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Owner's Manual
Mode d'emploi
Manual de instrucciones


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  • Page 1

    CD RECEIVER AUTORADIO CD RADIO CD DEH-2100IB Owner’s Manual Mode d’emploi Manual de instrucciones...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product. Please read through this manual before using the product for the first time, to en- sure proper use. After reading, please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference.

  • Page 3

    Connections Connection diagram 20 Installation DIN front/rear mount 21 – DIN Front-mount 21 – DIN Rear-mount 22 Fastening the front panel 22 Additional Information Error messages 23 Handling guideline of discs and player 23 Dual Discs 24 Compressed audio compatibility 24 Compressed audio files on the disc 24 Example of a hierarchy 25 iPod 25...

  • Page 4: Before You Start

    Also, damage to this unit, smoke, and over- heating could result from contact with liquids. ! Keep this manual handy as a reference for op- Alteration or modifications carried out without erating procedures and precautions. appropriate authorization may invalidate the ! Always keep the volume low enough so that user’s right to operate the equipment.

  • Page 5: After-sales Service For Pioneer Products

    2 Receive updates on the latest products and CAUTION technologies. Pioneer accepts no responsibility for data lost on 3 Download owner’s manuals, order product the iPod even if that data is lost while using this catalogues, research new products, and unit.

  • Page 6: Attaching The Front Panel

    WARNING Slide the front panel to the left until it Keep the battery out of the reach of children. clicks. Should the battery be swallowed, consult a doc- Front panel and the head unit are jointed on tor immediately. the left side. Make sure that the front panel has been jointed to the head unit.

  • Page 7: Operating This Unit

    ’ ! 2/ARTIST can be used to select artist list. ! 3/ALBUM can be used to select album list. ! 4/iPod can be used to control CTRL (con- trol mode). ! 5/ can be used to control RANDOM (random). can also be used to control SHUFFLEALL (shuffle all).

  • Page 8: Remote Control

    b DISP/BACK/SCRL button Press and hold to recall the initial setting Press to select different displays. menu when the sources are off. Press and hold to scroll through the text in- i LIST/ENTER button formation. Press to display the disc title list, track title Press to return to the previous display when list, folder list or file list depending on the operating the menu.

  • Page 9: Basic Operations

    (folder) indicator Notes Appears when operating list function. ! In the following cases, the sound source will 7 d indicator not change. — When there is no disc in the unit. Appears when a lower tier of folder or menu —...

  • Page 10: Storing And Recalling Broadcast Frequencies

    You can easily store up to six broadcast fre- BSM (best stations memory) automatically quencies for later recall. stores the six strongest broadcast frequencies ! Six stations for each band can be stored in in the order of their signal strength. memory.

  • Page 11: Displaying Text Information On Disc

    # When loading a disc, face the label side of a disc up. % Eject a CD (CD-ROM) % Press DISP/BACK/SCRL to select the de- Press h (eject). sired text information. For CD TEXT discs % Select a folder Play time—DISC TITLE (disc title)— Press a or b.

  • Page 12: Selecting Tracks From The Track Title List

    ! When playing back VBR (variable bit rate)-re- # To return to the ordinary display, press corded MP3 files, VBR is displayed instead of BAND/ESC or /LIST. # If you do not operate the list within about 30 bit rate value. ! The sampling frequency shown in the display seconds, the display automatically returns to the may be abbreviated.

  • Page 13: Ipod Compatibility

    Notes normal playback of the tracks begins. ! Read the precautions for iPod on page 25. ! While iPod is connected to this unit, PIONEER (check mark)) is displayed on the iPod. Use MULTI-CONTROL to select PAUSE in ! If an error message is displayed, refer to Error the function menu.

  • Page 14: Displaying Text Information On Ipod

    ! When iPod is connected to this unit, this # You can display ALBUMS (albums) by press- unit’s equalizer setting can be used instead of ing 3/ALBUM on the ordinary display. # You can start playback throughout the se- the equalizer setting of iPod. ! The iPod is turned off after a certain period of lected category by pressing and holding time when the ignition switch is set to OFF.

  • Page 15: Playing Songs In A Random Order (shuffle)

    Function name Operation Refer to Selecting a repeat play range on page 12. % Press 5/ to turn shuffle all on. However, the repeat play ranges All songs on the iPod play randomly. you can select are different from # To turn shuffle all off, set SHUFFLE in the that of the built-in CD player.

  • Page 16: Changing Audiobook Speed

    ! Functions other than CTRL (control mode) Notes cannot be selected. ! To return to the previous display, press ! The volume can only be controlled from this DISP/BACK/SCRL. unit. ! To return to the main menu, press and hold # Switching this function to IPOD pauses song DISP/BACK/SCRL.

  • Page 17: Using The Equalizer

    Turn MULTI-CONTROL to adjust the level. There are six stored equalizer settings such as +6 to –6 is displayed as the level is increased DYNAMIC, VOCAL, NATURAL, CUSTOM, or decreased. FLAT and POWERFUL that can easily be re- called at any time. Press MULTI-CONTROL to determine ! CUSTOM is an adjusted equalizer curve the selection.

  • Page 18: Initial Settings

    Turn MULTI-CONTROL to adjust the source volume. It is possible to use auxiliary device with this +4 to –4 is displayed as the source volume is unit. Activate the auxiliary setting when using increased or decreased. auxiliary device connected to this unit. Press MULTI-CONTROL to determine Use MULTI-CONTROL to select AUX in the selection.

