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LG LN830 Quick Reference Manual

Portable navigation device
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Portable Navigation Device
Quick Reference Guide
For more information, see OWNER'S MANUAL in PDF format on
supplied CD.
Support - Hotline
: 1-800-243-0000
CANADA: 1-888-542-2623
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  • Page 1 Portable Navigation Device Quick Reference Guide LN830ILN830RlLN835/LN835R For more information, see OWNER'S MANUAL in PDF format on supplied CD. Support - Hotline : 1-800-243-0000 CANADA: 1-888-542-2623 To purchase the Upgrade Map, contact at
  • Page 2 Getting Started Looking at your device Microphone (for use only with Bluetooth wireless technology) 1 - - 3. POWER (6)NOL. - Power on: Press and hold this 2---1 button in power off status. ~--4 - Power off: Press this button for about 2 sec- onds in power on status.
  • Page 3 Check your state and local traffic laws before mounting. Currently, California and Minnesota prohibit drivers from using suction mounts on their windshields while operating motor vehicles. Step 1: Mount the navigation device Select the most suitable position on the windscreen. Clean the surface of the windscreen, to remove any dust and grease.
  • Page 4 Step 3: Acquire satellite Step 2: Configure the signals navigator Before the navigator can find your To turn on your navigator, press current location and navigate a and hold the POWER (6)NOL. route, you must do the following: button. Follow the on-screen instructions for initial setup.
  • Page 5 Understanding the map screen After turning on the navigator, follow the on-screen instructions. Press 20th . to view the map screen from the menu. The green arrow icon (A) indicates that the navigator is Touch to zoom outtin. ofJI: receiving GPS signals and has Im/ll: Touch to view the 20/30 found your current location.
  • Page 6 Finding a destination Finding a POI (Points of Interest) Finding an address 1. Touch on the map screen ..- and then touch 2. Touch the desired items. 1. Touch on the map screen CMy ..- I.,J " ' " and then touch 2.
  • Page 7 Taking a detour : Selects the address in Cross Streets city, street, cross If you need to take a detour when streets order. you are navigating a route, touch 1I>1,;r-,~=...I>· r!ml!I: Selects the address in zip code, street, house number order. 4.
  • Page 8 Bluetooth technology (Optional) Using Hands-Free Features Calling a number 1.On the "Handy Setup" screen, Hands-free phone features are ~Dial. available only if your phone sup- touch ports that feature using Bluetooth 2, Enter the number, and touch wireless technology. To use the hands-free features, you must con- 3.
  • Page 9 Customizing your navigator 2. Set the volume ( ) and bright- Customizing the Display ness ( .) by touching >I,' ..> Touch then touch Locking the screen This feature locks the unit to pre- vent it from operating when you accidentally touch an item.
  • Page 10 Appendix Mounting on your dashboard Avoiding theft To avoid theft, remove the unit and Use the supplied dashboard mount- mount from sight when not in use. ing disk to mount your unit to the Remove the residue on the wind- dashboard to comply with certain shield left by the suction-cup mount.
  • Page 11 Important safety and product information Specifications Industry Canada compliance Display: 72 x 53 mm, This Class B digital apparatus com- 3.5 inch TFT LCD, plies with Canadian ICES-003, Issue 2, and RSS-210, Issue 4 (Dec. 2000). Resolution 320 240, LED type Backlight, Warning Touch Screen Failure to avoid the following poten-...
  • Page 12 Tabla de opciones segun modele Modelo Bluetooth LN830 LN830R LN835 LN835R P/N:MFL41647927...
  • Page 13 ENGLISH Portable Navigation Device OWNER’S MANUAL LN830/LN830R/LN835/LN835R Please read this manual carefully before operating your navigation device. Keep it for future reference. Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement. Support - Hotline : 1-800-243-0000 CANADA : 1-888-542-2623
  • Page 14: Safety Notes

  • Page 15 If you notice unusual odors, exces- • LG disclaims all liability for use of the navi- sive heat coming from the product or gation that causes or contributes to death, anything else that seems unusual,...
  • Page 16 Safety notes • If you attach the windscreen mount on the • Back up your data using our provided soft- glass for a long period of time, the pressure ware in the CD. in the suction cup slowly reduces and the •...
  • Page 17 Safety notes "Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ("UL") has not CAUTION : Changes or modifications not tested the performance or expressly approved by the manufacturer reliability of the Global Positioning System responsible for compliance could void the ("GPS") hardware, operating user’s authority to operate the equipment. software or other aspects of this product.
  • Page 18 Safety notes IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 9. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or 1. Read these instructions. - All these safety grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has and operating two blades with one wider than the other. instructions should be read before the A grounding type plug has two blades and product is operated.
  • Page 19: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents General information ..........9 Package contents .
  • Page 20 Table of contents Music Player ..........30-31 Photo viewer .
  • Page 21: General Information

