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  • Page 1 SETUP GUIDE...
  • Page 3 Studio Slim SETUP GUIDE Model DCSLA...
  • Page 4 Reproduction of these materials in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell , the DELL logo, YOURS IS HERE , and DellConnect are trademarks of Dell Inc.; Intel , Pentium , and Celeron are registered trademarks and Core is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Using Your Studio Slim 540s ... .14 Dell Diagnostics ..... . 31 Front View Features.
  • Page 6 Before You Call......42 Contacting Dell......43 Finding More Information and Resources .
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Studio Slim 540s

    Setting Up Your Studio Slim 540s This section provides information about setting up your Studio Slim 540s and connecting peripherals. Before Setting Up Your Computer When positioning your computer, ensure that you allow easy access to a power source, adequate ventilation, and a level surface to place your computer.
  • Page 8: Connect A Video Cable To The Computer

    Setting Up Your Studio Slim 540s Connect a Video Cable to the Computer Your computer uses one of two different connectors for the display. The HDMI connector is a high-performance digital connector that carries both video and audio signals for displays such as TVs and monitors with integrated speakers.
  • Page 9: Connect The Video Cable To The Display

    DVI connector (optional). Connect Using the VGA Connector NOTE: You can purchase a VGA-to-DVI If your display has a VGA connector, use a VGA adapter from the Dell website at cable (with blue connectors at both ends).
  • Page 10: Connect The Keyboard And Mouse

    Connect your keyboard and mouse to the USB connectors on the back panel of the computer. Connect Using a DVI Connector (Optional) Connect the display using a DVI cable. NOTE: You can purchase additional HDMI and DVI cables from the Dell website at
  • Page 11: Connect The Network Cable (optional)

    Setting Up Your Studio Slim 540s Connect the Network Cable A network connection is not required to complete your computer setup, but if you have (Optional) an existing network or Internet connection that uses a cable connection (such as a home cable modem or Ethernet jack), you can connect it now.
  • Page 12: Connect The Power Cables For Your Display And Computer

    Setting Up Your Studio Slim 540s Connect the Power Cables for Press the Power Buttons on Your Your Display and Computer Computer and Display...
  • Page 13: Windows Vista ® Setup

    Setting Up Your Studio Slim 540s Windows Vista Setup ® • DSL connections that provide high-speed Internet access through your existing To set up Windows Vista for the first time, follow telephone line or cellular telephone service. the instructions on the screen. These steps are With a DSL connection, you can access the mandatory and may take up to 15 minutes to Internet and use your telephone on the same...
  • Page 14 NOTE: If an external USB modem or complete the setup. WLAN adapter is not part of your original Setting Up Your Internet Connection order, you can purchase one from the Dell website at To set up an Internet connection with a provided ISP desktop shortcut:...
  • Page 15 Setting Up Your Studio Slim 540s NOTE: If you cannot connect to the Internet Chose Dial-up if you will use an optional but have successfully connected in the USB dial-up modem or ISDN. past, the ISP might have a service outage. NOTE: If you do not know which type of Contact your ISP to check the service connection to select, click Help me choose...
  • Page 16: Using Your Studio Slim 540s

    1 Service Tag — Use the Service Tag (located on top of the chassis towards the back) to identify your computer when you access the Dell Support website or call technical support. 2 Eject button for Optical drive — Press here to open/close the CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™...
  • Page 17 Using Your Studio Slim 540s Headphone connector — Connects Power button and light — Turns the to headphones. power on or off when pressed. The light NOTE: To connect to a powered in the center of this button indicates the speaker or sound system, use the power state: audio out or S/PDIF connector on the...
  • Page 18: Using The Optical Drive

    Using Your Studio Slim 540s Using the Optical Drive Place the disc in the center of the disc tray, with the label facing outwards and gently push the disc tray. The drive automatically pulls the disc in and begins reading its content. To eject a disc from the drive, press the eject button.
  • Page 19: Back View Features

    Using Your Studio Slim 540s Back View Features 1 Back panel connectors — Plug USB, audio, and other devices into the appropriate connector. For more information, see “Back Panel Connectors” on page 18. 2 Card slots — Access connectors for any installed PCI and PCI Express cards.
  • Page 20: Back Panel Connectors

    Using Your Studio Slim 540s Back Panel Connectors IEEE 1394 — Connects to high-speed serial multimedia devices such as digital video cameras. Network connector and light — Connects your computer to a network or broadband device. The network activity light flashes when the computer is transmitting or receiving data.
  • Page 21 Using Your Studio Slim 540s HDMI 1.2 — Connects to a TV for Front L/R line-out connector — Connects to headphones and speakers both audio and video signals. with integrated amplifiers. NOTE: For a monitor without built-in On computers with a sound card, use the speakers, only the video signals will connector on the card.
  • Page 22: Software Features

