Nokia 105 User Manual

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User manual - 44 pages
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Nokia 105
Issue 1.0 EN



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  • Page 1 Nokia 105 Issue 1.0 EN...
  • Page 2: Psst

    Psst... For info on Nokia Service terms and Privacy policy, go to
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Psst... Safety Get started Basics People & messaging Entertainment Office After-sales policy Product and safety information...
  • Page 4: Safety

    INTERFERENCE approved by Nokia for use with interference or danger, for this device. Do not connect example, in aircraft, in All wireless devices may incompatible products.
  • Page 5 KEEP YOUR DEVICE Your device is not water- resistant. Keep it dry. PROTECT YOUR HEARING To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. Exercise caution when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeaker is in use.
  • Page 6: Get Started

    Get started Keys and parts...
  • Page 7 Charger connector Flashlight Headset connector (3.5 mm) Screen Scroll key End/Power key Microphone Keypad Call key Selection keys Earpiece...
  • Page 8 Insert the SIM card and battery 1. Switch the phone off, 2. If the battery is in the 3. Slide the SIM under the and remove the back phone, lift it out. holder with the contact cover. area face down.
  • Page 9 4. Line up the battery 5. Press the back cover 6. To switch on, press and contacts, and push the down until it locks into hold until the phone battery in. place. vibrates.
  • Page 10: Charge The Battery

    Charge the battery 1. Plug the charger into a 2. Connect the charger to wall outlet. the phone. See 5 on page 26. When done, unplug the charger from the phone, then from the wall outlet.
  • Page 11: Switch Your Phone On

    Switch your phone on Date: .01.2013 1. Press and hold the 2. To set the time, press 3. To set the date, press power key. up or down. Press OK. up or down. Press OK. Your phone is now ready.
  • Page 12: Lock The Keys

    Lock the keys 1. Select Menu, and press 2. To unlock, select Lock the keys when not Unlock, and press *. using your phone.
  • Page 13: Change The Volume

    Change the volume 987654321 Volume 00:15:08 Loudspeaker 1. Scroll left or right to 2. You can also connect a 3. To use the loudspeaker change the volume. compatible headset or on your phone when other device to the calling, select headset connector.
  • Page 14: Basics

    Basics Explore your phone Menu Select 1. To see the apps and 2. To go to an app or 3. To open the app or features of your phone, feature, press the scroll select the feature, press press Menu. key up, down, left, or right. Select.
  • Page 15 Back Menu Go to 4. To go back to the 5. To go back to the home 6. To use the flashlight, previous view, press Back. screen, press press the scroll key up twice. To switch off, press up once. Do not shine the light in anyone’s eyes.
  • Page 16: Write Text

    Write text Press a key repeatedly Type in a number until the letter is shown. Press and hold #. To go back to letter mode, press Type in a space and hold #. Press 0. Type in a special character or punctuation mark Press and hold *.
  • Page 17: Use Predictive Text

    Use predictive text 1. Select Options > Add a new word to the Switch predictive text off Dictionary and the dictionary Select Options > language. If the word you want isn't Dictionary > Dictionary 2. Start writing a word. in the dictionary, write the off.
  • Page 18: Change The Ringtone

    Settings Tone settings Ringing tone Ringing tone Tone settings Airy Beach Bold Display settings Nokia tune Brook Ringing volume Select Select 1. Select Menu > 2. Select Ringing tone. 3. Pick a ringtone, and Settings > Tone settings. select OK.
  • Page 19: People & Messaging

    People & messaging Make or answer a call Calling 3456789 987654321 calling 123456789 1. Type in the phone 2. Press to make the 3. When someone calls number. call. To end the call, press you, press to answer. To type in the + character, used for international calls, press * twice.
  • Page 20: Save A Name And Phone Number

    Save a name and phone number Contacts Contacts Search Contact name: Jim Brown Add contact Select Select 1. Press Menu, and select 2. Select Add contact. 3. Write the name, and Contacts. press OK, then type in the number, and press OK.
  • Page 21 Save numbers in five separate phonebooks 1. Press Menu, and select 5. Select Multi- Rename a phonebook Contacts > Settings. Phonebook > Manage Select Multi-Phonebook > 2. To use the phone contacts. Rename phonebooks and memory, select Memory 6. Select a contact, and the phonebook, write the in use >...
  • Page 22 Send and receive messages 1. Select Menu > You can send text can be sent in a single Messages. messages that are longer message. 2. Select Create message. than the character limit 3. Write your message. for a single message. 4.
  • Page 23: Entertainment

    Entertainment Listen to the radio 4. 100.00 MHz 99.0 FM radio Switch off Manual tuning Save channel Auto tuning Select 1. Connect a headset, and 2. To go to the next 3. To close the radio, press select Menu > Radio. The channel, press down.
  • Page 24: Office

    Office Set an alarm Alarm clock Set alarms Alarm1 Set alarms Alarm tone Alarm2 Standard Select Select 1. Select Menu > Clock > 2. Select an alarm. 3. To set the hour, press Set alarms. up or down. To set the Tip: You can set up to minutes, press right and five different alarms.
  • Page 25: After-Sales Policy

