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Portable Navigation
Please read this manual carefully before operating your
navigation device.
Keep it for future reference.
Designs and specifications
are subject to change without
prior notice for improvement.
: 1-800-243-0000
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  • Page 1

    ENGLISH r_ , Portable Navigation OWNER'S MANUAL LN830/LN830R/LN835/LN835R Please read this manual carefully before operating your navigation device. Keep it for future reference. Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for improvement. Support- Hotline : 1-800-243-0000 CANADA :1-888-542-2623 http:i/caJge,com...

  • Page 2

    CAUTION : TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT SPLIT COVER(OR BACK) NO USER SERV]CEABLE PARTS INSIDE, REFER SERVICING TO QUAUFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL iDo not handie the power plug nor the The lightning flash with the, adapter with wet hands, arrowhead symbol, within an...

  • Page 3

    When moving the product, separate Avoid leaving the product in hot or the ipower plug from cigarette lighter humid places. socket then remove the navigation device from the windscreen mount. Take attention when touching special Finally slide the ]ever on the wind- the product box, owneCs manual and accessories...

  • Page 4

    •if you attach the windscreen mount on the • Back up, your data using our provid_ so_ o ware in the CD, gl_s for a long period of time, the pressure, in the suction cup slowly reduces and the • In order to protect the screen and the unit, windscreen mount may fall off, always store _ in the carry"...

  • Page 5

    i¸¸ii!i: ¸ !ilia? ii ¸¸¸¸ "Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ("UL") has not CAUTION : Changes or modifications tested the performance expressly approved by the manufacturer reliability of the Global Positioning System responsible for compliance could void the ("GPS") hardware, operating user's author_ to operate the equipment.

  • Page 6

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Do not defeat the safety purpo_ of the polarized Read these instructions. - Al! these safety grounding4y_ plug. A polarized plug has and operating two blades with one wider than the other. instructions should read before the A grounding type plug has two blades and product...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    General information ..........Package conten_ ............ Option _ble by models ..........Name of _eh component ............Front pianel ............Rear / Side panel ............Connecting devils .......... 11-13 installation sequence for the windscreen mount ....... De_ching the windscreen mount ........... Ins_lling thie external GPS antenna...

  • Page 8

    Music Player ..........3_3i Photo viewer ............ (Optional) Blu_ooth .......... 33-38 Bluetooth wi reless tech no!ogy ..........Conne_ing your unit and Bluetooth phone ........33-3,4 Setting the Bluetooth ..........Disconne_ing/Deleting/Conne_ing again the bluetooth phone ....M_ing a call w_h phone number ..........

  • Page 9: Package Conten

    Package contents USB Cable Main Body Car charger Gpis Antenna Carrying Case mounting disk Contents may _ changed without notice. Option table by mode_s Modell B] uetooth LN830 LN830R LN835...

  • Page 10: Front Pianel

    Front pane[ r/Side pane) Microphone (for use on{y with Bluetooth wi rel_s _chno}ogy) POWER (OWOL,, - Power o,n: Pre_ and hold this button in power off st_us. External GPSAntenna Port - Power off: Press this bu_on for about 2 seconds in power on status.

  • Page 11

    nsta iation s uenc÷ for the windscreen mount ,Select the most suitable position on the Plug the small end of the car charger the power supply connector at: the side of the unit. Clean the surface of the windscreen remove any dust and grease,, Place the windscreen mount on the Plug the other end into your vehicle s...

  • Page 12

    Insta!lation of the external a_enna DetachiHg the winds¢ inside the vehicle Attach the e_ernal antenna onto a surface To separate the wind_r_n mount, pull which is as level as possible, has line of sight the lever to the right. with the sky and can be s_ured safely with the double .sided tape.

  • Page 13

    Corm ting the USB cab_÷ Down_oadin9 fi_es: Mass storage - Connect one end to the US8 po_ on your Activate Windows Explorer ,on your PC. PC and then plug the other iend into your A mass storage device is displayed un_'s USB po_.

  • Page 14: Initial Setting

    Set "D,istance Unff' ,and "Adjust Hour" by _nitia_ setting touching the items you want and then When 'you turn the unit on for the first time touch _, after purchasing the, unit, you must follow the steps as shown bebw. "A _r_"...

  • Page 15: Turning The Unit On

    Lock feature Turning the unit on/off This feature i_ks the unit to prevent: _ from Press and hold POWER (©)NOL. to turn the operating when you acciden_lly touch an unit on. Press and hold POWER (0)NOL _em. about 2 se_nds until the unit is turned off.

  • Page 16

    avig Findiing a_sd stodn9 a destinations _he map 1. Turn the unit on. The map screen appear& Note • If you don't want to store a destination, touch on the screen, • Touch on the screen to move to Cu_,ent: _sition the previous screen, Select a de_ination...

