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Aiwa TV-SE2130EZY Service Manual

Aiwa color television service manual.
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A par t of contents is adequate.
Re-issuing is under r equest.
S/M Code No. 09-009-350-0N1


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   Summary of Contents for Aiwa TV-SE2130EZY

  • Page 1: Service Manual

    TV-SE2130 KY EZY TV-SE1430 KY EZY SERVICE MANUAL COLOR TELEVISION SIMPLE-2 A par t of contents is adequate. Re-issuing is under r equest. S/M Code No. 09-009-350-0N1...

  • Page 2: Notices Before Repairing

    NOTICES BEFORE REPAIRING To make the best use of this equipment, make sure to obey the following items when repairing (or mending). 1. Do not damage or melt the tunicate of the leading Insulation resistance: 7.3MΩ to 10.1 MΩ (500 V/s) wire on the AC1 side, including the power supply Voltage-withstand: 3.0 kV for 1 minute cord.

  • Page 3: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Tuner system Frequency synthesized tuner Picture tube TV-SE2130: 21 in.(50.8 cm “V”), 90 degree deflection TV-SE1430: 14 in.(34 cm “V”), 90 degree deflection TV system PAL (B/G, D/K, I), SECAM (D/K, L) Channel coverage VHF: E2-E12 UHF: E21-E69 CABLE: S1-S41 Antenna input 75 ohms, unbalanced Video input...

  • Page 4: Disassembly Instructions

    DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 1. REAR CABINET REMOVAL Front cabinet (1) Remove eight screws 1, then remove the rear cabinet in the direction of the arrow. (See Figure1-1) Rear cabinet Figure 1-1 2. HIGH-VOLTAGE CAP (ANODE CAP) REMOVAL 2-1. Cautions before Removing Anode cap Discharge the anode voltage (1) The anode voltage is not discharged completely from the...

  • Page 5

    (5) Push the anode cap with your thumb in the direction of arrow 1 as shown in the figure, then lift the cap in the direction of arrow 2 to release the hook on one side. (See Figure 2-3) Anode cap Hook Hook Figure 2-3...

  • Page 6

    (3) Eliminate twisting, etc. of the high-voltage cable and arrange it so that no twisting occurs. (See Figure 3-3) High-voltage cable Anode cap Caution : If the cable is not arranged correctly, the anode cap could turn and cause an installation defect. Figure 3-3 (4) Turn over the rubber cap symmetrically on the left and right.

  • Page 7

    (6) Apply the hook on one side to the anode button as shown on the figure. (See Figure 3-6) Caution : Check that the hook is held securely. (7) Apply the hook on the other side to the anode button as shown in Figure 3-7.

  • Page 8

    4. NECK C.B. REMOVAL Front Cabinet (1) Disconnect P903 (CRT GND). (2) Remove the NECK C.B. in the direction of arrow 1 (See Figure 4-1). 5. MAIN C.B REMOVAL (1) Remove connector (P601). (2) Remove connector (P801). (3) Remove connector (P802). (4) Remove connector (P402).

  • Page 9

    ELECTRICAL MAIN PARTS LIST REF. NO PART NO. KANRI DESCRIPTION REF. NO PART NO. KANRI DESCRIPTION C541 87-A12-092-080 CAP,E 22MF-50V C542 87-010-405-040 CAP,E 10MF-50V S1-TDA-835-7J0 IC,TDA8357J C543 87-010-405-040 CAP,E 10MF-50V S1-TDA-936-7L0 IC,TDA9367L C550 87-010-615-080 CAP,E 2.2MF-50V S1-MSP-341-5D0 IC,MSP-3415D C555 87-010-553-080 CAP,E 47MF-16V S1-TDA-894-4J0 IC,TDA8944J...

  • Page 10

    REF. NO PART NO. KANRI DESCRIPTION REF. NO PART NO. KANRI DESCRIPTION L603 S5-CPZ-479-K02 COIL PEAKING 4.7UH 3.5MM SW702 S5-S50-101-090 SW TACT SKHV17910A L650 S5-MC0-000-100 COIL BEAD MD-5 SW703 S5-S50-101-090 SW TACT SKHV17910A L801 S5-MC0-000-100 COIL BEAD MD-5 SW704 S5-S50-101-090 SW TACT SKHV17910A L802 S5-8C9-430-599...

