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Mackie SA1232 Brochure

Active 3-way sound reinforcement speaker system.
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The SA1232 is a high-efficiency, extreme-output,
active 3-way, wide dispersion, sound reinforcement
speaker system. The SA1232 benefits from the inte-
gration of 1300 watts of amplifier power, complete
active control electronics, and precision components
into a speaker system with 103 dB of sensitivity (1 watt/
1 meter). The result is unprecedented output, resolu-
tion, and clarity as well as mid-range reproduction
previously available only from high end, esoteric PA
speaker systems.
The SA1232 features the same horn assembly as
introduced in the Mackie SR1530 active 3-way speaker.
The horn is a one-piece design with 90° x 40° disper-
sion that integrates both the mid-range and high-
frequency sections. This allows for the horn loading
of the mid-range transducer and seamless coupling
between the MF and HF sections. The 6-inch mid-
range's basket assembly is designed as part of the
horn assembly and is also designed to function as
an optimized compression chamber, dramatically
simplifying the mid-range assembly. Also, in three-
way designs the mid-frequency horn and the high-
frequency horn are physically pointing to a different
location in front of the box. The SA1232 features an
"Optimized Wavefront" horn design. Unlike typical mid/
high horns, the high-frequency section is positioned
to fire down into the 6-inch mid-range's dispersion
pattern. This creates a focused, single wave front with
excellent phase and power response characteristics.
The SA1232 Mid/High Section is designed to
deliver over 136 dB of acoustic output. This required
designing high-efficiency, high-power components.
The SA1232 incorporates several state of the art
advancements in transducer technology. The compres-
sion driver uses a new 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm
design featuring a 3-slot, optimized geometry phase
plug. The magnetic structure incorporates pure, high-
grade, Neodymium providing a higher gauss capabil-
ity, significant weight reduction, and higher BL (force)
in the magnetic gap. This results in higher control of
the moving mass, and audio reproduction with lower
distortion and distortion artifacts.
A new Neodymium magnetic structure was
developed for the 6-inch mid-frequency driver that
provides the control and efficiency required to keep
up with the compression driver. By itself, the mid-
range transducer has over 106 dB of sensitivity at
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Active 3-Way Sound
Reinforcement Speaker System
Active, High Output/Wide Dispersion
136 dB of Peak SPL
1300 watts of integrated power
Wide dispersion, ultra-low distortion High-/
Mid-Frequency Combination
Complete electronic and component protection
Two precision 12-inch high-efficiency, light
mass woofers with high temperature inside/
outside coil technology
State-of-the-art Neodymium compression driver
with titanium dome and 3-slot, low distortion,
optimized geometry phase plug
Electronic equalization, time correction, and
phase alignment
Low-frequency dynamic bass protection
RMS Limiting, Power Supply and Amplifier
Thermal Protection
Professional trapezoidal enclosure design
Correctly weight-balanced with two comfortable
side handles for easy carrying and set up
One top and one bottom handle for easy reposi-
tioning of speaker and built-in pole mount cup
on bottom
Live Applications
Playback Applications
Portable PA Systems
Corporate Events
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  • Page 1

    The SA1232 features an “Optimized Wavefront” horn design. Unlike typical mid/ high horns, the high-frequency section is positioned to fire down into the 6-inch mid-range’s dispersion...

  • Page 2: Specifications

    SA1232 Active 3-Way Sound Reinforcement Speaker System SA1232 Technical Specifications System Acoustic –3 dB response –10 dB response Directivity Factor; Q(DI) 13.2 (11.2 averaged 2 to 10 kHz) System Sensitivity Max SPL long-term Max SPL Peak Crossover Points 700 Hz, 3000 Hz, 24 dB/octave...

  • Page 3: Frequency Response

    330° 60° 300° 1.25kHz 1.6kHz 90° 270° 2kHz 2.5kHz 120° 240° 210° SA1232 Horizontal Off-Axis 60° Frequency Response 8kHz SA1232 Horizontal Off-Axis Frequency Response 10kHz 90° 12.5kHz 16kHz –10 120° –20 –30 0° 30° –12 60° –36 90° 120° 150°...

  • Page 4

    30° 150° 1.25kHz 1.6kHz 180° 0° 2kHz –12 2.5kHz 210° 330° SA1232 Vertical Off-Axis Frequency Response (UP) SA1232 Vertical Off-Axis Frequency Response (Up) 30° 8kHz –10 10kHz 0° 12.5kHz –20 16kHz –30 330° SA1232 Vertical Off-Axis Frequency Response (DOWN) SA1232 Vertical Off-Axis Frequency Response (Down) –10...

  • Page 5

    O F 6 P A G E S  The SA1232 produces deep bass through a duo of 12-inch high-efficiency woofers. The mag- netic structure designed for the woofer motor is responsible for the system’s resulting low-fre- quency section sensitivity of 101 dB at 1 watt/1 meter.

  • Page 6

    ©1999–2004 LOUD Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Mackie and the “Running Man” figure are registered trademarks of LOUD Technologies Inc. SA1232_SS.PDF SA1232_IM.PDF...

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