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Ver 1.0 1999.02
CD player
Compact disc digital audio system
Laser diode properties
Material: GaAIAs
Wavelength : = 780 nm
Emission duration: Continuous
Laser output : Less than 44.6 W (This output
is the value measured at a distance of 200 mm
from the objective lens surface on the optical
pick-up block with 7 mm aperture. )
Error correction
Sony Super Strategy Cross Interleave Reed
Solomon Code
D-A conversion
1-bit quartz time-axis control
Frequency response
20 - 20,000 Hz
dB (measured by EIAJ CP-
Output (at 4.5 V input level)
Headphones (stereo minijack)
15 mW + 15 mW at 16 ohms
Line output (stereo minijack)
Output level 0.7 V rms at 47 kilohms
Recommended load impedance over 10
Photo : D-E441
Power requirements
For the area code of the model you purchased,
check the upper left side of the bar code on the
• Sony BP-DM10 Rechargeable battery:
2.4 V DC, Ni-Cd, 650 mAh
Sony BP-DM20 Rechargeable battery:
2.4 V DC, Ni-MH, 1,200 mAh
• Two LR6 (size AA) batteries: 3 V DC
• AC power adaptor (DC IN 4.5 V jack):
US, Canadian, Central and South America
model: 120 V, 60 Hz
AEP, German, French, EE, E13 model:
220 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
UK model: 230 - 240 V, 50 Hz
EA model: 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
AUS model: 240 V, 50 Hz
E33 model: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Hong Kong model: 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Chinese, Argentine model: 220 V, 50 Hz
• Sony CPM-300P mount plate for use on car
battery : 4.5V DC
Canadian Model
Australian Model
Chinese Model
Model Name Using Similar Mechanism
CD Mechanism Type
Optical Pick-up Type
Dimensions (w/h/d) (without projecting parts and
Approx. 129 x 28 x 146 mm
( 5
x 1
x 5
Mass (without rechargeable battery)
Approx. 220 g (7.8 oz)
Operating temperature
5 C - 35 C (41 F - 95 F)
Supplied accessories
For the area code of the model you purchased,
check the upper left side of the bar code on the
Earphones (1)
AC power adaptor (1)
Headphones (1)*
Earphones (1)*
AC plug adaptor (1)*
Supplied with US model
Not supplied with US model
Supplied with E33, E13 and EA models
US Model
AEP Model
UK Model
E Model
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Chinese, Argentine model: 220 V, 50 Hz Supplied with US model Headphones (stereo minijack) • Sony CPM-300P mount plate for use on car Not supplied with US model 15 mW + 15 mW at 16 ohms battery : 4.5V DC...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    NE REMPLACER CES COMPOSANTS QUE PAR DES PIÈCES • Never reuse a disconnected chip component. SONY DONT LES NUMÉROS SONT DONNÉS DANS CE MANUEL • Notice that the minus side of a tantalum capacitor may be damaged OU DANS LES SUPPLÉMENTS PUBLIÉS PAR SONY.
  • Page 3: Servicing Notes

    SECTION 1 SERVICING NOTES A C 2 2 1 1 3 9 7 NOTES ON HANDLING THE OPTICAL PICK-UP BLOCK OR current value year BASE UNIT month A : less than 48 mA date The laser diode in the optical pick-up block may suffer electrostatic shift No.
  • Page 4: General

    SECTION 2 GENERAL LOCATION AND FUNCTION OF CONTROLS 1 234 !¶ !§ !∞ !¢ !£ !™ !¡ ESP (Electronic Shock Protection) button 2 /Remote jack !¡ OPEN button AVLS switch !™ DC IN 4.5V jack VOLUME control !£ PLAY MODE button Sound switch !¢...
  • Page 5: Disassembly

    SECTION 3 DISASSEMBLY The equipment can be removed using the following procedure. Lid ASSY, Upper Cabinet (Front) ASSY Cabinet (Rear) ASSY, MD ASSY Main board Note : Follow the disassembly procedure in the numerical order given. 3-1. LID ASSY, UPPER Lid ASSY, Upper 1 OPEN 3-2.
  • Page 6: Main Board

    3-3. MAIN BOARD S804 Main board Knob (HOLD) S804 To install, position the knob S803 and the switch respectively. Sometime the HOLD switch (S804) and RESUME switch S803 (S803) will be broken. Knob (RESUME) Cabinet (Rear) ASSY – 6 –...
  • Page 7: Service Mode

    SECTION 4 SERVICE MODE Service Mode (service program) • Step 3 (Resetting service mode ) The equipment is provided with a service program built in the mi- 1. Be sure to disconnect the external power supply and remove the crocomputer, like conventional models. solder bridge at the TEST terminals connected in setting.
  • Page 8: Adjustments

    SECTION 5 ADJUSTMENTS Focus Bias Check CD SECTION Condition : Precautions for Adjustment • Hold the set in horizontal state. 1. Before beginning adjustment, set the equipment to service mode. After the completion of adjustment, be sure to reset the service Procedure : mode.
  • Page 9 Focus/Tracking Gain Adjustment 1. Place the optical pick-up level, horizontally. (If the optical pick- A servo analyzer is necessary in order to perform this adjustment up is not level, the 2-axis device will be weighted and adjust- exactly. ment cannot be done.) 2.
  • Page 10 Adjustment Location : MAIN BOARD] (Side A) CN501 RV502 : Tracking Gain Adjustment RV503 : Focus Gain Adjustment – 10 –...
  • Page 11: Diagrams