    General information Package contents Main Body Windscreen USB Cable Car charger Installation mount Quick GPS Antenna Carrying Case Dashboard Reference (Optional) mounting disk Guide Contents may be changed without notice. Option table by models Model Bluetooth LN830 LN830R LN835 LN835R...
  • Page 22: Name Of Each Component

    Name of each component Rear / Side panel Front panel RESET Microphone (for use only with Bluetooth wireless technology) POWER ( )/VOL. - Power on: Press and hold this button in power off status. External GPS Antenna Port - Power off: Press this button for about 2 seconds in power on status.
  • Page 23: Connecting Devices

    Connecting devices Installation sequence for the windscreen mount Select the most suitable position on the Plug the small end of the car charger into windscreen. the power supply connector at the side of the unit. Clean the surface of the windscreen, to remove any dust and grease.
  • Page 24: Detaching The Windscreen Mount

    Connecting devices Detaching the windscreen Installation of the external antenna inside the vehicle mount Attach the external antenna onto a surface To separate the windscreen mount, pull which is as level as possible, has line of sight the lever to the right. with the sky and can be secured safely with the double sided tape.
  • Page 25: Connecting The Usb Cable

    Connecting devices Connecting the USB cable Downloading files: Mass storage • Connect one end to the USB port on your Activate Windows Explorer on your PC. PC and then plug the other end into your A mass storage device is displayed in unit's USB port.
  • Page 26: Basic Operation

    Basic operation Initial setting Set “Distance Unit” and “Adjust Hour” by touching the items you want and then When you turn the unit on for the first time touch after purchasing the unit, you must follow the steps as shown below. Touch “Agree”.
  • Page 27: Turning The Unit On/Off

    Basic operation Turning the unit on/off Lock feature This feature locks the unit to prevent it from Press and hold POWER ( )/VOL. to turn the operating when you accidentally touch an unit on. Press and hold POWER ( )/VOL. for item.
  • Page 28: Getting Started With Navigation

    Getting started with navigation General operation Finding and storing a destination on the map 1. Turn the unit on. The map screen appears. Note • If you don’t want to store a destination, touch on the screen. • Touch on the screen to move to Current position the previous screen.
  • Page 29: Map Screen

    Getting started with navigation Map screen 7. Battery indicator : Touch to zoom out. - On the screen of the unit, the charging status will be displayed as follows: : Touch to view the 2D/3D map. : Full mode : Touch to view the navigation menu. : Medium mode : Low mode 4.
  • Page 30: Navigation Menu

    Navigation menu Navigation menu list General operations of navigation menu MENU City-Street 1. Turn the unit on. Street-City Address Cross streets 2. Touch to view the navigation menu on Zip code the map screen. Recent Places My Places Food 3. Touch Lodging to select the Shopping...
  • Page 31: Address

    Navigation menu Address 4. Enter characters of address using key- board provided as shown. The characters You can find a destination using the address entered in the address field are highlighted search. in red 1. Touch on the map screen and then touch Deletes the last character in the address such as town or street names.
  • Page 32: Recent Places

    Navigation menu Recent Places My Places Your device can store up to total of 64 recent You can search the places stored in the “My findings in the “Recent Places” list. Places” list. You can search the recent finds in the “Recent Places”...
  • Page 33 Navigation menu Adding a group Changing the group name 1. Touch > > > 1. Touch > 2. Touch the group you want to edit and then touch > 2. Enter the new group name and an icon to identify the group, as shown below and then touch The new group is added as shown below.
  • Page 34: Poi

    Navigation menu Points Of Interest (POI) Setting the destination You can show, edit or delete the place in the The POI list is a collection of hundreds of “My Places” list. interesting or useful places organized by easy-to-find categories. For example, you can 1.
  • Page 35 Navigation menu Setting the destination Finding a destination with near place You can show and add the place in the “POI” You can find a place you want by searching a list. And you can sort the place in alphabetical near place.
  • Page 36: Route Manager

