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Mackie SA1232 Brochure

Active 3-way sound reinforcement speaker system.
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The SA1232 is a high-effi ciency, extreme-output,
active 3-way, wide dispersion, sound reinforcement
speaker system. The SA1232 benefi ts from the inte-
gration of 1300 watts of amplifi er power, complete
active control electronics, and RCF Precision compo-
nents into a speaker system with 103 dB of sensitivity
(1 watt/1 meter). The result is unprecedented output,
resolution, and clarity as well as mid-range reproduc-
tion previously available only from high end, esoteric
PA speaker systems.
The SA1232 features the same horn assembly as
introduced in the Mackie Designs SR1530 active 3-way
speaker. The horn is a one-piece design with 90° x 40°
dispersion that integrates both the mid-range and
high-frequency sections. This allows for the horn
loading of the mid-range transducer and seamless
coupling between the MF and HF sections. The 6-inch
mid-range's basket assembly is designed as part of
the horn assembly and is also designed to function
as an optimized compression chamber, dramatically
simplifying the mid-range assembly. Also, in three-
way designs the mid-frequency horn and the high-
frequency horn are physically pointing to a different
location in front of the box. The SA1232 features an
"Optimized Wavefront" horn design. Unlike typical mid/
high horns, the high-frequency section is positioned
to fi re down into the 6-inch mid-range's dispersion
pattern. This creates a focused, single wave front with
excellent phase and power response characteristics.
The SA1232 Mid/High Section is designed to
deliver over 136 dB of acoustic output. This required
designing high-effi ciency, high-power components.
The SA1232 incorporates several state of the art
advancements in transducer technology. The compres-
sion driver uses a new 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm
design featuring a 3-slot, optimized geometry phase
plug. The magnetic structure incorporates pure, high-
grade, Neodymium providing a higher gauss capabil-
ity, signifi cant weight reduction, and higher BL (force)
in the magnetic gap. This results in higher control of
the moving mass, and audio reproduction with lower
distortion and distortion artifacts.
The RCF Precision engineering team developed a
new Neodymium magnetic structure for the 6-inch
mid-frequency driver that provides the control and
effi ciency required to keep up with the compression
driver. By itself, the mid-range transducer has over
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Active 3-Way Sound
Active 3-Way Sound
Active 3-Way Sound
Reinforcement Speaker System
Reinforcement Speaker System
Active, High Output/Wide Dispersion
136 dB of Peak SPL
1300 watts of integrated power
Wide dispersion, ultra-low distortion High-/
Mid-Frequency Combination
Complete electronic and component protection
Two RCF Precision 12-inch high-effi ciency, light
mass woofers with high temperature inside/
outside coil technology
State-of-the-art Neodymium RCF Precision com-
pression driver with titanium dome and 3-slot,
low distortion, optimized geometry phase plug
Electronic equalization, time correction, and
phase alignment
Low-frequency dynamic bass protection
RMS Limiting, Power Supply and Amplifi er
Thermal Protection
Professional trapezoidal enclosure design
Correctly weight-balanced with two comfortable
side handles for easy carrying and set up
One top and one bottom handle for easy reposi-
tioning of speaker and built-in pole mount cup
on bottom
Live Applications
Playback Applications
Portable PA Systems
Corporate Events
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    Two RCF Precision 12-inch high-effi ciency, light frequency horn are physically pointing to a different mass woofers with high temperature inside/ location in front of the box. The SA1232 features an outside coil technology “Optimized Wavefront” horn design. Unlike typical mid/...

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    SA1232 Active 3-Way Sound Reinforcement Speaker System SA1232 Technical Specifi cations Woofer Size 12" Voice Coil Diameter 3" with Inside/Outside Winding Diaphragm Material Epoxy-reinforced Cellulose System Acoustic System Acoustic Magnet Type Ferrite –3 dB response 45 Hz—18 kHz –10 dB response –10 dB response...

  • Page 3

    210° 150° 180° 180° 0° 330° 30° SA1232 Horizontal Off-Axis –12 300° 60° Frequency Response –36 8kHz SA1232 Horizontal Off-Axis Frequency Response 10kHz 270° 90° 12.5kHz 0 deg 16kHz 10 deg –10 20 deg 240° 120° 30 deg –20 40 deg 210°...

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    210° 330° 240° 300° 240° 300° 270° 270° SA1232 Vertical Off-Axis Frequency 90° Response (UP) 120° 60° SA1232 Vertical Off-Axis Frequency Response (Up) 150° 30° 0 deg 10 deg 8kHz –10 20 deg 10kHz 30 deg 180° 0° 12.5kHz –36 –12...

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    This type of control allows the woofers to deliver extended bass response and to effi ciently reach the mid-frequency crossover point. The SA1232 frequency response is linear between 45 Hz and 18 KHz (±3 dB). Vert BW Horz BW ...

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    For this reason, any current Mackie product may differ in some respect from its published description, but will always equal or exceed the original design specifi ca- 16220 Wood-Red Road NE, Woodinville, WA 98072 USA tions unless otherwise stated.

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