Nokia 101 User Manual

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Nokia 101 User Guide
Issue 1 .4



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  • Page 1 Nokia 101 User Guide Issue 1 .4...
  • Page 2: Keys And Parts

    Keys and parts Earpiece Microphone Screen Scroll key End/Power key Call key Keypad Selection keys...
  • Page 3 Charger connector 10 Flashlight 11 Memory card slot 12 Loudspeaker 13 Headset connector...
  • Page 4: Insert The Sim Card And Battery

    Insert the SIM card and battery Slide the back cover down. Close the SIM card holder. Open the SIM card holder. Slide SIM2 under the metal part. Insert SIM1. Make sure the plastic tab holds the SIM card in place.
  • Page 5: Insert A Memory Card

    Insert a memory card Line up the contacts. Open the cover of the memory card slot. See vi) in General information. Push the battery in. Make sure the contact area is facing up, and push the card in. Slide the back cover up. Close the cover.
  • Page 6: Charge The Battery

    Charge the battery Switch on 2 seconds Connect the charger to a wall outlet. Press and hold the power key Dual SIM SIM1 SIM2 Connect the charger to the phone. Set which SIM card to use. Press OK. See v) in General Information. Back The phone indicates a full charge.
  • Page 7 15:00 Back Menu Go to To set the minutes, press right, and The phone is ready to use. then press up or down. Press OK. Time is set The time is changed. Date: .04.2011 Exit To set the date, press up or down. Press OK.
  • Page 8: Explore Your Phone

    Explore your phone Select Back Menu Go to To see the available functions, press To select an item, press Select. Menu. Select Exit Select Back To go to a function, press the scroll key To return to the previous view, press up, down, left, or right.
  • Page 9: General Information

    Select a SIM card for calls and messages Default SIM for calls Ask every time SIM1 Default SIM for SIM2 msgs Ask every time Select Back SIM1 SIM2 You can use two SIM cards, and share Select Default SIM for calls. your phone with your family.
  • Page 10 Default SIM for calls Ask every time Default SIM for msgs Ask every time Select Back Select Default SIM for msgs. Tip: To open Dual SIM settings from the home screen, press and hold *. Ask every time SIM1 SIM2 Select Back Select Ask every time.
  • Page 11 Use one SIM card only Dual SIM SIM1 SIM2 Menu Go to Select Exit Select Back To save battery power, use only SIM1. Select SIM1. SIM2 is disconnected from Press Menu. Select Settings. the network. Dual SIM Dual SIM settings Tone settings SIM1 Display...
  • Page 12: Make Or Answer A Call

    Lock or unlock keypad Make or answer a call Menu Go to To avoid accidental pressing of keys, Make a call to a number that you have. use the keypad lock. 012345 Options Clear Press Menu, and then quickly press *. Enter the phone number.
  • Page 13: Change The Volume

    Change the volume Calling 0123456789 End call Press Is the volume too loud during a call or when listening to the radio? Volume 9876543210 calling Silence A friend's phone rings. To answer, Press left for quieter, right for louder. press You can enjoy chatting with your Better.
  • Page 14: Use The Loudspeaker

    Use the loudspeaker Use the headset Others in the room can join in with a You can make a hands-free call with a call. headset. 0123456789 00:00:05 Options Loudsp. 0123456789 calling During a call, press Loudsp.. Connect a headset. Calling 0123456789 End call Place the phone on a table.
  • Page 15: Switch Off

    Switch off Save a name and number To save battery power, switch the Add a friend's number to your phone. phone off. Switch off 2 seconds Menu Go to Select Exit Press and hold the power key Press Menu. Select Contacts. Search Add contact Delete...
  • Page 16 SIM1 Phone number: Phone number: SIM2 Phone 0123 0123456789 Clear Clear Select Back Select where to save the contact. Enter the phone number. Press OK. Contact name: Clear Back Write the name. Go to a picture, and press Use. Mike Contact name: 9876543210 calling...
  • Page 17: Change The Ringtone