    Navigation menu Route Manager Turn by Turn You can set the route you wish to use when 1. Touch > > . And you navigate a destination. then touch the list you want. Route Playback You can record your route while you’re driving and view the recorded route.
  • Page 37 Navigation menu Route options Multistop planner You can use Route options to determine what You can plan a route with up to 5 stops. road categories to avoid or allow and to set When you touch the “Go” button, the route is the default route type when navigation calcu- calculated in each stage, from the departure lates your selected destination.
  • Page 38: Setup

    Navigation menu Setup Display You can make various adjustments to items 1. Touch > > by using the setup menu. 2. Touch the desired items. Display Units & Time Language Setup Guidance GPS Status Map Setup Tutorial Help The 2D and 3D Mode buttons lets you display the map view in 2-dimensional or Start Demo 3-dimensional views for either day or night...
  • Page 39 Navigation menu Units & Time Guidance You can specify units of measure and adjust You can select the types of voice and visual the time as displayed on your Navigator. notifications that you would like to use while navigating as follows. 1.
  • Page 40 Navigation menu GPS Status Please check that: The Navigator uses the GPS receiver to • The GPS antenna has a clear view of the pinpoint your location. GPS signals are sky for uninterrupted GPS reception. The automatically acquired and your vehicle's navigator cannot calculate the route if there location and position are constantly updated.
  • Page 41: Navigation Menu

    Navigation menu Tutorial Select Map This feature lets you change the currently When you first start the Navigator, a message selected map to another map saved on built- box appears prompting you to open the in memory. Navigator Guided Tour program. The Guided Tour is an excellent way of becoming familiar with the different navigation 1.
  • Page 42: Music Player

    Music player Playing music 3. Touch and then touch the desired file to play music in “My Music” folder. Playing the files in “All Music” folder 1. Touch > > The “Music List” screen appears. There are two kinds of music list: All Music, My Music •...
  • Page 43: Music Player

    Music player Pause Viewing the information of 1. Touch during playback. music file 2. To return to playback, touch again. 1. Touch during playback. The information of music file appears. Skip the next music (If you touch the information screen, it Touch briefly to move to the next music.
  • Page 44: Photo Viewer

    Photo viewer Viewing photo • Touch on the screen to move to the upper folder. 1. Turn the unit on. The map screen appears. • Touch on the screen to move to the previous screen. 2. Touch > > The “Photo List” screen appears. Pause 1.
  • Page 45: Bluetooth (Optional)

    Bluetooth (Optional) Bluetooth wireless technology 4. Touch The “Searching for available devices.” If you have a phone with Bluetooth wireless pop-up screen appears on the screen. technology and it is compatible with your device (Please refer to the list of available phones on the page 46-48), you can use the following features in your device: Hands-free Calling, Audio streaming for mp3, and...
  • Page 46: Setting The Bluetooth

    Bluetooth (Optional) To connect using the phone settings Disconnecting/Deleting/Connect Your phone’s Bluetooth feature may be set to -ing again the bluetooth phone off by default. To use the Bluetooth feature, 1. Touch the connected phone. And then Bluetooth must be turned on in your phone. touch Refer to your phone’s user guide.
  • Page 47: Making A Call With Phone Number

    Bluetooth (Optional) Making a call with phone number Storing the phone number Input the phone number in the “Dial” Connect your unit and bluetooth phone before screen. And then touch you make a call. Press POWER ( )/VOL. briefly. And then touch >...
  • Page 48: Call History

    Bluetooth (Optional) Call History Adding the phone number Your unit keeps a record of your recently Touch in the “Phone Book” screen. received and dialling calls. And then Touch after inputting the Press POWER ( )/VOL. briefly. And then number buttons. touch >...
  • Page 49: Using Voice Dial

    Bluetooth (Optional) Getting all list from you phone Deleting the phone number If your phone supports the synchronization of Touch the list to delete in the “Phone Book” phone book, you can get all list from the screen. And then touch phone.
  • Page 50: Incoming Calls

    Bluetooth (Optional) Speak the contact name from your phone. Listening to music files And then speak name, number or You can control and hear the music (especial- command. ly, mp3) files saved on your device via the your stereo headset with Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Page 51: Installation

    Installation 9. Select from up to two connected devices. Installing the Navigator “PC (LN830/LN830R/LN835/LN835R) Portal” Note Installation the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Please pay close attention to all the programs for computer can be done by following the before installing the CD to your personal instructions.
  • Page 52: Starting The "Pc Portal" Wizard