    After-sales policy Need assistance after Contact the store where you've bought your you bought it for help and phone? advice.
  • Page 26 Feature-specific the device, and may corrupt provider may charge data stored on the card. Please accordingly. Characters with information consult your mobile operator accents, other marks, or some for the use of a SIM card that language options, take more 1 The images in this guide may has a mini-UICC cutout.
  • Page 27: Product And Safety Information

    Network services and on for the first time, you are off in your device, such as costs asked to create your Nokia call barring, fixed dialling, or You can only use your device account. To make an closed user group.
  • Page 28 on any wireless phone for • Do not use or store the violate regulations essential communications like device in dusty or dirty governing radio devices. medical emergencies. areas. • Do not drop, knock, or shake • Do not store the device in the device.
  • Page 29: Battery And Charger Info

    If left unused, a materials and energy. Check shorter than normal, replace fully charged battery will lose how to recycle your Nokia the battery. its charge over time.
  • Page 30: Additional Safety

    Always keep the battery Do not dismantle, cut, crush, present a risk of fire, between 15°C and 25°C (59°F bend, puncture, or otherwise explosion, or other hazard, and and 77°F). Extreme damage the battery in any way. may invalidate any approval or temperatures reduce the If a battery leaks, do not let warranty.
  • Page 31 Accessibility solutions function. Consult a physician • Not carry the wireless device Nokia is committed to making or the medical device's in a breast pocket. mobile phones easy to use for manufacturer to determine if •...
  • Page 32 headset where it can endanger position the device the above- Only qualified personnel your safety. stated distance from your should install the device in a Some wireless devices may body. vehicle. Faulty installation may interfere with some hearing The sending of data files or be dangerous and invalidate aids.
  • Page 33 Potentially explosive facilities, and where the air guidelines were developed by environments contains chemicals or the independent scientific Switch your device off in particles. Check with the organisation ICNIRP and potentially explosive manufacturers of vehicles include safety margins environments, such as near using liquefied petroleum gas designed to assure the petrol pumps.
  • Page 34: Nokia Original Accessories

    • Check regularly that to use only the power required accessories installed in a Nokia original to reach the network. That vehicle are mounted and are accessories amount changes depending on operating properly.
  • Page 35 Likewise, the amount of time subscription are sent to Nokia and only possible under that the device is turned on when you use the phone for optimal network conditions.
  • Page 36 Diversion contrary to law is under no circumstances shall and other relevant provisions prohibited. Nokia or any of its licensors be of Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy The contents of this document responsible for any loss of of the Declaration of are provided "as is".
  • Page 37 Nokia does not by region. Please check with activity and (ii) for use in make any representations, your local Nokia dealer for...
  • Page 38 may be obtained from MPEG LA, LLC. See
  • Page 39: Terms Of Use

    “our”). This Policy applies for companies’ websites and processing of your personal services that have privacy WE CARE ABOUT YOUR data where Nokia is the data policies of their own. We PRIVACY controller or where we refer to recommend that you read the Nokia is committed to the applicability of this Policy.
  • Page 40 What Data Do We Collect? with is automatically your mobile network We collect your personal data collected by Nokia. Some of provider. typically when you make a our mobile services may • Information you provide us purchase, use or register into...
  • Page 41 IP- product that you wish us to and Nokia, records of address. Assisted send directly to another contacts and positioning methods of the recipient.
  • Page 42 Nokia to serve you network identifiers along You can modify the with the right content. This with your unique device or...
  • Page 43 • Marketing and making to perform the contract collected in connection with recommendations between you and Nokia, to your use of a particular We may use your personal ensure the functionality and Nokia product and/or data to personalize our...
  • Page 44 • First use of your Nokia warranty and certain contacting Nokia customer device software licenses and to care. The collected...
  • Page 45 • Nokia companies and and other such campaigns. Do We Share Personal Data? authorized third parties When you purchase a Nokia We do not sell, lease, rent or We may share your personal product from us with a otherwise disclose your...
  • Page 46 Nokia has resources and servers basis for such a transfer and collected with information located in various countries...
  • Page 47 How Do We Address The disclose and otherwise personal data. Privacy of Children? process your personal data As certain Nokia products and Nokia products and services in accordance with services may allow you to are typically intended for applicable law to defend manage your profile, we general audiences.
  • Page 48 What Steps Are Taken To security, risk of data loss and activity performed by you, for Safeguard Personal Data? other such risks taking into example an item you placed in Privacy and security are key consideration the risk a shopping cart. Persistent considerations in the creation represented by the processing cookies are used to save your...
  • Page 49 This information will browser provides us with as a greater amount and different be used to serve ads on Nokia standard part of any internet types of data than browser and third party websites. The...
  • Page 50 Please also note that from Nokia, we may still send not be able to use certain parts applicable law may contain you critical alerts pertaining to...
  • Page 51 Framework We encourage you to use controller and its contact Nokia Inc., 102 Corporate Park available profile management details by reviewing the terms Drive, White Plains, NY 10604 tools, for example Nokia and conditions of such a...
  • Page 52 North America. this site at any time with or without notice. However, if this If you believe Nokia Inc. has not Policy is changed in a material, satisfactorily addressed your adverse way, Nokia will post a...