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Honda GC160E Owner's Manual

Honda power equipment automobile parts user manual.
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06/12/01 19:14:14 32Z2L600_001
GC135E • GC160E
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 2003


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  • Page 1 06/12/01 19:14:14 32Z2L600_001 GC135E • GC160E SERIAL NUMBER AND ENGINE TYPE OWNER’S MANUAL Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 2003...
  • Page 2 06/12/01 19:14:23 32Z2L600_002 Thank you for purchasing a Honda engine. This manual covers the operation and maintenance of your engine: GC135E•GC160E All information in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of printing. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation.
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    06/12/01 19:14:31 32Z2L600_003 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To ensure safe operation Always make a pre-operation check (page the engine. You may prevent an accident or equipment damage. To prevent fire hazards and to provide adequate ventilation, keep the engine at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from buildings and other equipment during operation.
  • Page 4 06/12/01 19:14:39 32Z2L600_004 Safety Instruction To ensure safe operation If any fuel is spilled, clean it up completely and allow petroleum vapours to dissipate before starting the engine. Do not smoke or allow flames or sparks where the engine is refueled or where gasoline is stored.
  • Page 5: Component Identification

  • Page 6: Pre-operation Check

    06/12/01 19:14:52 32Z2L600_006 PRE-OPERATION CHECK Engine oil level Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause serious engine damage. Be sure to check the engine on a level surface with the engine stopped. Remove the oil filler cap and check the oil level. If the lebel is low, add the recommended oil to the edge of the oil filler hole.
  • Page 7: Air Cleaner Cover

    06/12/01 19:14:57 32Z2L600_007 Air cleaner Never run the engine without the air cleaner. Rapid engine wear will result. Remove the air cleaner cover and check the cleaner for dirt or obstruction of the element (page 19 ). AIR CLEANER COVER ELEMENT...
  • Page 8 06/12/01 19:15:04 32Z2L600_008 Fuel Use automotive unleaded gasoline with a Research Octane Number of 91 or higher (a Pump Octane Number of 86 or higher). Never use stale or contaminated gasoline or an oil/gasoline mixture. Avoid getting dirt or water in the fuel tank. Gasoline is extremely flammable and is explosive under certain conditions.
  • Page 9: Gasolines Containing Alcohol

    06/12/01 19:15:12 32Z2L600_009 Gasoline spoils very quickly depending on factors such as light exposure, temperature and time. In worst cases, gasoline can be contaminated within 1 month. Using contaminated gasoline can seriously damage the engine (carburetor clogged, valve stuck). Such damage due to spoiled fuel is disallowed from coverage by the warranty.
  • Page 10: Starting The Engine

    06/12/01 19:15:19 32Z2L600_010 STARTING THE ENGINE Pull the choke rod to the CLOSED position. Do not use the choke if the engine is warm or the air temperature is high. CHOKE ROD Control lever with engine stop function: Move the control lever away from the SLOW position, about 1/3 of the way toward the FAST position.
  • Page 11 06/12/01 19:15:24 32Z2L600_011 Control lever with only engine stop function: Move the control lever to the ON position. CONTROL LEVER Pull the starter grip lightly until you feel resistance, then pull briskly in the direction of the arrow as shown below. Return the starter grip gently.
  • Page 12 06/12/01 19:15:29 32Z2L600_012 High altitude operation At high altitude, the standard carburetor air-fuel mixture will be ex- cessively rich. Performance will decrease, and fuel consumption will increase. High altitude performance can be improved by installing a smaller diameter main fuel jet in the carburetor and readjusting the pilot screw.
  • Page 13 06/12/01 19:15:32 32Z2L600_013 Oil alert system (where equipped) The Oil Alert System is designed to prevent engine damage caused by an insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase. Before the oil level in the crankcase can fall below a safe limit, the Oil Alert System will automatically stop the engine (the engine switch will remain in the ON position).
  • Page 14: Operation

    06/12/01 19:15:38 32Z2L600_014 OPERATION If the choke rod has been pulled to the CLOSED position to start the engine, push it to the OPEN position as soon as the engine warms up enough to run smoothly. CHOKE ROD Control lever with engine stop function: Position the control lever for the desired engine speed.
  • Page 15: Stopping The Engine

    06/12/01 19:15:44 32Z2L600_015 STOPPING THE ENGINE Control lever with engine stop function: Move the control lever to the STOP position. STOP STOP CONTROL LEVER Control lever with only engine stop function: Move the control lever to the OFF position. CONTROL LEVER...
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    06/12/01 19:15:49 32Z2L600_016 MAINTENANCE Shut off the engine before performing any maintenance. To prevent accidental start-up, disconnect the spark plug cap. The engine should be serviced by an authorized Honda dealer unless the owner has proper tools and service data and feels he is mechanically qualified.
  • Page 17: Maintenance Schedule