    Dell Technology Guide on your hard cameras and cell phones. Optional software drive or on the Dell Support website at applications enable you to organize and create music and video files that can be recorded to...
  • Page 23 Using Your Studio Slim 540s Customizing Your Energy Settings Backing Up Your Data You can use the power options in your operating It is recommended that you periodically back system to configure the power settings on your up files and folders on your computer. To back computer.
  • Page 24: Solving Problems

    If the network connection is lost — The guidelines, see “Using Support Tools” on wireless router is offline or wireless has been page 28 or “Contacting Dell” on page 43. disabled on the computer. CAUTION: Only trained service personnel •...
  • Page 25: Power Problems

    Solving Problems Power Problems Wired Connections If the network connection is lost — The cable If the power light is off — The computer is is loose or damaged. either turned off or is not receiving power. • Check the cable to ensure it is plugged in •...
  • Page 26: Memory Problems

    If reinstall the memory modules (for information on necessary, install additional memory removing and replacing memory modules, see (see the Service Manual on the Dell Support the Service Manual on the Dell Support website website at at
  • Page 27: Lockups And Software Problems

    Solving Problems computer is successfully communicating • Reseat the memory modules (see the Service Manual on the Dell Support website with the memory. at to ensure that your Lockups and Software Problems computer is successfully communicating If the computer does not start up — Ensure with the memory.
  • Page 28 Solving Problems If the computer stops responding — If a solid blue screen appears — Turn the computer off. If you are unable to get a NOTICE: You might lose data if you are response by pressing a key on your keyboard or unable to perform an operating system moving your pointer or mouse, press and hold shutdown.
  • Page 29 Solving Problems – Ensure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements needed to run the software. See the software documentation for information. – Ensure that the program is installed and configured properly. – Verify that the device drivers do not conflict with the program.
  • Page 30: Using Support Tools

    Upgrades & Accessories) about Dell Support Center and available support tools, click the Services tab at The top of the Dell Support Center home page displays your system’s model number along with its service tag and express service code.
  • Page 31: System Messages

    CPU fan failure — CPU fan has failed. Replace NOTE: If the message you received is not the CPU fan. See the Service Manual on the Dell listed in the following examples, see the Support website at
  • Page 32: Hardware Troubleshooter

    This feature can be enabled or disabled in the • Enter system setup and ensure that the boot BIOS setup (see “Contacting Dell” on page 43 sequence information is correct (see the for assistance). Service Manual on the Dell Support website at
  • Page 33: Dell Diagnostics

    Using Support Tools Dell Diagnostics Starting Dell Diagnostics From Your Hard Drive The Dell Diagnostics is located on a hidden If you experience a problem with your diagnostic utility partition on your hard drive. computer, perform the checks in “Lockups and Software Problems”...
  • Page 34 Using Support Tools Press any key to start the Dell Diagnostics Select the Boot from CD-ROM option from from the diagnostics utility partition on your the menu that appears and press <Enter>. hard drive. Type 1 to start the CD menu and press Starting Dell Diagnostics From the Drivers and <Enter>...
  • Page 35: System Recovery Options

    NOTICE: Make regular backups of your you received the computer. Use Dell Factory data files. System Restore does not monitor Image Restore only if System Restore did not your data files or recover them.
  • Page 36: Dell Factory Image Restore

    Do not alter, open, certain computers. or delete any files or programs until the Use Dell Factory Image Restore only as the system restoration is complete. last method to restore your operating system. These options restore your hard drive to the...
  • Page 37 NOTE: Depending upon your configuration, the hard drive. Data files include documents, you may need to select Dell Factory Tools, spreadsheets, e-mail messages, digital photos, then Dell Factory Image Restore. music files, and so on. If possible, back up all Click Next.
  • Page 38: Operating System Reinstallation

    Before you Begin the assembly of the computer. Use the If you are considering reinstalling the Windows Dell Drivers and Utilities media to load any operating system to correct a problem with a required drivers. Depending on the region newly installed driver, first try using Windows from which you ordered your computer, or Device Driver Rollback.
  • Page 39 System Recovery Options Restart the computer. When the DELL logo appears, press <F12> immediately. NOTE: If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows ® ® desktop; then, shut down your computer and try again.
  • Page 40: Getting Help

    NOTE: Some of the following services procedures. See “Online Services” on are not always available in all locations page 39 for a more extensive list of Dell outside the continental U.S. Call your local Support online. Dell representative for information on If the preceding steps have not resolved the availability.
  • Page 41: Technical Support And Customer

    Getting Help Technical Support and Customer Online Services Service You can learn about Dell products and services on the following websites: Dell’s support service is available to answer • your questions about Dell hardware. Dell’s support staff uses computer-based diagnostics •...
  • Page 42: Autotech Service

