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Hoover WindTunnel WindTunnel Upright Bag Vacuum Cleaner Owner's Manual

Hoover windtunnel upright bag vacuum cleaner owner's manual.
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Congratulations on
your purchase!
This WindTunnel
vacuum cleaner
takes HOOVER
Type "Y" Allergen
Filtration filter bags
This product was designed for
easy Assembly (See page 3)

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   Summary of Contents for Hoover WindTunnel WindTunnel Upright Bag Vacuum Cleaner

  • Page 1

    WindTunnel by HOOVER Congratulations on your purchase! This WindTunnel vacuum cleaner ™ takes HOOVER Type “Y” Allergen ® Filtration filter bags This product was designed for easy Assembly (See page 3) ™...

  • Page 2: Important Safeguards, Save These Instructions

    ,d a m age d , left outdoors ,or dropped into water, take it to a H o over Fa c t o ry Service Center or Au t h o r i zed Hoover Warranty Service Dealer ( D e p o t ) .

  • Page 3: Carton Contents

    1-800-944-9200 for an automated referral of authorized service outlet locations (U.S. only) OR 1-330-499-9499 to speak with a representative in our Consumer Response Center Visit us online at to find the service outlet nearest you (click on the “Service” button). Carton contents Remove all parts from carton and identify each item shown.

  • Page 4

    Remove bag door on cleaner body by pushing down at top of door and pulling door outward. Switch (A) above bag door should be in OFF position. Place nuts in recessed areas on front of handle. Hold each nut in place while tightening each bolt securely with a Phillips screw driver.

  • Page 5: Cleaner Description, Polarized Plug, Cord Clip

    STEP III Position tools 1-14 Place smaller unridged end of wand into bottom of rack. Snap wand into clip. Repeat with other wand. Open tool cover. 2. How to use Cleaner description 2 - 1 household use. Polarized plug To reduce the risk of electric shock, this appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other).

  • Page 6: Carrying Cleaner, Transporting Cleaner, Handle Positions, Carpet Height Adjustment

    2 - 3 Transporting cleaner To move your cleaner from room to room, put handle in upright position, tilt cleaner back on rear wheels and push forward. 2 - 6 Embedded Dirt FINDER feature With red and green lights (A), the ‘Dirt FINDER’...

  • Page 7: Edge Cleaning, Stair Cleaning, Cleaning Lightweight Flexible Rugs, Cleaning Tools, Removing Hose

    2 - 1 0 Cleaning lightweight flexible rugs Stand on one end of rug and move cleaner toward other end or edge. Before reaching edge, push down on handle. This will lift up the nozzle (front of cleaner) as shown and will prevent rug from clinging to cleaner.

  • Page 8: Check Bag Indicator, Select Proper Tool, Attach Wand And Tools, How To Clean Tools

    Genuine HOOVER® Allergen Filtration Type Y disposable filter bags. It is imperative that you use only gen- uine HOOVER filter bags made by The Hoover Company to assure that your cleaner operates at peak performance. HOOVER bags can be identified by these trademarks —...

  • Page 9: Cleaning Secondary Filter

    Make sure the green colored side of filter faces outward. Close door. Should you want to replace this filter, ask for HOOVER part No. 40110004. Do not operate cleaner without either the secondary or final filter in place. 3 - 3...

  • Page 10: Headlight Replacement

    Using a screwdriver, remove the two screws as shown and lift off lens. Belt replacement The belt on your Hoover cleaner causes the agitator to rotate and is important for the effective operation of the cleaner. The belt is located under the bottom...

  • Page 11

    What to buy Your cleaner requires either a 13” or 15” agitator. When purchasing a new agita- tor, ask for one of the following: 13” - HOOVER part No. 48414110 15” - HOOVER part No. 48414115 3 - 1 7 Installing groomers...

  • Page 12: Powered Hand Tool, Replacing Belt, Thermal Protector

    (U.S. only) OR - • checking the Service section of The Hoover Company on-line at Do not send your cleaner to The Hoover Company in North Canton for service, this will only result in delay.

  • Page 13: Clearing Blockages

    If further assistance is needed, contact The Hoover Company Consumer Response Center, North Canton, Ohio 44270, Phone: 1-330-499-9499. In Canada, contact Hoover Canada, Burlington, Ontario L7R 4A8, Phone: 1-800-263-6376. Always identify your cleaner by the complete model number when request- ing information or ordering parts.

  • Page 14

    The Hoover Company on-line at This warranty does not cover pick up, delivery, or house calls; however, if you mail your appliance to a Hoover Factory Service Center for warranty service, transportation will be paid one way. While this warranty gives you specific legal rights, you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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