    1. Click the Microsoft® Windows® Start but- ton. 2. Click the Programs > LGE > “PC Portal”. The “LGE PC Portal for (LN830/LN830R/ LN835/ LN835R)” appears. Click “Install Software” and select from the fol- 3. If this is your first time using “PC Portal”, lowing components to install to your device: the “PC Portal”...
  • Page 53: Using Software

    Using software Click the “Backup/Restore” button to backup Click Install Languages to install a language the following Navigator items: to your device. • Favorites: All locations that are displayed in To install languages: Navigator’s Favorites screens. 1. From the Install Languages screen, select •...
  • Page 54: Installing Maps

    Using software Installing Maps Removing Maps You can remove a map by selecting a map in the Device Maps pane and clicking the “Add/Remove” button. 1. From the Desktop Maps pane, select a map. 2. From the “Target” context box, select the main memory.
  • Page 55: Using Software

    Using software Previous maps General Warning Messages If maps from a previous version are located The following warning messages can appear on your computer, the following message is when you’re working with navigator “PC displayed: Portal”. "Existing maps data found. Do you want to keep it?"...
  • Page 56: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Navigation program and map data “Guidance” in “Setup”. protection But during actual driving, the voice guide is pro- vided. • If you want to operate this product properly, If the volume is too low, adjust the volume on navigation program and map data provided by the right unit.
  • Page 57 Troubleshooting There is a difference between the driving Map matching road and the road on the map in the product. The GPS used by this Mobile Navigation System is susceptible to certain errors. Their Even though GPS is usually very accurate, it calculations may on occasion place you in a has an error range.
  • Page 58: Bluetooth Phone Compatibility List

    Bluetooth phone compatibility list • If even a phone as described in this list meets requirements of Bluetooth Hand-free Profile 1.5 and Object Push Profile 1.1, it can operate. However, it is noted that we cannot assure for operation by function. •...
  • Page 59 Bluetooth phone compatibility list Manufacturer Model Year Hansfree Display Voice Phone Book Object Push Calling Caller ID Dial Sync (vCard) NOKIA 2007 NOKIA 2007 NOKIA 8600 2007 NOKIA 2007 NOKIA 2007 NOKIA 6103 2006 NOKIA 6131 2006 NOKIA 7370 2006 NOKIA 7380 2006...
  • Page 60 Bluetooth phone compatibility list Manufacturer Model Year Hansfree Display Voice Phone Book Object Push Calling Caller ID Dial Sync (vCard) SONY V800 2005 SONY M600i 2007 SONY K750i 2006 SONY W810i 2006 SONY V600i 2006 SONY W710i 2006 SONY W850i 2006 SONY K800i...
  • Page 61: Specifications

    Specifications ITEM SPECIFICATION REMARK Win CE 5.0 ARM9 400 MHz MEMORY Built-in Memory DISPLAY 3.5 inch TFT LCD Resolution 320 X 240 LED type Backlight Touch Screen Analog resisitive type AUDIO Mono, Internal Speaker Typical 1.0W (1EA) SiRF star III, Internal Antenna NAVI North America...
  • Page 62 Bluetooth “The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by LG Electronics is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.” P/N: AFN36113927...
  • Page 65 ZIP Code City State E-mail Address Serial number: (label on back of unll) How did you first become aware of the LG product you just Model number: (label on back of unit) purchased? ,. 0 Recommended by friend/relative 2. 0 Recommended by salesperson 3.
  • Page 66 2~~" To help us understand our customers' lifestyles, please indicate the interests and activities in which you or your spouse enjoy participating on a regular basis. Home Life Travel Great Outdoors 01. 0 Grandchildren 15. 0 Airline Club/Frequent Flyer Hunting/Shooting Home ImprovementiDo-lt- 16.
  • Page 67 DENVER CO 80217-4355 11"1,11"",1,1",111,,,1.1,.1,.11,.1,1,,1,1.,1,1,.1,1,,1.1,1 PIN: 3840R-R011Q ATTENTION: Please complete the enclosed infonnation and return in the next 7 business days or register online at Upon return of this Certificate, you are guaranteed the following: PROOF OF USER SAFETY PRODUCT...
  • Page 68 LG Electronics, Inc. Lfmited Warranty - USA This LG Electronics product, will be repaired or replaced, at LG's option, if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship, under normal use, during the warranty period ("Warranty Period") listed below, effective from the date ("Date of Purchase") of original consumer purchase of the product.

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