HP mx703 Service Manual

17-inch color monitor
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Service Manual
17-inch Color Monitor
HP mx703 / m703


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  • Page 1 Service Manual 17-inch Color Monitor HP mx703 / m703...
  • Page 2 All other trademarks are the property of their This manual may not, in whole or in part, be respective owners. copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or converted to any electronic or machine readable form without prior written permission of LiteOn Technology Corp. m703/mx703 Service Manual. Printed in Taiwan.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    HP mx703/m703 Table of Contents 1. Precautions ......................... 2 2. Product Specifications ....................5 3. Operation Theory .....................10 4. Alignments and Adjustments ...................14 5. Troubleshooting ......................18 6. Recommended Spare Parts List ................24 7. Block Diagram ......................26 Page 1...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    HP mx703/m703 1 Precautions Follow these safety and servicing precautions to prevent damage and to protect against potential hazards such as electrical shock and X-rays. nonmetallic control knobs, insulating materials, 1-1 Safety Precautions cabinet backs, adjustment and compartment covers or shields, isolation resistor-capacitor networks, mechanical insulators, etc.
  • Page 5: Servicing Precautions

    HP mx703/m703 1-1-3 Product Safety Notices Many electrical and mechanical parts in this chassis have special safety-related characteristics which are often not evident from visual inspection, the protection afforded by them may not be obtained by replacing them with components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc. Before replacing any of these components, consult the Recommended Spare Parts List given at the end of this manual.
  • Page 6 HP mx703/m703 d) Plug monitor power cord to the Hi Pot tester terminals. e) Turn on tester and watch the indicator or beeper. f) If the indicator lamp lighten, or beeper beeps, the test fails. 1-4 Ground Continuity Test 1. Test Equipment AC low ohm tester TOS-6100 or equivalent approved equipment.
  • Page 7: Product Specifications

    HP mx703/m703 2 Product Specifications 2-1 Specifications 1 7 - i n c h ( 1 6 - i n c h V i s u a l i m a g e a r e a ) , s l o t e d m a s k , 9 0 d e g r e e s...
  • Page 8 HP mx703/m703 2-2 Signal Cable Pin Connections Table 2-1. Signal Cable Pin Assignment Signal Signal Red video 9 ** Green video Digital Ground Blue video Ground Ground H-Sync Red ground V-Sync/VCL Green ground Blue ground Note * This pin is used for selftest detection. Connect this pin to ground at the PC end.
  • Page 9: Timing Chart

    HP mx703/m703 2-3 Timing Chart This section describes the timings that the computer industry recognizes as standard for computer-generated video signals. Table 2-2. Timing Chart M o d e H . D o t s 6 4 0 7 2 0...
  • Page 10: Power Saving Function

    HP mx703/m703 2-4 Power Saving Function Note: The monitor will be driven into “Power Saving” mode by the control signal from the display controller, as indicated by the amber-color power LED. Table 2-3. Power Saving Function State Power Consumption Light...
  • Page 11 HP mx703/m703 same routing scheme is used when doing CRT replacement. 2-5-1 TCO 95 Version (Optional) The TCO 95 scheme is for international and environmental labelling of personal computers. The labelling scheme was developed as a joint effort by the TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employ ees), Naturskyddsforeningen (The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation) and NUTEK (The National Board for Industry and Technical Development in Sweden).
  • Page 12: Operation Theory

    HP mx703/m703 3 Operation Theory This is a fully digital controlled multi-sync color monitor that is compliant with DDC1 and 2B Plug and Play VESA standard and offers the following main features. 3-1 Main Features 1. Simplified design with minimum components.
  • Page 13 HP mx703/m703 3-3-1 Horizontal Section 1. The oscillator is driven by the currents in R419 and R420. The minimum oscillator frequency is determined by R419 and the maximum frequency is determined by R420. 2. Horizontal sync goes into pin 15 through R318. And horizontal flyback pulse goes into pin 1 through R401 from pin 5 of FBT for HFLB loop.
  • Page 14 HP mx703/m703 belo w 4.0 V, the ABL function will happen. 3-3-8 H/V size breathing compensation 1. Beam current is sensed as above section (3-3-7 item 2) and this voltage routes through R451, R468, C470 then through R437 to pin 31 of I401 for H. size compensation.
  • Page 15 HP mx703/m703 2. Regulation The DC O/P voltage is proportional to the auxiliary voltage, so I801 pin 4 senses the feedback voltage from the divider D806, R809, C810, VR801, Q803, Q801 and C814 to compare with the built-in 1.5 volts reference voltage for error amplifier operation.
  • Page 16: Alignments And Adjustments

