P/No. MFL48179003 (Last Revision: M
. 25. 2008)
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Summary of Contents for Kenmore 795.78752.801

  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL CAUTION BEFORE SERVICING THE UNIT, READ THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IN THIS MANUAL. Model #s: 795.78752.801 795.78753.801 795.78754.801 795.78759.801 795.78762.801 795.78763.801 795.78764.801 795.78769.801 P/No. MFL48179003 (Last Revision: M . 25. 2008)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ............................... 2 1. SPECIFICATIONS ................................3-4 2. PARTS IDENTIFICATION ..............................5 3. DISASSEMBLY................................6-14 REMOVING AND REPLACING REFRIGERATOR DOORS ....................6 DOOR ....................................7-8 TO REMOVE THE DISPENSER ............................8 DOOR ALIGNMENT ................................8 FAN AND FAN MOTOR(Evaporator) ..........................8 ICE FAN SCROLL ASSEMBLY REPLACEMENT ......................9 DEFROST CONTROL ASSEMBLY ............................
  • Page 3: Specifications

    1. SPECIFICATIONS 1-1 DISCONNECT POWER CORD BEFORE 1-7 REPLACEMENT PARTS SERVICING 25 cuft 795.78752.801 795.78762.801 IMPORTANT – RECONNECT ALL 795.78753.801 795.78763.801 795.78754.801 795.78764.801 GROUNDING DEVICES 795.78759.801 795.78769.801 Relay..............6748C-0004D All parts of this appliance capable of conducting electrical Overload ............6750C-0004R current are grounded. If grounding wires, screws, straps, Defrost Thermostat........6615JB2005H...
  • Page 4 Description 795.787** Depth w/ Handles 34 1/4 in Depth w/ Handles 31 3/4 in Depth w/ o Door 27 7/8 in Depth (Total with Door Open) 46 1/2 in Height to Top of Case 68 3/8 in Height to Top of Door Hinge 69 3/4 in Width 35 3/4 in...
  • Page 5: Parts Identification

  • Page 6: Disassembly

    3. DISASSEMBLY 3-1 REMOVING AND REPLACING REFRIGERATOR DOORS To remove the left refrigerator door: To remove the right refrigerator door: IMPORTANT: CAUTION : WARNING Explosion Hazard IMPORTANT: - 6 -...
  • Page 7: Door

    3-2 DOOR Door Gasket Replacement 1. Insert gasket bracket clips Door Gasket Removal 1) Insert gasket bracket edge beneath door frame edge. 1. Remove door frame cover 2) Turn upper gasket bracket spring so that the spring Starting at top of cover and working down, snap cover ends are in the door channel.
  • Page 8: To Remove The Dispenser

    2) Press gasket into channels on the three remaining 3-3 DOOR ALIGNMENT sides of door. If the space between your doors is uneven, follow the instructions below to align the doors: 1. With one hand, lift up the door you want to raise at middle hinge.
  • Page 9: Ice Fan Scroll Assembly Replacement

    * Ice Fan Scroll Assembly Replacement 3-6 LAMP Unplug Refrigerator, or disconnect power at the circuit 1) Remove the plastic guide for slides on left side by breaker. unscrewing phillips head screws. If necessary, remove top shelf or shelves. 2) Pull the grille forward as shown in the second picture. 3-6-1 Refrigerator Compartment Lamp 3) Disconnect wire harness of the grille 1) Release 2 screws.
  • Page 10: Multi Duct

    3-7 MULTI DUCT 2) Hold the left and right side of the “Cover Assembly, 1. Remove the upper and dispenser” as shown in the lower Caps by using a flat picture, and pull and remove screwdriver, and remove 2 screws. (Figure 17) it.
  • Page 11: Sub Pwb For Dispenser, Duct Door Replacement, Ice Corner Door Replacement, Ice Maker Assembly

    3-12 SUB PWB FOR WORKING DISPENSER 3-14 ICE CORNER DOOR REPLACEMENT 1) Loosen the screw on the sub PWB. 1) Loosen the front screw as shown in the picture. 2) Lift up the hinge with one hand. 3) Pull out the Ice Corner Door with the other hand. hinge 2) Pull the sub PWB down.
  • Page 12: Auger Motor Cover, Auger Motor Replacement

    3-16 AUGER MOTOR COVER 1) After removing the icemaker remove the (5) stainless screws holding the auger motor cover, shown in the picutres below. 2) Grip the bottom of motor cover assembly and pull out it. 3) Disconnect wire harness of motor cover assembly. There is a auger motor on the back, as shown in the picture.
  • Page 13: Door Ice Bin

