig. 3)
Press the MODE and
(Up) button at the same time to clear
all of the stored data. (Fig. 4)

Taking Care of Your Monitor

It's important to treat your monitor with care. Here are some
basic tips:
Keep the monitor out of direct sunlight, high humidity and
extreme temperature changes.
Try not to drop it on the floor.
Do not take the monitor or the cuff apart. None of the
monitor's parts are fixable at home. If your monitor needs
repair, see details in the warranty section of this manual.
Keep the monitor free of dust and other materials. Avoid
getting any part of the monitor or cuff extremely wet. If
the monitor needs cleaning it's best to wipe it with a cloth
slightly dampened with water. We recommend that you
clean your monitor about once a month.
Do not harshly fold or bend the cuff as
this may damage it on the inside.
Do not inflate the monitor's cuff if it is not wrapped
around your arm.
Always remove the cuff tube from the monitor with care.
For your safety, do not wrap the cuff around any other
body part other than your arm.

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Table of Contents

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