  • Page 11

    SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM -1 (MAIN C.B-1/4) MAIN C. B -1/4 (AUDIO SECTION) C698 L601 AT24C08-10PC MSP-3415D C629 EXT_2:L/R EXT_2:L/R EXT_1:L/R EXT_1:L/R C661 V901(CRT) P903 NECK C. B A.MUTE MAIN C.B -2/4 I901 TDA6107Q C666 V901 MAIN C.B -4/4 (CRT) L650 A34JLL90X01 [TV-SE1430] A51EBV13X081 [TV-SE2130] SCT1 R920...

  • Page 12

    SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM -2 (MAIN C.B-2/4) S/B_6V IC1501-35 TSOP1238WI1 MAIN C. B -2/4 TXZ5V1B (u-COM/VIDEO,AUDIO PROCESS SECTION) EXT_1.L/R EXT_2.L/R EXT_2.L/R Q504,505,508 TZX5V6B To NECK C.B 2SC5343Yx3 2200p 2200p P501A DA06 TZX5V6B P501 Q510,511 STA933Y POWER TZX5V6B TZX5V6B D591 TZX5V6B TZX2V4A S/B3.3V TZX5V6B R556 8.2k [TV-SE1430]...

  • Page 13

    SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM -3 (MAIN C.B-3/4) MAIN C. B -3/4 (FLYBACK TRANS/DEFLECTION SECTION) P402 DY UNIT 110-126.5V SOUND 1000p 160V D360 TZX22C H.OUT D361 UZ-33B TZX12C VdrA(+) D313 BYW36 VdrB(-) 1/2W 3.9 [TV-SE1430] 1/2W 1.5 [TV-SE2130] R351 BYW36 3k [TV-SE1430] BYW36 1.5k [TV-SE2130] BYW36 160V...

  • Page 14

    SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM -4 (MAIN C.B-4/4) MAIN C. B -4/4 LE33CZ (POWER SECTION) S/B 3.3V S/B 6V C866 KA7808 TZX9V1B C835 POWER C888 R823 3.9k [TV-SE1430] 5.1k [TV-SE2130] BYW76 110-126.5V L802 R803 AZ9004Y(C) 47k(M) BYW36 BYW36 BYW36 C806 2SC5343Y Q810 2SC5343Y 2SC5343Y D808 LTV-817C...

  • Page 15


  • Page 16

    WIRING - 2 (NECK C.B) To MAIN C.B NECK C. B T402(FBT) To MAIN C.B T402(FBT) To MAIN C.B To MAIN C.B P501 P401 V901(CRT) V901(CRT) -16-...

  • Page 17

    WAVEFORMS -17-...

  • Page 18

    IC BLOCK DIAGRAMS IC, TDA8357J IC, TDA8944J -18-...

  • Page 19

    IC, STR-F6653 V IN Drain DRV. RE=8.6V Start O.V.P. Latch Source T.S.D. Vth1=0.73 – 0.05v OCP/FB OCP/FB comp. 1.35mA Vth2=1.3 ~ 1.6v Tth(min)=1 S INH comp. 4700pF T OFF=50 S typ. Iconst Irm. IC, TDA6107Q MIRROR 5 MIRROR 1 CASCODE 1 MIRROR 1 7 Voc(1) CURRENT...

  • Page 20

    IC DESCRIPTIONS IC, AT24C08-10PC Pin No. Pin Name Description – – Device address – – Ground Serial data/address input/output Serial clock – Write control Supply voltage – IC, MSP3415D • Block Diagram XTAL IN XTAL OUT Audio PLL Demodulator FM1/AM SOUND IF &...

  • Page 21

    Pin No. Pin Name Description 11, 12 Test pin Test pin – Not connceted 15 ~ 17 Test pin DVSUP – Digital power supply +5V – DVSS Digital ground 20 ~ 23 – Not connceted RESETQ – Power-on-reset 25, 26 –...

  • Page 22

    IC, TDA9367 • Block Diagram -22-...