    06/12/01 19:16:00 32Z2L600_017 Maintenance Schedule REGULAR SERVICE PERIOD (4) Perform at every indicated ITEM month or operating hours interval, whichever comes first. Engine oil Check Change Air cleaner Check Clean Replace Timing belt Check Spark plug Check Clean − Replace Spark arrester Clean (optional part)
  • Page 18: Engine Oil Capacity

    06/12/01 19:16:08 32Z2L600_018 Oil change Drain the oil while the engine is still warm to assure rapid and complete draining. Remove the oil filler cap and drain plug to drain the oil. Install the drain plug, and tighten it securely. Refill with the recommended oil (see page level.
  • Page 19 06/12/01 19:16:13 32Z2L600_019 Air cleaner service A dirty air cleaner will restrict air flow to the carburetor. To prevent carburetor malfunction, service the air cleaner regularly. Service more frequently when operating the engine in extremely dusty areas. Never run the engine without the air cleaner. Rapid engine wear will result.
  • Page 20 06/12/01 19:16:17 32Z2L600_020 Remove the element. Carefully check the element for holes or tears and replace if damaged. Tap the element lightly several times on a hard surface to remove excess dirt, or blow compressed air through the filter from the inside out. Never try to brush the dirt off; brushing will force dirt into the fibers.
  • Page 21 06/12/01 19:16:23 32Z2L600_021 Spark plug service Recommended spark plug: BPR6ES (NGK) Never use a spark plug of incorrect heat range. To ensure proper engine operation, the spark plug must be properly gapped and free of deposits. Remove the spark plug cap and use a spark plug wrench to remove each spark plug.
  • Page 22 06/12/01 19:16:27 32Z2L600_022 Visually inspect the spark plug. Discard the spark plug if there is apparent wear, or if the insulator is cracked or chipped. Clean the spark plug with a wire brush if it is to be reused. Measure the plug gap with a feeler gauge. Correct as necessary by bending the side electrode.
  • Page 23 06/12/01 19:16:32 32Z2L600_023 Check that the spark plug washer is in good condition and thread the spark plug in by hand to prevent cross-threading. After the spark plug is seated, tighten with a spark plug wrench to compress the washer. When installing a new spark plug, tighten 1/2 turn after the spark plug seats to compress the washer.
  • Page 24: Spark Arrester

    06/12/01 19:16:37 32Z2L600_024 Spark arrester maintenance (optional part) If the engine has been running, the muffler will be very hot. Allow it to cool before proceeding. The spark arrester must be serviced every 100 hours to maintain its efficiency. Remove the muffler protector by removing the three 6 mm bolts. Remove the spark arrester from the muffler by removing the two screws.
  • Page 25 06/12/01 19:16:43 32Z2L600_025 Use a brush to remove carbon deposits from the spark arrester screen. Be careful not to damage the spark arrester screen. SCREEN The spark arrester must be free of breaks and holes. Replace, if necessary. Install the spark arrester and the muffler in the reverse order of disassembly.
  • Page 26 06/12/01 19:16:49 32Z2L600_026 TRANSPORTING/STORAGE When transporting the engine, keep the engine level to prevent fuel spillage. Fuel vapor or spilled fuel may ignite. Before storing the unit for an extended period; Be sure the storage area is free of excessive humidity and dust. Drain the fuel tank and carburetor into a suitable gasoline container: Empty the fuel tank into an approved gasoline container using...
  • Page 27 06/12/01 19:16:52 32Z2L600_027 Change the engine oil (page 18 ). Pull the starter rope slowly until resistance is felt. This closes the valves, and protects them from dust and corrosion. Coat areas that may rust with a light film of oil. Cover the engine and store it on a level surface in a dry, dust free area.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    06/12/01 19:16:57 32Z2L600_028 TROUBLESHOOTING When the engine will not start: Is there fuel in the fuel tank? Is gasoline reaching the carburetor? To check, loosen the drain screw. If any fuel is spilled, make sure the area is dry before testing the spark plug or starting the engine.
  • Page 29 06/12/01 19:17:01 32Z2L600_029 Is the control lever positioned properly (page 10, 11)? Is the spark plug in good condition? (page 21) If the engine still does not start, take the engine to an authorized Honda dealer.
  • Page 30: Specifications

    06/12/01 19:17:11 32Z2L600_030 SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Model Power equipment description code Length Width Height Dry weight Engine Engine type Displacement Bore x Stroke Max. output Max. torque Fuel consumption Cooling system Ignition system PTO shaft rotation Fuel tank capacity Engine oil capacity Engine oil Spark plug Specifications may vary according to the types, and are subject to...
  • Page 31 Fuel tank capacity Engine oil capacity Engine oil Spark plug Specifications may vary according to the types, and are subject to change without notice. GC160E GCABE 337 mm (13.3 in) 369 mm (14.5 in) 331 mm (13.0 in) 11.5 kg (25.4 lbs) 4-stroke, overhead cam, 1 cylinder 160 cm (9.8 cu-in)
  • Page 32 06/12/01 19:17:23 32Z2L600_032 MEMO...

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