Honeywell DT7235T Brochure & Specs

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Honeywell provides a sensor line that's unsurpassed
for quality, design and performance. Our field-proven,
installation-friendly products, including PIRs, magnetic
contacts, DUAL TECs
and FlexGuard
best-selling line of glassbreak detectors, extend the
boundaries of sensor design and are rigorously
challenged in test rooms built to exceed the toughest
SIA standards.
Indoor Sounders
Sounding Devices
, the world's
Siren Drivers, Bells,
and Boxes
Hold-Up Switches
Strobes, Power Supplies



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  • Page 1 HONEYWELL SECURITY & CUSTOM ELECTRONICS Sensors Honeywell provides a sensor line that’s unsurpassed for quality, design and performance. Our field-proven, installation-friendly products, including PIRs, magnetic contacts, DUAL TECs ® and FlexGuard ® , the world's best-selling line of glassbreak detectors, extend the...
  • Page 2 The result? Optimum performance and minimal false alarms. Honeywell offers a wide range of DUAL TECs—including sensors that provide up to 100 lbs. of pet immunity; wall, ceiling or flush mount versions and anti-masking devices for high security applications.
  • Page 3 Sensors MOTION DETECTORS Honeywell offers the most comprehensive selection of motion detectors in the industry. From traditional PIRs to DUAL TECs, we MOTION DETECTORS have the right motion detector to meet any installation challenge in hardwired, wireless or V-Plex polling loop versions.
  • Page 4 • Patented Zero Clearance Black Bug • Patented mirror look down Guard • ALSO AVAILABLE: • Patented mirror look down DT7450C - Form “C” Relay • Trouble output relay • Perfect when high security and system integrity are important
  • Page 5 Sensors MOTION DETECTORS DUAL TEC PIR/MICROWAVE Commercial/Residential DT515 DT7235T DT7435 MiniTek Motion Sensor DUAL TEC Motion Sensor DUAL TEC Motion Sensor • Range: 15' x 15' or 360° x 15' • Range: 35' x 40' • Range: 35' x 40' •...
  • Page 6 Sensors DUAL TEC FAMILY FEATURE CHART DT7235T DT7435 DT7450 DT7550C DT7360 DT435T DT450T DT500 DT640STC DT660STC DT6100STC DT6360STC DT900/901 DT906/907 Quest 2260SN 5897-35
  • Page 7 Sensors DUAL TEC FAMILY FEATURES FEATURES Temperature Compensation: Trouble Output: Pet Immune to 100 lbs.: Sensor automatically adjusts PIR Separate output used to indicate Sensor is immune to pets and other thresholds and/or other parameters to supervision failures and/or anti-mask animals with combined weight of 100 lbs adapt to change in ambient temperature detection to the control panel.
  • Page 8 • Patented Zero Clearance Black Bug Guard Bug Guard • Tamper switch • Tamper switch Top View Top View Top View Wide Angle Lens Wide Angle Lens Side View Side View Side View Wide Angle Lens Wide Angle Lens
  • Page 9 Sensors MOTION DETECTORS PIRs Top View Pet Immune Lens AURORA Pet Immune PIR • Range: 35' x 45' • Pet immunity to 40 lbs. • Selectable pulse count • ASIC Signal Processing • Ultra-low current • Totally silent relay • Bi-Directional Temperature Compensation •...
  • Page 10 • Works with SMB10 family of swivel brackets • Microprocessor controlled • Totally silent tamper proof relay IS25100TC Long Range PIR Detector • Range: 100' x 20' • Form C relay • Alarm memory • Case and wall tamper
  • Page 11 Sensors MOTION DETECTORS Top View Top View Pet Alley Lens Standard (Wide-angle) Lens Side View Side View Recess Mount PIR Motion Sensor Pet Alley Lens Standard (Wide-angle) Lens • Range: 40' x 56' (12m x 17m) coverage pattern • Fits single gang box or can be recessed into a wall •...
  • Page 12 • Mounting heights from 8' to 12' • Low profile housing • Microprocessor-based signal processing • Sealed optics chamber • Can be mounted on a single gang-box • Cover tamper • Selectable pulse count • Dual Slope Temperature Compensation
  • Page 13 Sensors MOTION DETECTORS MOTION SENSOR ACCESSORIES MOUNTING BRACKETS • For use with DT515, DT7XXX, DT6100, ISXXX 5894PI series of detectors SMB10T SMB10C SMB10 Tampered Swivel Mount Bracket Ceiling Mount Bracket Swivel Mount Bracket (pack of five) (pack of five) (pack of five) LENS OPTIONS •...
