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Sony AC-550CE Maintenance Manual

Ac adaptor.
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1st Edition
Serial No. 45451 and Higher


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   Summary of Contents for Sony AC-550CE

  • Page 1

    AC ADAPTOR AC-550CE MAINTENANCE MANUAL 1st Edition Serial No. 45451 and Higher...

  • Page 2

    Ce manual est destiné uniquement aux personnes compétentes en charge de l’entretien. Afin de réduire les risques de décharge électrique, d’incendie ou de blessure n’effectuer que les réparations indiquées dans le mode d’emploi à moins d’être qualifié pour en effectuer d’autres. Pour toute réparation faire appel à une personne compétente uniquement. AC-550CE...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Excess Current Detection and Adjustment ..........2-1 3. Spare Parts 3-1. Exploded View .................... 3-2 3-2. Electrical Parts List ..................3-4 4. Semiconductor Pin Assignments 5. Diagram and Board Layout 5-1. Frame Wiring ....................5-1 5-2. Board Layout ....................5-2 AC-550CE...

  • Page 5

    Manual Structure Purpose of this manual This manual is the maintenance manual for AC Adaptor AC-550CE. This manual describes the information items on maintenance, and items that premise the service based on the components parts such as alignment, schematic diagram, board layout and spare parts list, assuming use of service engineers.

  • Page 7: Connectors And Cable, Connecting Connectors/cables, Connectors Input/output Signal, Ac-550ce

    1.0 V p-p, Zo = 75 Z EXT VBS OUT (GND) 1.0 V p-p, Zo = 75 Z No connection No connection No connection No connection No connection DC OUT (+13.5 V) +13.2 V to +13.8 V, 7 A DC OUT (GND) AC-550CE...

  • Page 8: Notes On Service, Note On Maintenance, Notes On Repair Parts

    Therefore, specified parts should be used in the case of replacement. 2. Standardization of Parts Some repair parts supplied by Sony differ from those used for the unit. These are because of parts common- ality and improvement. Parts list has the present standardized repair parts.

  • Page 9: Output Voltage Adjustment

    2. Connect the DC OUT connector of AC-550CE as shown in the figure below. Preparation 1. Turn OFF the power of the AC-550CE. 2. Connect the DC OUT connectors of the AC-550CE as shown in the figure below. 3. Turn ON the power of the AC-550CE. Adjustment Adjust 1VR201/A board so that the DC voltmeter reading 3.

  • Page 11

    Section 3 Spare Parts AC-550CE...

  • Page 12

    Overall Block AC-550CE...

  • Page 13

    Overall Block AC-550CE...

  • Page 14: Electrical Parts List

    D108 8-719-031-10 s DIODE ERB91-02V3R R117 9-903-724-01 s FILM 150K 3W D109 8-719-031-10 s DIODE ERB91-02V3R R118 9-903-733-01 s CARBON 220 1/2W D110 9-903-711-01 s DIODE ERA38-05V3R R119 9-997-703-01 s CARBON 1.5K 1/6W R120 9-903-734-01 s CARBON 33 1/2W AC-550CE...

  • Page 15

    T101 ! 9-903-739-01 s TRANSFORMER, CONVERTER T102 ! 9-903-741-01 s TRANSFORMER, DRIVE T103 ! 9-903-741-01 s TRANSFORMER, DRIVE T104 ! 9-903-740-01 s TRANSFORMER, CONVERTER TR101 9-997-766-01 s TRIAC 8A 600V VR201 9-903-742-01 s RES, ADJ, METAL 2K VR202 9-903-742-01 s RES, ADJ, METAL 2K AC-550CE...

  • Page 17

    Diode, Transistor, IC Section 4 Semiconductor Pin Assignments [DIODE] [TRANSISTOR] [IC] AC-550CE...

  • Page 19: Frame Wiring

    5-1. Frame Wiring HN003 S101 CN302 DC OUT HN001 (FEMALE) CN301 AC IN HN004 CN303 CAMERA OUT (FEMALE) HN005 CN304 VIDEO OUT HN002 (WIRING SIDE) CN305 MIC OUT S102 (MALE) A BOARD CN306 EXT VBS Frame Wiring A Board AC-550CE B-¥AC550-FRAME AC-550CE...

  • Page 20: Board Layout

    A Board A Board 5-2. Board Layout A Board -COMPONENT SIDE- AC-550CE...

  • Page 22

    Printed in Japan Sony Corporation AC-550CE (CE) E 2000. 9 16 Communication System Solutions Network Company 9-968-579-01 ©2000...

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