  • Page 17

    Map scr Touch to zoom out. Battery indicator - On, the screen of the unit, the charging status wi[! be displayed as follows: @/_/@, Touch to view the 2Di3D map. : Full mode Touch to view the navigation menu. : Medium mode : Low mode Displays next turn dir_tion and dis_nce...

  • Page 18: Genera] Operation

    Navigation menu _ist Genera_ operations navigation menu 1. Turn the unit on. Street-Cite C ross streets ___l_ city-street Touch _ to, view the navigation menu on Zip code the map screen. - Recent Places - My Places Food Lodging :H[_ ,or to select the Shopping desired option, and the menu moves to...

  • Page 19

    Enter characters of address using key- board provided as shown. The characters You can find a destination using the address entered in the address field are highlighted in red 1, Touch _ on the map screen and then touch Deletes the I!a_ character in the address °...

  • Page 20

    "on menu Recent P_aces My P aces '(our device can store up to tobal of 64 _recent You can search the places stored in the "My Places" list. findings in the "Recent Places" listo You can search the recent finds in the "Recent Places"...

  • Page 21

    Adding a group Changing the group name Touclh _>_ > > 1. Touch _> o,_ ..Touch the group you want to edit and then touch > Enter the new group name and an icon to, identify the group, as shown below and then touch The new group is added as shown below.

  • Page 22

    Points Of nter t (PO ) Setting the destination You can show, edit or delete the place in the The POI iist is a collection of hundreds of "My Places;" list_. interesting or useful places organized easyoto-find categories. For example, you can 1.

  • Page 23

    _Hi_g the d_tiHation FindiH9 a desthatio_ with _ear place You can show and add the place in the "'POF You can find a place you want by searching t,st, And yoiu can so_ the place in alphabetical near place and di_anoe order.

  • Page 24

    Route Manager Turn by Turn You can set the route you wish to use when Touch • .._,_÷ _¢_ you navigate a destination° then touch the list you want, ROute P_ayback You can record your route while you're driving and view the recorded route, Touch _>_...

  • Page 25

    Ro_t÷ options Mu_tistop p_anner "_<ou can use Route options to determine what You can plan a route w_h up to 5 stops. road categories to avoid or allow and to set When you touch the "Go" button, the route is the default route type when navigation calcu- calculated...

  • Page 26

    You can make various adjustmen_ to items Touch by using the seCup menu. Touch the desired items,, Display Units & Time Language Guidance G PS Status Map Setup ..Tutorial Help The 2D and 3D M_e buttons lets you Start Demo display the map view in 2-dimensional 3-dimensional views for either day or night...

  • Page 27

    UHits & Time You can speci_ units of measure and adjust You can select the types of voice and visual the time as displayed on your Navigator. notifications that you would like, to use while navigating as follows, Touch 2. Touch the desired items.. 1.

  • Page 28

    Please check that: The Navigator uses the GPS receiver to, " The GPS .antenna has a clear view of the pinpoint your location.. GPS signals are sky for uninterrupted GPS re_ptio, n. The automatically aquired and your vehicle's navigator cannot calculate the route if there location and position are constantly updated.

  • Page 29

    When you first start the Navigator; a message This feature lets you change the, currently box appears prompting you to open the selected map to another map sav_ on built- Navigator Guided Tour program, in memow. The Guided Tour is an excellent way of ..

  • Page 30

    Touch : and then t,o, uch the P ayin9 music desired file to play music in "My MusW' folder. Playin 9 the files in "AH Music" fo_d÷_ Touch _ The "Music Lisf' screen appears. There are two kinds of music list: All Music, My Music: •...

  • Page 31

    Pause Viewing the information music fi e 1. Touch during playback. 2. To return to playback, touch again. Touch _ during playback. The information of music file appears. He×t music (If you touch the information screen, it Touch briefly to move to the next: music. moves to the previous screen.) p[eviot_S muSiC...

  • Page 32

    , Touch on the screen to move to the Viewing photo 1. Turn the unit on. up_r folder. The map screen appears • Touch on the screen to move to the previous screen, Touch The "Photo List" screen, appears. Touch the screen during slide show, $3uch to pause slide show, To return to, slide show, touch...

  • Page 33

    Touch Bluetootl wireless technology The '"Searching for available devices." If you ha,re a phone with Bluetooth wireless pop-up screen appears on the screen, technology and it is compatible with your device (Please refer to the list of avaiilable phones o,n the, page 46-_),, you can use the following features iln your device: Hands-free...

  • Page 34

    conHect usin9 phone ings Your phone's Bluetooth feature may be set to oin9 again the Muetooth phone off by default. To use the Bluetooth feature, 1. Touch the _,nne_ed phone. And then Biuetooth must be turned on in your phone. touch Refer to your phone's user guide.