  • Page 19

    ! Control signal is output through blue/white Important cable when this unit is powered on. Connect it ! When this unit is installed in a vehicle without to an external power amp’s system remote ACC (accessory) position on the ignition control or the vehicle’s auto-antenna relay switch, red cable must be wired to the term- control terminal (max.

  • Page 20: Connections

    Power amp This product (sold separately) Connect with RCA cables (sold separately) Rear output iPod with Dock Connector Antenna jack Fuse (10 A) Green Dock Connector 1.5 m (4 ft. 11 in.) Interface cable Yellow Connect to the constant 12 V supply terminal.

  • Page 21: Installation

    space behind the unit, use factory supplied Important mounting sleeve. ! Check all connections and systems before Secure the mounting sleeve by using a final installation. ! Do not use unauthorized parts. Use of un- screwdriver to bend the metal tabs (90°) into place.

  • Page 22: Din Rear-mount

    Determine the appropriate position where the holes on the bracket and the Extend top and bottom of the trim ring side of the unit match. outwards to remove the trim ring. (When reattaching the trim ring, point the side with a groove downwards and attach it.) Tighten two screws on each side.

  • Page 23: Additional Information

    ERROR-A0 When you contact your dealer or your nearest erates correctly iPod shorted out Pioneer Service Center, be sure to have the (e.g., not caught in metal objects). error message recorded. After checking, turn the ignition...

  • Page 24: Dual Discs

    ! Store discs in their cases when not in use. ! Avoid leaving discs in excessively hot envir- onments including under direct sunlight. ! Do not attach labels, write on or apply che- ! Compatible format: WMA encoded by micals to the surface of the discs. ! To clean a CD, wipe the disc with a soft Windows Media Player ! File extension: .wma...

  • Page 25: Example Of A Hierarchy

    : Folder : Compressed audio file ! You cannot operate the iPod Equalizer on Pioneer products. We recommend that you set the iPod Equalizer to off, before con- necting to this unit. ! You cannot set Repeat to off on the iPod when using this unit.

  • Page 26

    Supply of this product only conveys a license for private, non-commercial use and does not convey a license nor imply any right to use this product in any commercial (i.e. revenue- generating) real time broadcasting (terrestrial, satellite, cable and/or any other media), broad- casting/streaming via internet, intranets and/ or other networks or in other electronic con- tent distribution systems, such as pay-audio or...

  • Page 27: Specifications

    FM tuner Frequency range ...... 87.9 MHz to 107.9 MHz General Usable sensitivity ..... 11 dBf (0.7 μV/75 W, mono, Power source ......14.4 V DC (10.8 V to 15.1 V S/N: 30 dB) allowable) Signal-to-noise ratio ....72 dB (IHF-A network) Grounding system ....

  • Page 28

    Col.Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico, D.F. 11000 TEL: 55-9178-4270 先鋒股份有限公司 總公司 : 台北市中山北路二段44號13樓 Published by Pioneer Corporation. 電話 : (02) 2521-3588 Copyright © 2008 by Pioneer Corporation. 先鋒電子(香港)有限公司 All rights reserved. 香港九龍尖沙咀海港城世界商業中心 Publié par Pioneer Corporation. Copyright 9樓901-6室 © 2008 par Pioneer Corporation. Tous 電話...

  • Page 29

    Fig.1 Fig.2 3. Other devices (Another electronic device in the car) "6 'J;/ 2. Metal parts of car's body Fig.3 _ _ _ _ _ _ AVERTISSEMENT WARNING Always lollow the instructions below when connecting or installing parts. Not lollowing the Veuillez toujours suivre les instructions indiquees ci-dessous lors du branchement ou de I'in- instructions below may result in the malfunction 01 this unit.

  • Page 30

    Fig.1 Fig.2 I ~I 1112 1111 3. Other devices 1. Ground wire (Another electronic device in the car) ><::..2. Metal parts of car's body FigA Fig.3 1113 1114 I" ------- ------- .~------­ ,,-,\,l.;;~1 .~,I ';,f.uI,,-,\,l.;;~1 ~.,..,., tl,;1 :.I.:"i ",i..,..,!.;;i J.,-..rl.,.iJl""" tl,;1 WI, ~.n~aS~~'.B~.M~~~~o~~.MT~~~~~.B* .i~1...

  • Page 31

    GARANTIE Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. (PUSA) et Pioneer Electronique du Canada, Inc. (POC) garantissent que les produits distribues par PUSA aux Etats-Unis et par POC au Canada qui, apres avoir ete installes et utilises conformement au manuel de I'utilisateur inclus avec I'unite, ne fonctionnent pas de fa90n appropriee dans des conditions d'utilisation normales en raison d'un vice de fabrication, seront repares ou remplaces par une unite de valeur comparable, au choix de PUSA ou de POC, sans que vous deviez payer pour les pieces ou les travaux de reparation.

  • Page 32

    Within 40 days of receiving your complaint, Pioneer will investigate the dispute and will either: (1) respond to your complaint in writing informing you what action Pioneer will take, and in what time period, to resolve the dispute; or (2) respond to your complaint in writing informing you why it will not take any action.

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