  • Page 23

    • Description Pin No. Pin Name Description – Port 1.3 Not used. I2C bus clock line I2C data line SECAM L OUT Port 2.0: high when L' selected (PushPull) Port 3.0: over current protection RF AGC IN ADC1: for factory use only (high impedance) KEY-IN ADC2: local key input (high impedance) S/SW...

  • Page 24

    Pin No. Pin Name Description CVBS/Y External CVBS/Y input CHROMA Chrominance input (SVHS) AMOUT – Not used. INSSW2 2nd RGB onsertion input R2IN 2nd R input G2IN 2nd G input B2IN 2nd B input BCLIN Beam current limiter input BLKIN Black current output RED output GREEN output...

  • Page 25

    ADJUSTMENT SET-UP FOR ADJUSTMENT 1. CRT ADJUSTMENT Because the video signal output from a pattern generator is used as 1-1. Precautions the adjustment signal input during adjustment, the video signal (1) Receive the white raster signal, and then perform aging for at output from the pattern generator must conform with the least 20 minutes.

  • Page 26

    (2) Beam convergence adjustment (4-pole magnet) (3) Beam convergence adjustment (6-pole magnet) With a 4-pole magnet align the G beam with the already aligned Align the R beam with the B beam. The G beam does not R/B beam. move with this adjustment. (magenta) (magenta) (white)

  • Page 27

    1-3. Beam Landing Adjustment (1) Receive the green raster signal from the pattern generator. As there is occurrence of convergence distortion after (2) Loosen the magnet lock screw, and shift the magnet assembly completing the landing adjustments, be sure to carry out backward (toward the neck).

  • Page 28

    1-4. Beam Center Convergence Adjustment 1-5. The Surrounding Convergence Adjustment Perform this adjustment after completion of adjustment 1-4. Make adjustments on the convergence with 4-pole and 6-pole magnets. Operate each magnet in relation to the electron beam as (1) Shake the deflecting yoke up, down to the right and left, and shown in Figs.

  • Page 29: Electrical Adjustment

    2. ELECTRICAL ADJUSTMENT 1. Use the numeric keys on the remote control to set the receiving channel to Pr91. 2. Set Sharpness on the Picture Menu screen to 0. 3. Press the buttons on remote control in the following order: Skip (R) →...

  • Page 30

    5. G2 Alignment (SCREEN) 6-9. Lower the value until blue disappears. Input signal: Black signal 6-10. Perform steps 2-1 _ 2-9 several times so that the picture is Adjustment point: SFR located at lower part of FBT (T402) seen more white. Measuring instrument: Pattern generator/PAL Test point: R cathode (NECK C.B) 7.

  • Page 31

    9. Vertical Center 10-2. S-Correction Input signal: Crosshatch 1) Choose V. S Cor from the menu screen. Measuring instrument: Pattern generator/PAL 2) Perform adjustment in the same way as with 6-1 Slope. 9-1. Set the TV to the "Normal I" mode. * Repeat adjustments 10-1 and 10-2 so that A=B=C is avail- 9-2.

  • Page 32


  • Page 33: Color Name Table

    MECHANICAL MAIN PARTS LIST 1/1 REF. NO PART NO. KANRI DESCRIPTION 1 87-054-087-010 BADGE,AIWA 40<1430KY,1430EZY> 1 87-054-086-010 BADGE,AIWA 52.5<2130KY,2130EZY> 2 8A-JB7-004-010 LENS,SENSOR<1430KY,1430EZY> 2 8A-JB4-004-010 LENS,LED<2130KY,2130EZY> 3 8A-JB7-002-010 PANEL,FRONT<1430KY,1430EZY> 3 8A-JB4-002-010 PANEL,FRONT<2130KY,2130EZY> 4 8A-JB7-003-010 BTN,CHANNEL<1430KY,1430EZY> 4 8A-JB4-003-010 BTN,CHANNEL<2130KY,2130EZY> 5 S4-858-314-610 SPEAKER SP-50120F01 5W 8 OHM<1430KY,1430EZY>...

  • Page 34

    2–11, IKENOHATA 1–CHOME, TAITO-KU, TOKYO 110-8710, JAPAN TEL:03 (3827) 3111 737004 Printed in Singapore...

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