  • Page 14 Sensors MOTION DETECTORS V-Plex By utilizing only two wires, Honeywell’s patented V-Plex polling loop technology provides point identification to central monitoring stations, reduces wire runs and offers economical expansion of peripheral devices. Top View PIRs – V-Plex 4275EX-SN V-Plex Mirror PIR Motion Sensor •...
  • Page 15 Sensors MOTION DETECTORS PIRs – V-Plex Standard Lens Pet Alley Lens 998MX V-Plex PIR Motion Sensor • Range: 50' x 50' • Dipswitch or S/N addressable • Temperature Compensation • Look-Down Zone • Long Range Lens (100' x10') included • Pet Alley Lens (50' X 70') included QUEST2260SN V-Plex DUAL TEC...
  • Page 16 ACCESS CONTROL SENSORS ACCESS CONTROL SENSORS IS310 Request to Exit PIR Honeywell’s family of Request-to-Exit (RTE) access control • Adjustable relay time sensors are available in both basic and full-featured models to • Micro-based signal processing • Adjustable tamper proof shutters suit any access control application.
  • Page 17 Sensors ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS ENVIRONMENTAL SENSORS TS300 Dual Temperature Sensor • Simultaneous operation of local and remote probes • Local sensor 32˚ to 140˚ (0˚ to 60˚C) +/-3˚F (+/- 1.7˚C) • Remote probe -40˚ to 140˚F (-40˚ to 60˚C) +/-4˚F (+/-2.2˚C) •...
  • Page 18 Sensors PHOTOELECTRIC BEAMS PHOTOELECTRIC BEAMS Honeywell’s IntelliBeam sensors combine all the great features of high-end photobeams in a cost-effective dual detector, offering the ultimate protection at an incredible value. Available in single and dual models, there’s an IntelliBeam to suit any application.
  • Page 19 Sensors GLASSBREAKS… YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE Dealers worldwide rely on Honeywell’s FlexGuard ® glassbreak detectors as a first line of defense because they help keep intruders where they belong—outside. FlexGuard lets you provide your customers with the highest level of security, unmatched detection and false alarm immunity without labor and installation headaches or costly service calls.
  • Page 20 • 25' range / no minimum range • Remote test mode activation • Covers all glass types • UL listed for coated and double-pane glass • Remote test mode activation • Protected PCB • UL listed for coated and double-pane glass
  • Page 21 • UL listed for coated and • ALSO AVAILABLE: double-pane glass double-pane glass FG1625RT - Tamper / Form “C” Relay • Magnetic contact gap: 7/8 " make/ *For use with Honeywell V-Plex addressable 2-3/16 " break control panels. FG730 FG1025Z ASC-SS1 Glassbreak Detector Glassbreak Detector...
  • Page 22 • Corner or ceiling mounting with no WAVE2PDT - tampered version additional brackets or hardware • Channeled or horizontal mounting for great versatility • Channeled case back for convenient wiring access • 8 ohms/15watts • UL Commercial Burglary
  • Page 23 Sensors INDOOR SOUNDERS & SOUNDING DEVICES INDOOR SOUNDERS WAVE2F WAVEF Two-Tone Flush Flush Mount Speaker Mount Siren • Unique hinged case design allows for • Same performance as Wave 2 installation without disassembly • Unique hinged case design allows for •...
  • Page 24 • Enclosed wires applications prevents corrosion • 30 watt power rating • Jacketed 3-conductor lead • Mounting hardware • Protective cabinet available 743BE included tamper loop included • Built-in Tamper Plate protects wires • Heavy duty magnet from attack
  • Page 25 Sensors SOUNDING DEVICES, SIREN DRIVERS, BELLS & BOXES SOUNDING DEVICES 735BE Cabinet Self-Contained Electronic Siren Including Speaker • Combination speaker and siren driver • Includes 705-820, 8 ohm, 20 watt speaker • Dual tone - warble and steady • Tampered cabinet •...
  • Page 26 Sensors SURFACE MOUNT CONTACTS SURFACE MOUNT CONTACTS Honeywell’s unique Ammo Box packaging provides security professionals with an entirely new level of installation convenience and inventory control. Each Ammo Box contains an “ammo belt” of 50 individually packaged magnetic contacts complete with screws, spacers and covers. Simply tear off the perforated, incrementally numbered bag.
