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Hitachi VM-6400A Instruction Manual

Hitachi camcorder user manual
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Instruction Manual
Video Camcorder
1855 Donroch Court,
San Diego, California 92173
Tel. 770-279-5600
6740 Campobello Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2L8
Tel. 905-821-4545
3219 Koapaka Street, Honolulu, HI 96819
Tel. 808-836-3621
Thank you for choosing the _)
video camcorder
For maximum pleasure and convenience please read these
simple instructions before operating your camcorder.
QR19392 ©Hitachi, Ltd 1998
Printed in Japan KY-F(N)



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  • Page 1 3219 Koapaka Street, Honolulu, HI 96819 Tel. 808-836-3621 Thank you for choosing the _) video camcorder simple instructions before operating your camcorder. QR19392 ©Hitachi, Ltd 1998 HITACHI (HSC) CANADA INC. 6740 Campobello Road Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2L8 CANADA Tel. 905-821-4545...
  • Page 3 Your camcorder is functioning properly, but the solid-state pickup device (CCD) usually causes this as an inherent characteristic. Try to avoid shooting an excessive bright object directly. D Be sure not to leave the camcorder in a place where the temperature exceeds 140°F (60°C), or the pickup device may be damaged.
  • Page 4 This video camcorder with this marking is compatible with any video cassette recorder Check to make sure you have the following components and accessories (besides the camcorder unit itself) before disposing of the packing material. 1 Lead-acid rechargeable battery 2 AC adaptor/charger 3.
  • Page 5: Features

    B ut,safety is yourresponsibility too. Thispagelistsimportant information thatwillhelpto assure yourenjoyment andproper useofa Video Camcorder andaccessory e quipment. P lease readit carefully before operating y ourvideoproduct a ndkeepit ina handy place forfuture reference. 1 Read and Follow Instructions -- All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the video product is operated.
  • Page 6: Accessories

    9 Attachments -- Do not use attachments unless recommended may cause hazards. Caution: Maintain electrical safety. Power-line operated equipment or accessories should bear the UL listing mark or CSA certification modified so as to defeat the safety features, This will he!p avoid any potential hazard from electric shock Or fire. m If in doubt, contact qualified service personnel.
  • Page 7 17 Servicing -- Do not attempt to service this video product yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. 18 Conditions Requiring Service -- Unplug this video product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions.
  • Page 8 _Set the viewfinder to the position shown in the figure when carrying the camcorder or storing it in the carrying case.
  • Page 9 , _.;--]_,_:'r_-_- • _>_=- 0WHEN USING WITH THE BATTERY (Provided) • To attach, align the mark" v "of the battery with that of the camcorder so that the battery fits into the grooves, and slide the batter downward as illustrated. lll'_l:l •...
  • Page 10 ,, The Car battery Cord is designed t° be used only wit h automobiles having a !2_volt negative ground syste m. I ° To prevent fire or shock hazard or damage to your camcorder, please use only the specified car battery cord.
  • Page 11 1.PlugtheACadaptor/charger power cordintoACelectrical outlet. 2.Attach thebattery to theACadaptor/charger. adaptor/charger andpushthebattery flushwiththeACadaptor/charger andslideit inthedirection ofarrow. cNoOn:::ct:;Uth?s;r;_l_?Et, hei?fw_l_rndoftr_i;_he AC adaptor/charger to charge the battery. If the DC cord is 3. The "CHARGE" light will be lit while the battery is accepting a charge, and will go out when the battery is fully charged.
  • Page 12: Electronic Viewfinder ( Evf)