    SECTION 6 DIAGRAMS 6-1. EXPLANATION OF IC TERMINALS IC801 MC68HC05L15SC442718CPB (SYSTEM CONTROL) Pin No. Pin name Description 1 – 3 SEG 12–14 LCD segment signal output terminal. FP26 – Not used (Open). XRST– DSP Reset output terminal. AMUTE – HP Audio mute output terminal.
  • Page 12 Pin No. Pin name Description 46 – 49 COM 3–0 LCD common signal output terminal. VREFH Reference voltage input terminal (connect to VDD). VREFL – Connect to ground. AD ESPSL/TEST Test mode terminal. “ L ” : Test mode “ H ” : Nomal mode AD–KEY A/D input terminal for main unit key.
  • Page 13: Block Diagram

    D- E440/E441/E441SR/E443/ 6-2. BLOCK DIAGRAM E445/E446CK/E449CK • Signal path. : CD – 13 – – 14 – – 15 –...
  • Page 14: Schematic Diagram

    6-4. SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM Refer to page 24 for IC Block Diagrams. D- E440/E441/E441SR/E443/ E445/E446CK/E449CK Waveforms Note: SERVICE MODE • All capacitors are in F unless otherwise noted. pF: during TRK servo OFF 50 WV or less are not indicated except for electrolytics and tantalums.
  • Page 20 Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark X-4950-224-1 DETECTOR ASSY X-4950-798-1 LID ASSY, UPPER(ORANGE)(E445) 4-213-871-01 CABINET (FRONT)(BLUE) X-4951-159-1 LID ASSY, UPPER(E441SR) 4-213-871-41 CABINET (FRONT)(SILVER) 4-994-981-01 SPRING, TORSION 4-213-876-01 HOLDER (LCD) X-4950-720-1 LID ASSY, UPPER(SILVER)(E445) 4-978-695-01 PLATE,TERMINAL,BATTERY 4-990-219-01 INSULATOR X-4950-721-1 LID ASSY, UPPER(BLUE)(E445) A-3323-101-A MAIN BOARD,COMPLETE(FR)
  • Page 21: Optical Pick-up Section

    7-2. OPTICAL PICK-UP SECTION M902 M901 S901 The components identified by Les composants identifiés par une mark ! or dotted line with mark marque ! sont critiques pour ! are critical for safety. la sécurité. Replace only with part number Ne les remplacer que par une pièce specified.
  • Page 22: Electrical Parts List

    SECTION 8 MAIN ELECTRICAL PARTS LIST NOTE : • Due to standardization, replacements in the • SEMICONDUCTORS The components identified by mark ! parts list may be different from the parts In each case, u : , for example : or dotted line with mark ! are critical specified in the diagrams or the components uA..
  • Page 23 MAIN Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark C520 1-162-968-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0.0047uF 10% CN701 1-695-320-51 PIN, CONNECTOR (1.5MM)(SMD) 2P C521 1-162-968-11 CERAMIC CHIP 0.0047uF 10% CN702 1-695-320-31 PIN, CONNECTOR (1.5MM)(SMD) 2P C523 1-115-565-11 CERAMIC CHIP 2.2uF CN703 1-695-320-21 PIN, CONNECTOR (1.5MM)(SMD) 2P...
  • Page 24 MAIN Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark < JACK > R103 1-218-901-11 RES,CHIP 180K 0.50% 1/16W (FR) J301 1-778-696-11 JACK(LINE OUT) R105 1-216-821-11 METAL CHIP 1/16W J302 1-580-680-11 JACK(2/REMOTE) J401 1-778-153-21 JACK,DC(POLARITY UNIFIED TYPE) R107 1-216-793-11 RES,CHIP 1/16W...
  • Page 25 MAIN Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark R830 1-216-864-11 METAL CHIP 1/16W R528 1-216-829-11 METAL CHIP 4.7K 1/16W R879 1-216-857-11 METAL CHIP 1/16W R529 1-216-864-11 METAL CHIP 1/16W < VARIABLE RESISTOR > R531 1-216-833-11 METAL CHIP 1/16W R533 1-216-841-11 METAL CHIP...
  • Page 26 Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark Ref. No. Part No. Description Remark 1-528-444-11 BATTERY PACK (BP-DM10) (E443:E13,E33,EA/ G/E441:AEP,G/E441SR:AEP,G/E443:AEP, E445:AUS,CND,CN,E13,EE,HK) G/E445:AEP,G/E446CK:AEP,G) 1-528-444-31 BATTERY PACK (BP-DM10)(E445:US/E449CK) 3-865-543-81 MANUAL,INSTRUCTION(ITALIAN)(E440:7AEP 1-528-444-81 BATTERY PACK (BP-DM10)(E443:AEP,FR,G, /E441:AEP/E441SR:AEP/E443:AEP/ UK/E445:AEP,FR,G,UK) E445:AEP/E446CK:AEP) 1-532-452-99 FUSE,GLASS CYLINDRICAL(DIA.5)1A 125V 3-865-543-91 MANUAL,INSTRUCTION(FINNISH)(E440:7AEP (E446CK/E449CK) /E441:AEP/E441SR:AEP/E443:AEP/ E445:AEP/E446CK:AEP) 1-569-007-11 ADAPTOR, CONVERSION 2P(E33)
  • Page 27 D- E440/441/E441SR/E443/ E445/E446CK/E449CK Sony Corporation 99B0290-1 Printed in Japan © 1999.2 9-926-932-11 Personal A&V Products Company Published by Quality Engineering Dept. – 36 – (Shibaura)

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