  • Page 35

    Makin9 a cal! with phone number Storing the phone number Input the phone number in the "'Dial'" Connect your unit and Iblluetooth phone before screen. And then touch you make a call. Press POWER (©)NOD briefly. And then touch > Input the name.

  • Page 36

    Ca_ History AddiHg the phone number Touch in the"Phone _k" screen, "four unit keeps a record of your recently received and dialling call!s_ And then Touch after inpu_ing the Press POWER (©)NQL briefly. And then number buttons. touch "'_ ....>...

  • Page 37

    Gettin9 a_ Hst from you phone Deleting the phone humor Touch the list to delete in the "Phone _ok" If your phone supports the synchronization of phone book, you can get all list from the screen. And then touch phone. * if the phone hasn_ been registered to avail- able list on your device, you will meet the below p, o p-up, "D,ovo,u want to get the...

  • Page 38

    Speak the conta_ name from your phone. Listenin9 to music fi es And then speak name, number or You can control and hear the music (especiaF command. ly, rap3) files saved on your device via the your stereo, headset with Bluetooth wireless technology.

  • Page 39

    nsta in9 the Navigator '°PC 9. Select from up to _o connected devices. (LN830iLN830R/LN835/LN835R), _ Note Installation the Microso,_ .Net Framework Please pay close attention to .all the programs for computer can be done by following befo,re in,ailing the CD to your personal instructions.

  • Page 40

    StaAin9 the "PC Porta+" Wizard Using the °°PC Porta+" The first time you s_rt the "PC Portal"., the "PC Portal"' Wizard automatically starts, le_ing you install navigator so,ware, supported lan- guages and voice prompts, and map& For a complete description of the "PC Portal", see Using the "PC Portal"...

  • Page 41

    Usin Click the "Backup/Restore" button to backup Click Install Languages to install a I!anguage the folbwing Navigator items: to your device, - Favorites: All bcations that are displayed To install languages: Navigator's Favorites screens. 1, From the Insta!l Languages _reen, select - Trips: All locations that appear in Navigator's...

  • Page 42

    nstaNing Maps Removin9 Maps You can remove a map by selecting a map in the Device Maps pane and clicking the "Add/Remove" button. 1. From the Des_op, Map,s pane,, select a map. 2. From the "Target" _ntext box, sielect the main memory.

  • Page 43

    Previous maps Genera ruing Messa9 If maps from a previous ,version are L_ated The _ol!owing warning messages can appear on your _mp, uter, the following message when you're working with navigator "PC displayed: PoRarL "Existing map,s data found.. Do you want to, keep it?"...

  • Page 44

    ootin Navigation program and map data "Guid_ce" in "Setup". But during actual driving, the voice guide is pro- vided. • if you want to operate this product properly; If the volume is foo low, adiust the volume on navigation program and map data provided by the right unit.

  • Page 45

    here is a difference _ween the driving Map matching road and the road on the map in Me product° The GPS u_d by this Mobile Navigation System is susceptible to certain errors. Their Even though GPS is usuaJ]y very accurate, it calculations may on o_ion place you in a...

  • Page 46

    - If even phone as described in this list mee_ requiremen_ of Bluetooth Hand4ree Profile 1o5 and Obje,_ Push Profile !,!, it can operate, However, it is noted that we cannot assure for operation by function. . .As difference in fun_ional operation by model is mainly resulted from feature of a hand4ree phone, consult manufa_urer...

  • Page 47

    Model Year Display Voice Phone Book Object Push CalUn 9 Caller Dial Sync (_ard) NOKIA 2007 YES: NOKIA YES: NOKIA NOKIA 2007 YES; NOKIA 2007 NOKIA 61,03 2006 iNiOKIA 6131 YES: NOKIA 7370 2006 NOKIA 2006 YES: NOKIA 61280 2006 NiOKIA NOKIA 2006...

  • Page 48

    Model Year Hansfree Voice Phone Book Object Push Calling Caller Dial Sync (vCard) SONY V8,_ SONY M600'i SONY K750i SONY W810i SONY V60'0i SONY W710i SONY W850i 2C_6 SONY K800i SONY K700i SONY S70,0i SONY _610, SONY ,Z600,...

  • Page 49

    Win CE 5,0 ARM9 400 MHz Built-in Memory 3.5 inch TFT LCD Resolution X 240 LED type Backlight Touch Screen Analog resistive bjpe Mono, Internal Speaker Typical 1,0W (lEA) SiRF star ill. Internal Antenna North America Voice Guidan_ Navteq DO 5V/IA Vehicle Power Cigar-jack Input...

  • Page 50

    Bluetooth "The Bluet ooth word mark and _ogos are owned by the Btuetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by L G Electronics is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners." P/N: AFN36113927...

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