    3-17 HOW TO REMOVE A DOOR ICE BIN 3-18 HOW TO INSERT A DOOR ICE BIN 1) Grip the handles, as shown in the picture. 1) Insert the Ice Bin, slightly tilting it to avoid touching the Icemaker. (especially, ice maker lever) 2) Lift the lower part slightly.
  • Page 14: How To Remove And Reinstall The Pullout Drawer

    3-19 HOW TO REMOVE AND REINSTALL THE PULLOUT DRAWER 3-19-1 Follow Steps to Remove Step 1) Open the freezer door. Step 2) Remove the lower basket. Step 3) Remove the two screws from the guide rails (one Step 4) Lift the freezer door up to unhook it from the rail from each side).
  • Page 15 3-19-2 Follow Steps to Reinstall Step 1) Reinstall the right side gear into the clip. Step 2) Insert the rail into the right side gear. Gears do not Step 3) Insert the rail into the left side gear, and insert the need to be perpendicular to each other.
  • Page 16: Water Valve Disassembly Method

    3-20. WATER VALVE DISASSEMBLY METHOD 3-21. FAN AND FAN MOTOR DISASSEMBLY METHOD 1) Using a short screwdriver, loosen one SCREW in 1) Turn off the water. Then separate the water line from the DRAIN PIPE ASSEMBLY and one connected to the valve.
  • Page 17: Pull Out Drawer

    3-22 PULL OUT DRAWER o separate the drawer, push the front left and right hooks direction to pull up and remove. Then gently lift the gear part of rear left and right side of the drawer and pull it out in direction.
  • Page 18: Adjustment

    4. ADJUSTMENT 4-1 COMPRESSOR 4-2-3 PTC-Applied Circuit Diagram Starting Method for the Motor 4-1-1 Role The compressor intakes low temperature and low pressure gas from the evaporator of the refrigerator and compresses OVERLOAD PROTECTOR this gas to high-temperature and high-pressure gas. It then delivers the gas to the condenser.
  • Page 19: Olp(Overload Protector)

    4-3 OLP (OVERLOAD PROTECTOR) 4-4 TO REMOVE THE COVER PTC 4-5-1 Definition of OLP (1) OLP (OVERLOAD PROTECTOR) is attached to the Compressor and protects the Motor by opening the circuit to the Motor if the temperature rises and activating the bimetal spring in the OLP. (2) When high current flows to the Compressor motor, the Bimetal works by heating the heater inside the OLP, and the OLP protects the Motor by cutting off the...
  • Page 20: Circuit Diagram

  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    6. TROUBLESHOOTING 6-1 COMPRESSOR AND ELECTRIC COMPONENTS (Rated Voltage Remove PTC-Starter Power Source. ±10%)? from Compressor and measure voltage between Terminal C of Compressor and Terminal 5 or 6 of PTC. OLP disconnected? No Voltage. Replace OLP. Check connection condition. Reconnect.
  • Page 22: Other Electrical Components

    6-2 OTHER ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS Not cooling at all Check for open short or Compressor Cause incorrect resistance readings doesn't run. in the following components a. Starting devices Short, open, or broken. Poor contact b. OLP or shorted. Coil open or shorted. c.
  • Page 23: Service Diagnosis Chart

    6-3 SERVICE DIAGNOSIS CHART COMPLAINT POINTS TO BE CHECKED REMEDY No Cooling. • Is the power cord unplugged from the outlet? • Plug into the outlet. • Check if the power switch is set to OFF. • Set the switch to ON. •...
  • Page 24: Refrigeration Cycle

    6-4 REFRIGERATION CYCLE Troubleshooting Chart TEMPERATURE STATE OF STATE OF THE CAUSE REMARKS OF THE THE UNIT EVAPORATOR COMPRESSOR PARTIAL Freezer Low flowing sound of A little higher • Refrigerant level is low due LEAKAGE compartment and Refrigerant is heard and than ambient •...
  • Page 25 6-4-1 SEALED SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS “Not Cooling” Complaint All components operating, No airflow problems, Not frosted up as a defrost problem problem has been isolated to sealed system area Frost None Partial Pattern? Equalization Equalization Test Test Very Fast Very Slow Very Slow Fast Very Fast...
  • Page 26: Operation Principle & Repair Method Of Icemaker

    7. OPERATION PRINCIPLE AND REPAIR METHOD OF ICEMAKER 7-1 OPERATION PRINCIPLE 7-1-1 Operation Principle of IceMaker Power On Start Position • Adjusts EJECTOR to Start Position with power on. Icemaking • Waits until water becomes ICE after starting the Mode icemaking operation.
  • Page 27 7-2 ICE MAKER FUNCTIONS 7-2-1. Icemaking Mode 1. Icemaking refers to the freezing of supplied water in the ice tray. Complete freezing is assured by measuring the temperature of the Tray with Icemaking SENSOR. 2. Icemaking starts after completion of the water fill operation. 3.
  • Page 28 7-2-5 Function TEST 1. This is a forced operation for TEST, Service, cleaning, etc. It is operated by pressing and holding the Fill Key for 3 seconds. 2. The test works only in the Icemaking Mode. It cannot be entered from the Harvest or Fill mode. 3.
  • Page 29: Description Of Function, Circuits & Error Codes

