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Honda F210 Owner's Manual

Honda tiller owner's manual.
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  • Page 2: Safety

    MANUAL CAREFULLY. that follow: serious injury instructions are not followed. a strong...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents


  • Page 4: Safety Information

    1. SAFETY INFORMATION Read all safety instructions before operating.

  • Page 5

    Operating a tiller in poor or injury. labels are in cover) are in place. in case of emergency. proper instruction this tiller barefoot your risk of injury.

  • Page 6

    Never assume children and turn the tiller off if children Children should never be allowed supervision. Rotating Tines Hazard The rotating tines are sharp and they turn at high speed. Accidental...

  • Page 7


  • Page 8: Component Identification

    THROTTLE LEVER HANDLE ADJUSTER MUFFLER y RECOIL STARTER SPARK PLUG CAP *ENGINE SERIAL NUM ENGINE OIL FILLER CAP TRANSMISSION FILLER CAP ENGINE OIL DRAIN BOLT ROiOR * Record the frame and engine the serial numbers when warranty inquiries (see page 29). Frame serial number:...

  • Page 9: Pre-operation Check

    3. PRE-OPERATION ENGINE OIL IMPORTANT NOTICE serious engine damage. 1. Remove the oil filler cap and wipe the dipstick 2. [nsert the dipstick 3. If the level is low, add enough level mark on the dipstick. Use high-detergent, or exceed U.S.

  • Page 10: Starting

    If any gasoline before starting the engine. After use, part the tiller on a level surface. well ventilated, do not allow After refueling, be sure to tighten US qt) flammable, and gasoline gasoline.

  • Page 11

    It simply gasoline or an oil/gasoline in the gas tank. it produces fewer engine system life. “pinging” occurs brands of gasoline. Honda tiller dealer. persistent spark knock or pinging is considered does cover operating under heavy means your engine mixture.

  • Page 12

    GASOLINES CONTAINING If you decide to use a gasoline tane rating is at least Gasoline Recommendation one containing ethanol, Never use gasoline containing cosolvents and corrosion 1 -IMPORTANT NoTlCE 1 Using gasohol or gasoline containing also contain cosolvents serious fuel system damage Honda cannot...

  • Page 13

    Transmission gear oil Place the tiller on a level surface and remove the transmission oil filler cap. The oil should be level with the lower edge of the oil filler hole. Add recommended engine oil if the level is low (see page 8).

  • Page 14: Starting The Engine

    4. STARTING THE ENGINE Be sure the clutch is disengaged, to prevent immediate rotation of the tines, which may cause loss of control and possible injury. 1. Turn the fuel valve FUEL VALVE 2. Pull the choke rod out. CHOKE ROD NOTE: Do not use the...

  • Page 15

    4. Move the throttle lever slightly the left. 5. Pull the starter grip resistance is felt, then pull briskly. ~PORTANT NOTICE starter grip against the engine. prevent damage starter. 6. Push choke engine warms lightly until ] ~~ allow snap back Return it gent-...

  • Page 16: Tiller Operation

    3. Front wheel To move the tiller from place to place when Working from the right side of the tiller, pivot the wheel down arm locks in place. 5. TILLER OPERATION...

  • Page 17

    (waist height It enables you to com- of the drag bar will at the time of be adjusted so that the press down into the soil. move forward, move to bring the tiller’s weight...

  • Page 18: Stopping The Engine

    6. STOPPING THE ENGINE 1. Move the throttle lever fully to the right. THROTTLE LEVER 2. Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. ENGINE SWITCH FUEL VALVE 3. Turn the fuel valve OFF. NOTE: In case of an emergency, turn the engine switch to the OFF posi-...

  • Page 19

    Honda tiller dealer engine horsepower feet increase .in altitude. than this if no carburetor a carburetor is jetted without rejetting engine damage.

  • Page 20: Maintenance

    Honda proficient. See the Honda Shop 7. MAINTENANCE is to keep the tiller in the best as scheduled in the table below. any maintenance. HONDA parts or-their are not of equivalent FIRST EVERY EVERY...

  • Page 21

    1. Changing Drain the oil while the engine draining. 1. Rernove the oil drain bolt and filler cap to drain. 2. Reinstall the drain bolt and fill the crankcase recommended oil (P. 8). 3. Reinstall and tighten OIL CAPACITY: 0.4 ! (0.42 OIL FILER UPPER LEVEL LOWER LEVEL...

  • Page 22

    2. Air cleaner service A dirty air cleaner buretor malfunction, quently when operating Never use gasoline air cleaner element. 1 IMPORTANT NOTICE 1 N engine wear will result. Remove the wing cleaner cover. ments Carefully check holes tears damaged. Foam element: soapy water,...

  • Page 23

    3. Spark plug service Recommended spark plug: BMR4A To ensure proper engine ped and free of deposits. 1. Remove the spark plug cap. If the engine careful not to touch the muffler. 2. Visually inspect the sp chipped. Clean the spark plug with 3.

  • Page 24

    4. Clutch cable adjustment 1. Check the clutch lever free play at the lever tip as illustrated. Clutch lever free play: 2-6 2. If the clearance is incorrect, bolt in or out as required. 3. After adjustment, tighten and check for proper ADJUSTiNG mm (0.08-0.24...

  • Page 25

    5. Throttle cable adjustment Measure the free play at the lever tip. Free play: 10 mm (0.2-0.4 If the free play is incorrect in or out as required. THROTTLE LEVER 6. Fuel strainer cleaning Water or sediment accumulated power or hard starting. strainer regularly.

  • Page 26

    7. Rotor assembly Install the tine assemblies NOTE: Use of the side disks is optional. ing operations and their use is recommended 1) keep the tiller aligned 2) protect plants and other such objects 3) prevent hooking the tines in objects...

  • Page 27: Transporting/storage

    8. TRANSPORTING/STORAGE Transporting Turn off the fuel valve. Keep the tiller level. Do not lay it on it side or lean it back on its handle- bars. Tie the tiller down from tipping over. Preparation for storage Drain the gasoline...

  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    Clean any dirt from the spark plug. switch to any engine replace the plug and check again. according still does not start, take the tiller to an authorized 9. TROUBLESHOOTING around ground and pull the recoil to the instructions. flow testing...

  • Page 29: Specifications

    90 cm3 (5.5 cu in) 50 x 46 mm (I .97 x 1.81 in) Transistorized BMR4A (NGK), Wl4MR-U 0.4 P (0.42 0.9 0 (0.24 Internal 0.95 are subject to change F210 F210 kg (60.6 mm (49.2 GVIOOKI 4-stroke, forced air cooled, gasoline ignition (ND)

  • Page 30: Warranty Service

    Owner Satisfaction Your satisfaction Honda warranty ty. Normally, any problems dealer’s service been handled to your action: Discuss your problem complaints can be quickly already been reviewed the dealership If your problem American P.O. Box 50 Gardena, Telephone: We will need the following - Your name, Product model and serial number...

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