    Display Coconut settings Desk phone Select Back Back Select Tone settings. Press OK. Done Ringing tone SIM1 Beach SIM2 Ringing volume Nokia tune Level 4 Select Back Select Back Select Ringing tone and a SIM card. The ringtone is selected.
  • Page 18 Flashlight SIM2 SIM1 Tip: To select different ringtones for Use the flashlight if you need more SIM1 and SIM2, repeat steps 3-5. light. See iii) in General Information. Song 1 My favourite 01:10 01:18 songs Demo songs Use as ringtone Options Back Select...
  • Page 19: Send And Receive Messages

    Send and receive messages Hello Anna, how are you today? Menu Go to Select Exit Options Clear Press Menu. Select Messages. Press Options, and select Send. See i) in General Information. Create SIM1 message SIM2 Inbox Sent items Select Back Select Back Select Create message.
  • Page 20: Write Text

    Write text Press a key repeatedly until the letter is shown. Change the writing language: select Menu > Settings > Phone settings > Language, the language, and OK. See iv) in General Information. The message is sent. Insert a space: press 0. Change a word: press * repeatedly until the word is shown.
  • Page 21: Set An Alarm

    Set an alarm Back Use your phone as an alarm clock to To set the hour, press up or down. wake you up. 08:30 Menu Go to Select Exit Back Press Menu. Select Clock. To set the minutes, press right and then up or down.
  • Page 22: Set A Reminder

    Set a reminder Alarm on Meeting Postp. Quit The alarm is ready. Set a reminder to meet your friends. Alarm! 08:30 Menu Go to Select Exit Stop Snooze An alarm sounds at the set time. Press Press Menu. Select Extras. Stop.
  • Page 23 Alarm on Feb 2011 Week 5 M T W T F S Alarm off 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 22 23 26 27 1 2 3 4 5 6 Options Back Back Go to the date, and press Options.
  • Page 24: Listen To Music

    Listen to music All songs My favourite songs Demo songs Select Back Enjoy your music on the go. Make sure Press Options. Select All songs. a memory card is in your phone. Root Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 Song 4 Menu Go to Select...
  • Page 25: Listen To The Radio

    Listen to the radio Tip: To go to the previous or next song, Use your phone to listen to the radio. press 2 or 8. To pause, press 5. See ii) in General Information. Mp3 Music player 00:00 00:00 Options Back Tip: Press left for quieter, right for Connect a headset.
  • Page 26 Mp3 Music Switch off player Manual tuning Save channel Radio Auto tuning Set frequency Delete channel Select Back Select Back Select Radio. The radio is on. To save the channel, press Options, and select Save channel. Search all available Channel name: channels? Station 1 Back...
  • Page 27 Calculator Save channel Auto tuning Set frequency Delete channel Rename Loudspeaker Select Back To use the loudspeaker, press Use your phone to make a calculation. Options, and select Loudspeaker. Radio off Switch off Save channel Auto tuning Set frequency Delete channel Rename Menu Go to...
  • Page 28: Nokia Original Accessories

    For availability of approved accessories, check with your dealer. Equals Clear An extensive range of accessories is available for your device. For more details, see accessories. To enter numbers, press the keys. Equals Clear Practical rules about accessories •...
  • Page 29 Up to 5 . hours. Standby: Up to hours. Important: Battery talk and stand-by times are estimates and only possible under optimal network conditions. Actual battery talk and standby times depend on SIM cards, features used, battery age and condition, temperatures to which battery is exposed, network conditions, and many other factors, and may be significantly shorter than...
  • Page 30: General Information

    General information PROTECT YOUR HEARING Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. For further Listen to a headset at a information, read the complete user guide. moderate level, and do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is in use.
  • Page 31 Use only compatible memory cards • Keep the device dry. Precipitation, approved by Nokia for use with this device. humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture Incompatible cards may damage the card and can contain minerals that corrode electronic the device and corrupt data stored on the card.
  • Page 32 • Do not store the device in cold AC-8. The exact Nokia charger model number temperatures. may vary depending on the plug type, • Do not attempt to open the device other identified by E, X, AR, U, A, C, K, or B. The charger than as instructed in the user guide.
  • Page 33: Additional Safety Information

    Additional safety information Accidental short-circuiting can happen when a Emergency calls metallic object touches the metal strips on the Make an emergency call battery, for example, if you carry a spare battery in your pocket. Short-circuiting may Ensure the device is switched on. damage the battery or the connecting object.
  • Page 34: Operating Environment