    (Asian/Pacific “Contacting Dell” on page 43. countries only) Automated Order-Status Service Dell Marketing and Sales e-mail addresses To check on the status of any Dell products that • (Asian/Pacific you have ordered, you can go to countries only) com, or you can call the automated order- status service.
  • Page 43: Product Information

    Dell If you need information about additional Diagnostics (see “Dell Diagnostics” on products available from Dell, or if you would like page 31). to place an order, visit the Dell website at Include any accessories that belong with
  • Page 44: Before You Call

    Remember to fill out the following Diagnostics • Express Service Code: Checklist. If possible, turn on your computer before you call Dell for assistance and call from • Return Material Authorization Number a telephone at or near the computer. You may be...
  • Page 45: Contacting Dell

    Getting Help See your operating system documentation To contact Dell for sales, technical support, or to determine the contents of the computer’s customer service issues: start-up files. If the computer is connected to Visit a printer, print each file. Otherwise, record the...
  • Page 46: Resources

    Bluetooth , networking, and e-mail. ® upgrade your computer with new or additional the Service Manual on the Dell Support website memory, or a new hard drive. at reinstall or replace a worn or defective part. NOTE: In some countries, opening and replacing parts of your computer may void your warranty.
  • Page 47 Service tag/Express Service Code— the top of your computer towards the back. You must use the service tag to identify your computer on or to contact technical support. find drivers and downloads. the Dell Support website at
  • Page 48: Specifications

    Specifications System Model Processor Studio Slim 540s Type L2 cache Intel Celeron 512 KB ® ® This section provides basic information that you Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1 MB ® may need when setting up, updating drivers for, and upgrading your computer. Intel Core 2 Duo 2 MB/3 MB/4 MB/...
  • Page 49 Blu-ray Disc RW NOTE: For instructions on upgrading your drive, Media Card memory, see the Service Manual on the Reader Dell Support website at one 3.5-inch bay for FlexDock or FlexBay Computer Information Internally accessible two 3.5-inch drive bay...
  • Page 50 Specifications Expansion Bus Expansion Bus Bus types PCI 2.3 PCI Express Connectors 1.0 A (x1), 2.0 (x16) Connector 124 pins SATA 1.0, 2.0, and USB 2.0 size Bus speeds Connector 32 bits 133 MB/s data width (maximum) PCI Express • x1 slot PCI Express x1 bi-directional speed -...
  • Page 51 Specifications Expansion Bus System Board Connectors PCI Express Chassis fan one 3-pin connector Front panel audio one 10-pin connector Connector HDA header Front panel control one 10-pin connector Connector 164 pins size Internal USB device five 10-pin connectors Connector 16 PCI Express lane data width Memory four 240-pin...
  • Page 52 Specifications System Board Connectors Power Processor 775 pin DC power supply: Processor fan one 4-pin connector Wattage 250 W Serial ATA four 7-pin connectors Maximum heat 135 W dissipation 62.5 W (ENERGY External Connectors STAR 4.0) Video one VGA connector NOTE: Heat dissipation is one HDMI connector...
  • Page 53 Specifications Physical Height 362 mm (14.2 inches) Width 100 mm (3.9 inches) Depth 435 mm (7.74 inches) Weight 9 kg (19.8 lb.)
  • Page 54: Appendix

    Appendix The information in this document applies to the products listed below: • Studio Slim • Studio Slim 540s • Studio Slim 540sn Macrovision Product Notice This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners.
  • Page 55: Index

    21 CDs, playing and creating 20 computer capabilities 20 computer, setting up 5 data, backing up 21 connect(ing) 9 DellConnect 39 power cable 10 Dell Diagnostics 31 to the Internet 11 Dell Factory Image Restore 33 using dial-up 11...
  • Page 56 Index Dell Support Center 28 Dell support website 45 hard drive Dell Technology Guide type 47 for futher information 44 hard drive activity light 15 Diagnostic Checklist 42 hardware problems display, connecting 6 diagnosing 30 drivers and downloads 45 Hardware Troubleshooter 30...
  • Page 57 Index memory optical audio connector minimum and maximum 47 S/PDIF connection 19 memory problems order status 40 solving 24 memory support 47 power button and light 15 Microsoft™ Windows Vista® 11 power problems, solving 23 problems, solving 22 network connection processor 46 fixing 23 products...
  • Page 58 Index setup, before you begin 5 USB 2.0 shipping products front connectors 15 for return or repair 41 software features 20 ventilation, ensuring 5 software problems 25 solving problems 22 warranty returns 41 support email addresses 40 Windows, reinstalling 33 support sites Windows Vista®...
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