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   Summary of Contents for Polaris Vac-Sweep 65

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    I M P O R TA N T I N F O R M AT I O N...

  • Page 2: Important Information

    Non-Polaris parts are not made to our specifications. They may have an adverse effect on the operation of the Polaris or may even damage it. If you are unable to find genuine Polaris parts in your area, contact our Customer Service Department to receive the name of a local Polaris dealer nearest you.

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    Once the universal wall fitting is secure, the The Polaris 65 does all the hard work for you, quick disconnect can be removed without leaving you with a sparkling clean pool. It's removing the universal wall fitting.

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    If the float hose does not come within four feet 7. Put the Polaris in the pool and turn on the pool of the farthest point, you will need to add a float pump.

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    Reattach it making sure the frame of the filter will remove debris as large as leaves or as fine bag is completely open. as sand. The Polaris 165 will vacuum and sweep B. Cleaning the Filter Screen the pool in three hours or less.

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    The hanger kit is an ideal way to store the Polaris lifting slightly at the rear of the while it is not in use. It keeps the Polaris safe and surface module top. out of the way. It also helps keep the hoses from b.

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    ■ Problem: The float hose remains coiled. Length of the sweep hose:____________ Solution: 1. See “Polaris does not clean entire Length of the float hose:______________ pool” on page 6. Is the filter connector clear of debris? 2. Lay the float hose (#25) out straight (See Solution 4b on page 6.)

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    Float Hose Extension Kit, 8 Ft, Gray 6-309-00 Turtle Top 6-511-00 UWF Eyeball Fitting 9-100-8006 Standard Eyeball Regulator Disk 10-102-00 UWF Removal Tool, Plastic 11-203-00 Adjustable Plug, UWF To ensure proper operation and long life for the Polaris, be sure to insist on genuine Polaris parts.

  • Page 9: Limited Warranty

    EXAMPLE: M 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 body bottom is warranted for a period of three years. The rest of the Polaris 65 parts are warranted for a period of one year from date of manufacture of the unit as established by the serial number, or one year from date of purchase with proof of purchase, whichever is later.

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    ©2003 Polaris Pools Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. TL-1002 1/03...

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