  • Page 27 Sensors SURFACE MOUNT CONTACTS SURFACE MOUNT CONTACTS 7940 Universal Magnetic Contact • The most versatile mounting options of any contact available – screw mount, adhesive mount or recess • Super wide gap of 2" (51mm) is standard or 1" (25mm) end-to-end recessed Available in •...
  • Page 28 • Ideal for concealing end-of-line resistor (EOL) ALSO AVAILABLE: ALSO AVAILABLE: 945WH – White 950BR – Brown 945BR – Brown 950GY – Grey 945WH-M – Extra magnet (10 pack) 950W-BR – Brown: wide-gap 2-1/4"(57mm) 945BR-M – Extra magnet (10 pack) 950W-GY – Grey: wide-gap 2-1/4"(57mm)
  • Page 29 – Extra magnet (10 pack) RECESS MOUNT CONTACTS Truly one-of-a-kind, Honeywell’s Staggered T Series contacts provide you with a whole new level of convenience and flexibility. By staggering the terminals, we discovered a way to fit larger screw terminals without altering the industry-standard 3/8"...
  • Page 30 " (32mm) • 12 " (30cm) leads • 18" (46cm) long wire leads ALSO AVAILABLE: ALSO AVAILABLE: MPS95WGW – White PR20421 – White MPS95WGB – Brown 941WH – White with 5' (1.5m) leads 941M – Extra 1/4" bare magnet
  • Page 31 Sensors RECESS MOUNT CONTACTS RECESS MOUNT CONTACTS MPS73WG MPS70WG 3/4" Contact with 3/8" Magnet 3/4" Steel Door Contact • Standard gap: 1-1⁄4" (32mm) • Standard gap: 1-1⁄4" (32mm) • 12" (30cm) leads • 5/8" (16mm) gap for steel ALSO AVAILABLE: •...
  • Page 32 – SPDT with 18" (46cm) leads white Available in Ammo Box 955PST Mini Plunger Contact with Terminals • Broad face plunger distributes impact more evenly • Staggered T terminals ensure a secure electrical connection ALSO AVAILABLE: 955PST-WH – White 955PST-BR – Brown
  • Page 33 During lightning strikes or power surges, voltage can flow through the reed switch of a magnetic contact — fusing the switch and rendering windows and doors unprotected. For the surge protection you need, look to Honeywell’s robust XTP contacts. 968XTP XTP High Security Switch •...
  • Page 34 – Spare magnet MPS52 MPS51C Overhead Door Contact Overhead Door Contact • Standard gap 2" (51mm) • Standard gap 2" (51mm) • 24" (61cm) armored cable • Form C • Adjustable magnet • 24" (61cm) armored cable • Adjustable magnet bracket
  • Page 35 Sensors V-PLEX V-PLEX Honeywell’s patented V-Plex polling loop technology literally defines price and performance on a simple pair of wires. By utilizing only two wires instead of four, V-Plex offers significant advantages over conventional four-wire installations—providing economical expansion of peripheral devices and point identification to your central monitoring station.
  • Page 36 • Complies with EN50131-1 (Grade 2, Class II) • Standard gap: 20mm (3/4") • Rugged aluminum housing • Tamper Loop for added security • Tamper Loop for added security ALSO AVAILABLE: • Package 1 per bag EMPS-70W – White EMPS-70B – Brown
  • Page 37 Sensors TAMPER LOOP & HOLD UP SWITCHES TAMPER LOOP EN50131-1 EN50131-1 EMPS-85 EMPS-75 Surface Mount Contact with Terminals 20mm Diameter Recessed Contact with Terminals • Complies with EN50131-1 (Grade 1, Class II) • Complies with EN50131-1 (Grade 1, Class II) •...
  • Page 38 • Can be used as a contact or as a ALSO AVAILABLE: combination contact and circuit take-off 64WH – White • Contains polarized plug and special stress relief chains 64BR – Brown which protect door cord wires 64GY – Grey
  • Page 39: Power Supplies

    Sensors SMOKE DETECTORS, STROBES, & POWER SUPPLIES STROBES V-Plex SMOKE DETECTOR 5192SD/5192SDT Strobe Warning Lights Smoke Detector • High intensity flashes for fast • Low profile design premises identification • V-Plex addressable loop device • May be surface mounted or mounted •...
  • Page 40 FOIL CONTACT SWITCHES Shown with contact Offset mounting Foil contact switch in white Spacer for 367 bracket for 39 and ALSO AVAILABLE: ALSO AVAILABLE: 7939 style contacts 367WH – White 367WH – White 367BR – Brown 367BR – Brown