    HP mx703/m703 4 Alignments and Adjustments This section of the service manual explains how to make permanent adjustments to the monitor settings. 4-1 General Adjustments 4-1-1 Adjustment Conditions a) Power Supply Apply AC 115 V or 220 V b) Warm-up Time The monitor must be powered on for 15 minutes before starting any alignment, but requires 30 minutes of warm-up time for convergence adjustment.
  • Page 17: Alignment Procedures

    HP mx703/m703 4-2 Alignment Procedures 4-2-1 High Voltage Adjustment CONDITION Press buttons simultaneously when switching the power “On”. Display image : No video (68.68kHz Mode) PROCEDURE Connect DC meter to TP002 and adjust HV (i) R802 to obtain a DC voltage of -174.5 ± 0.2 V DC (Sampo FBT) or -172.5 ± 0.2V DC (LCE FBT) for CPT CRT M41AGE93X46 (TCO) or M41AGE83X46 (MPRII) .
  • Page 18 HP mx703/m703 Adjust R.B. gain to get x=283±5, y=297±5; and Y=43±0.5FL 4 Full white ABL setting CONDITION Display image : full white pattern Set Brightness to cutoff Y=0.06FL and Contrast to maximum. 4-b. Adjust ABL to Y=31.9FL ± 0.5FL. 4-c. Check the white balance at 5FL and 28FL.
  • Page 19 HP mx703/m703 3. Rotate the individual rings of 4-pole convergence magnets by changing the spacing between the 2 tabs to converge the vertical red and blue lines at the center of the screen. 4. Rotate the pair of rings of 4-pole convergence magnets by maintaining spacing between the 2 tabs to converge the horizontal red and blue lines at the center of the screen.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    HP mx703/m703 5 Troubleshooting 5-1 No Raster No Raster Measure voltage of B+ at T402 pin 2 on PWB-MAIN Normal High (68 V, 31.5 (75 V or kHz) more) Check voltage of Check I401, cathode, heater, I703, R719, C741, Short Circuit Grid 1, Grid 2, etc.
  • Page 21 HP mx703/m703 5-2 OSD Abnormal OSD Abnormal Check I502 pin 9, 4 Put on is 5V and pin 5, 10, 7, 8 I502 missing? Check R517, L514, R527, R523, R524 Replace them Check P502 Replace it Replace I502 Page 19...
  • Page 22 HP mx703/m703 5-3 Function Key Abnormal Function Key Abnormal Put on Check I701 and I701, I703 I703 missing? Power ON/OFF again and Replace X701 check X701, oscillator Check Replace I703 or I703 EEPROM content do ATE again Replace I701 and check...
  • Page 23 HP mx703/m703 5-4 No Vertical Scan (Raster is one horizontal line) No Vertical Scan Check I301 voltage of Ckeck or replace pin 1 is 12V, pin 4 is - I301. Check Check R312, pin 5 O/P waveform at R307, R306, R313...
  • Page 24 HP mx703/m703 5-5 Out of Horizontal Synchronization Out of Horizontal Synchronization Check or replace Horizontal the signal cable or sync present at H. sync pin 41 pin 15 of I401 of I701. Check I401 pin 8 H. output Check or replace frequency &...
  • Page 25 First, start after m703/mx703 turns to (<&>) KEY. At this point of time, the CPU is capable of detecting the first 8 DATA of each page that EEPROM contains. When the reading goes to 00H or FFH, the EEPROM PAGE will turn to blank;...
  • Page 26: Recommended Spare Parts List

    HP mx703/m703 6 Recommended Parts List Note:1. The components identified by “ “ mark are critical for X-ray safety. Replace these with exactly the same parts specified. There is only OTP IC at the model beginning (FPR stage or before). When it put in mass production and there must be Mask coming out.
  • Page 27 HP mx703/m703 Location Part Number Description Q419 6422006000 TR NPN 2SD2012 TO-220(IS) 6426006401 (S0) Q420 Q421 6426010510 (S1) FET N-CHNL IRF630MFP/IRFS630A Q430 6426010500 (S2) Q451 6426006301 FET N-CHNL IRFS634A FAIRCH 11d R803 6203080022 POSISTOR & OHM DGC2D8ROM R804 6201100019 THERMISTOR 10 OHM 3A P=5 UEI...
  • Page 28: Block Diagram

    HP mx703/m703 7 Block Diagram R DAC P501 G DAC B DAC LM2480 R, G, B I502 BUFFER I501 Video AMP PRE AMP & LM2466 LM1247 RESTORE SW 5 V 11.6V P503 P502 BLANKING BRIGHTNESS CONTROL & 25KV SPOT KILLER...
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