    8. DESCRIPTION OF FUNCTION & CIRCUIT OF MICOM 8-1 FUNCTION 8-1-1 Function 1. When the appliance is plugged in, it is set to 37°F for Refrigerator and 0°F for freezer. You can adjust the Refrigerator and the Freezer control temperature by pressing the ADJUST button. 2.
  • Page 30 8-1-5 Ultra Ice selection Please select this function for quick freezing. • Function is repeat Ultra Ice Icon whenever pressing Ultra Ice button. • Ultra Ice function automatically turns off after a fixed time passes. 8-1-6 Dispenser use selection You can select water or ice. Select water, crushed ice, or ice cubes by cycling through the selections when pressing the DISPENSER button, Pressing...
  • Page 31 8-1-11 Ultra Ice 1. The purpose of this function is to intensify the cooling speed of freezer and to increase the amount of ice. 2. Whenever selection switch is pressed, selection/release, the LCD will turn ON or OFF. 3. If there is a power outage and the refrigerator is powered on again, Ultra Ice will be canceled. 4.
  • Page 32 8-1-13 Defrosting (removing frost) 1. Defrosting starts each time the COMPRESSOR running time Betwee 7~50 hours. 2. For initial power on or for restoring power, defrosting starts when the compressor running time reaches 4 hours. 3. Defrosting stops if the sensor temperature reaches 46.4°F(8°C) or more. If the sensor doesn’t reach 46.4°F(8°C) in 1 hours, the defrost mode is malfunctioning.
  • Page 33 ERROR CODE on display panel Error Display Error Detection Error Generation Factors Remark Freezer Ref. Category Temperature Temperature Normality Normal operation of None Display Short or Disconnection Freezer Sensor Error of Freezer Sensor Short or Disconnection Refrigerator of Refrigerator Sensor Sensor Error Each Sensor have to check Short or Disconnection...
  • Page 34 8-1-15 TEST Mode 1. The Test mode allows checking the PCB and the function of the product as well as finding out the defective part in case of an error. 2. The test mode is operated by pressing test button at main PCB controller. 3.
  • Page 35 8-2 PCB FUNCTION 8-2-1 Power Circuit The secondary part of the TRANSFORMER is composed of the power supply for the display, the BLDC FAN Motor drive (15.5 V), the relay drive (12 Vdc) and the MICOM and IC (5 Vdc). The voltage for each part is as follows: VA1 is a part for preventing over voltage and noise.
  • Page 36 8-2-2 Load / Fan & Open Door Detection Circuit 1. Load Drive Condition Check To measure outputs of the control board, check voltages between the pins for the following components: Circuit Pin Number Pin Number Output Voltage I/Maker Pilot Valve Con3 Pin3 Con3 Pin2 115 VAC...
  • Page 37 2-3. Machine compartment fan Pin8 & 9 of con4 MOTOR OFF 2V or less MOTOR ON 13V~15V 2-4. Icing compartment fan Pin5 & 6 of con4 MOTOR OFF 2V or less MOTOR ON 13V~15V - 37 -...
  • Page 38 3. Open Door Detection Circuit Check Measurement Pin 11 & 12 of con4 Ref.Door Location Freezer/ Pin 5 & 6 of con6 Fre.Door Refrigerator Door Closed Open 8-2-3 Temperature Sensor Circuit The upper circuit reads refrigerator temperature, freezer temperature, Icing sensor temperature and defrost sensor temperature for defrosting and the indoor temperature for compensating for the surrounding temperature into MICOM.
  • Page 40 8-2-4 Refrigeration Compartment Stepping Motor Damper Circuit A reversible DC motor is used to open and close the damper. To open the damper, push test button once. To close the damper, push test button twice. 8-2-5 Dispenser Drive Circuit Circuit Pin Number Pin Number Output Voltage...
  • Page 41 8-2-6 LED in Refrigerator/Freezer room (Apply for LED Model) CON6 Circuit Pin Number Pin Number Output Voltage LED Module Con6 Pin14 Con6 Pin15 12 VDC - 41 -...
  • Page 43 PROBLEM INDICATED BY CHECK CHECKING METHOD CAUSE SOLUTION COOLING is 1. If FREEZER Check is FREEZER Make sure the DOOR poor. REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE is TEMPERATURE is too isattached. TEMPERATURE normal. low. is too low. 2. If amount of cool air Make sure that the FAN MOTOR is poor.
  • Page 44 8-4 MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY AND PARTS LIST 8-4-1 Main PWB Assembly - 44 -...
  • Page 45 8-4-2 Dispenser Drive PWB Assembly - 45 -...
  • Page 46 For the replacement parts, accessories and owner s manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. refrigerator is found on the serial plate inside. 795.78752.801 For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters. 795.78753.801 All repair parts listed are available 795.78754.801...
  • Page 47 CASE PARTS CAUTION: Use the part number to order part, not the position number. 603B 207B 626A 402A 624D 103B 624C 103A 271A 207A 207C 271B 409D 624A 406D 501F 402A 120A 271C 610B 282F 503D 410G 610B 271D 610A 500A 145A 120B...
  • Page 48 CASE PARTS Loc No. 787*3(ST) 787*2(SW) 787*4(WB) 787*4(BI) 103A 3650JA2061X 3650JA2061A 3650JA2113N 3650JA2061U Handle, Rear 103B 3650JA2061W 3650JA2061B 3650JA2113P 3650JA2061V Handle, Rear 103C ACQ55957504 ACQ55957501 ACQ55957503 ACQ55957502 Cover Assembly, Lower 105A 5251JA3003D 5251JA3003D 5251JA3003D 5251JA3003D Tube Assembly, Drain 106A 4779JJ2001B 4779JJ2001B 4779JJ2001B 4779JJ2001B...
  • Page 49 CASE PARTS LOC No. 787*3(ST) 787*2(SW) 787*9(WB) 787*4(BI) Desc 323B ACG36653801 ACG36653801 ACG36653801 ACG36653801 Condenser Assembly, Wire 327A 4J03020A 4J03020A 4J03020A 4J03020A Damper, Pipe 329A 5901JA1021A 5901JA1021A 5901JA1021A 5901JA1021A Fan Assembly 329C ADP36665701 ADP36665701 ADP36665701 ADP36665701 Fan Assembly 332C AEB34270102 AEB34270102 AEB34270102 AEB34270102...
  • Page 50 FREEZER PARTS CAUTION: Use the part number to order part, not the position number. 250C 250D 145C 250E 250D 145G 250C 136B 145J 131A 145K 145F 145M 145J 145H 237C 136A LOC No. 787*3(ST) 787*2(SW) 787*2(SW) 787*4(BI) Description 131A 5074JA2004A 5074JA2004A 5074JA2004A 5074JA2004A...
  • Page 51: Refrigerator Parts