    Medical devices Hearing Operation of radio transmitting equipment, Warning: When you use the headset, including wireless phones, may interfere with the function of inadequately protected your ability to hear outside sounds may be affected. Do not use the headset where it can medical devices.
  • Page 35: Potentially Explosive Environments

    This mobile device meets guidelines for exposure to radio waves. Limited Warranty Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and Nokia Corporation, represented by its Mobile receiver. It is designed not to exceed the limits Phones Division ("Nokia") warrants that this...
  • Page 36 The limited warranty for genuine Nokia charges incurred in the transport of the battery packs extends for the first six (6) Product to and from Nokia or its authorised months beginning on the date of purchase of service centre will be borne by the Consumer.
  • Page 37 11. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF The Product was used with or connected MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR A to accessory not supplied by Nokia, not fit for PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, SHALL BE LIMITED use with Nokia cellular phones or used in other TO THE DURATION OF THE FOREGOING WRITTEN than its intended use.
  • Page 38 Service (collectively “Terms”). device and after you have updated the Nokia device software an activation text message will be sent to Nokia. The creation of a Nokia These Terms constitute an agreement Account will require data transmission. Data between you and Nokia Corporation, including transmission costs may apply.
  • Page 39 Software. If there are no separate exclusive, non-transferable license, revocable terms and conditions applicable to such at any time at Nokia’s sole discretion, to access Software, the following terms apply: Nokia and use the Service strictly in accordance with grants to you a limited, non-exclusive, non- the Terms.
  • Page 40 Terms. • Not use any other technologies or initiate You agree to advise Nokia promptly of any other activities that may harm the Service, or such unauthorized use; the interest or property of the Service users.
  • Page 41 USA or (c) via the online form, if available. Your You are deemed to have received such notices notice must: at the latest within seven (7) days from Nokia sending or posting those. Your continued use 1. identify the original copyrighted work you of the Services constitutes your receipt of all claim is infringed;...
  • Page 42 (a) the Content you have purchased charge your credit card or debit your bank is faulty; (b) the Content Nokia delivers to you account within a reasonable time after you does not match the description of the Content have made your purchase.
  • Page 43 Nokia Customer Support. contacts, may see your location, status and/or personal information. Please note that Nokia may not be able to process your customer support request if you Your location may be determined using any are unable to provide your transaction ID,...
  • Page 44 Nokia or by another party. or services. Nokia may, in its sole discretion, change, You agree that Nokia has no control over the improve, correct or discontinue the Service or third party content, sites or services and any part thereof. The Service may not be...
  • Page 45 Terms. damages caused by your use or inability to use If there is any conflict between these Ovi the Service. In no case will Nokia be liable for Service Terms and the Privacy Policy, the any indirect, incidental, punitive or...
  • Page 46 “we”, “us”, or “our”). This Policy applies for processing of your personal data You are responsible for regularly reviewing where Nokia is the data controller or where we the Terms. Your continued use of the Service refer to the applicability of this Policy.
  • Page 47 Some of our services may allow you servers, which are not controlled or operated to submit information about other people, for by Nokia. We recommend you to check the example, if you make an order for a product privacy policies of such service providers to...
  • Page 48 Nokia and we may associate this products and services. However, for the most information with your Nokia Account. This...
  • Page 49 You may unsubscribe from these messages at marketing and other such campaigns. When any time for example by following the you purchase a Nokia product from us with a information in the message you receive after network service provider plan, we may need...
  • Page 50 As certain Nokia products and services may (where necessary) and by requiring the use of allow you to manage your profile, we other appropriate technical and...
  • Page 51 This information will improve our products and services. be used to serve ads on Nokia and third party websites. The collected information will not Nokia may use web beacons (or “pixel tags”) be directly personally identifiable nor will in connection with some of our websites.
  • Page 52 Keilalahdentie 4 to continue to provide the services to you. Please note that Nokia may need to identify 02150 Espoo you and to ask for additional information in order to be able to fulfill your request. Please...
  • Page 53 0434 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances shall Nokia or any of its licensors be responsible for any loss of data or income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused.
  • Page 54 Nokia reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.