    REFRIGERATOR PARTS CAUTION: Use the part number to order part, not the position number. 141B 141A 141A 141B 147C 141C 147A 141B 141A 141C 140A 141C 141E 161C 141D 161B 142B 142A 154A 151A 151B 146E 162B 161A 145E 145D 162A Loc No.
  • Page 52: Door Parts

    DOOR PARTS CAUTION: Use the part number to order part, not the position number. 241A 241C 241B 230B 230A 231B 233B 233C 233D 233A 231A 234D 234C 212G 234A 234B 147C 147A 241D 146A 241D 243C 243C 262C 262C 241F 241G 243A 243A...
  • Page 53 DOOR PARTS LOCNo. 787*3(ST) 787*2(SW) 787*2(SW) 787*4(BI) Desc 147A 5074JJ1016A 5074JJ1016A 5074JJ1016A 5074JJ1016A Bucket, Dairy 147C 3550JJ1084A 3550JJ1084A 3550JJ1084A 3550JJ1084A Cove, Bucket 200A ADC57728008 ADC57728202 ADC57728203 ADC57728006 Door Assembly, Freezer 201A ADD57728201 ADD57728202 ADD57728202 ADD57728204 Door Foam Assembly, Freezer 203A MDS38201406 MDS38201401 MDS38201402...
  • Page 54 DISPENSER PARTS 278A 278C 402C 278B 276A 275A 278F 405A 278D 500B 276B 501A 279D 279E 279B 280B 280C 281A 279A LOCNo. 787*3(ST) 787*2(SW) 787*9(WB) 787*4(BI) Desc 275A 5007JA3006V 5007JA3006V 5007JA3006V 5007JA3006V Cap Assembly, Duct 276A 4970JA3011C 4970JA3011C 4970JA3011C 4970JA3011C Spring, Lever 276B 4930JA3043A...
  • Page 55 ICE MAKER & ICE BANK PARTS 606A 600B 630J 600A 611A 630F 630B 630C 630A 630K 630M 630H 614A 630E 630N 630D 630G 630L LOCNo. 787*3(ST) 787*2(SW) 787*9(WB) 787*4(BI) Desc 600A AEQ36756901 AEQ36756901 AEQ36756901 AEQ36756901 Ice Maker Assembly, Kit 600B 6500JB1008A 6500JB1008A 6500JB1008A...

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