    The product you have purchased is powered by a sealed lead acid battery which is recyclable At the end of its useful life, under various state and local laws, it is illegal to dispose of this battery into your municipal waste stream. Please call 1-800-HITACHI for informat!on on how to recycle this battery. Click here for diagram. Diopter Control Use this control to focus the viewfinder.
  • Page 13 "CAM/OFFNIDEO" Switch This switch turns the camcorder on and off+ Set the switch to "CAM" for camera recording, and to "VIDEO" for playback. Press and hold the small button on this switch, and then slide it to "CAM" or "VIDEO".
  • Page 14 Press "PLAY" to return to normal playback mode or press "STOP/EJECT" NOTE: You can also visually scan forward when the Camcorder is in record!Pause (stand-by) mode bY Pressing and hod ng th s button.
  • Page 15 "REC/PAUSE" Button This button is used to control the camcorder. When this button is pressed with the camcorder set to the recording mode, the tape runs to start recording. "REC" appears in the viewfinder. When this button is pressed again, "...
  • Page 16: Eyepiece A Djustment

    5. Press "REC/PAUSE" to stop recording. Press the button again to resume recording. The ";" appear in the viewfinder instead of "REC" while the camcorder is in the record/pause (stand-by) mode. I NOTES:, ..The...
  • Page 17: Playback

    (stand-by) mode. Recording starts again when "REC/PAUSE" is pressed again. NOTE: Whe n !tREW!REVIEWI' is Pressed once, the camcorder enters the instant review mode, arid when it is held depressed, the camcorder enters the quick edit mode. You can view recorded pictures with the electronic viewfinder.
  • Page 18 Still When "REC/PAUSE" is pressed during playback, a still picture can be seen To start again press "REC/PAUSE" and playback will be resumed. Forward and Reverse Search When you press "F.FWD" or "REW/REVIEW" during playback, the tape will be played back at a speed about 3 times faster than the normal playback speed, and you can easily locate a certain spot on the tape.
  • Page 19 When the correct date appears, press "STOP/EJECT". and its life wi!l be shortened, and then slide it to "CAM" position 12:00 AM 1/ 1/1998 When the correct month appears, press "STOP/EJECT". 12:00 AM 11/1/1999 "CAM/OFFNIDEO" to the camcorder for 24 hours.
  • Page 20: Date Recording

    8 After setting AM or PM, press "DATE/TIME" to change the display and start the internal clock It is recommended that you press "DATE/TIME" to match the time signal. NOTE: After the date and time are set, "L AUTO" appears and the camcorder enters the automatic date recording mode. See ,,DATE RECORDING, To correct date/time information after starting the date/time 1 Press and hold "DATE/TIME", and then press "STOPIEJECT".
  • Page 21 10 seconds. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Date only - Date recording The camcorder records the date with the picture all the time No display - No date recording The camcorder does not record the date. [] AUTO...
  • Page 22 Date and time - Date and time recording The camcorder records the date and time with the picture all the time 3 Press "REC/PAUSE". Recording will start. NOTES: When Lq AUTO and date display is selected, the date disappears about ! 0 seconds after recording is 1 started.
  • Page 23 7;7;_!:!!! !LJ! !_I i_ iiilJ 3 Objects lit by a spotlight or neon signs, etc. 4 Objects behind glass with water droplets or dust on it 5 Objects with almost no difference in brightness such as a white wall 6 Objects moving rapidly. 7.
  • Page 24: Memory

    Insert a cassette in the camcorder and start recording or playback; 10 seconds later, the remaining tape will be displayed. When the cassette is ejected, the display will disappear. " _ after the tape starts to run.
  • Page 25 Press and hold the power zoom T control until you find the picture you want. You control the zoom with the power zoom T and W controls. When "DISPLAY" "ZOOM" is displayed to signal to you that the camcorder is in the digital zoom area. 1/250, 1/350,1/500, 1/750, 1/1000, in the viewfinder and the power zoom switch is pressed,...
  • Page 26 The quick edit feature allows you to search for the end of previously recorded material, or find a particular spot on your tape, to begin your editing, or recording new material. Quick edit is used while the camcorder is in the record/pause (stand-by) mode.
  • Page 27 2. Press "REG/PAUSE" to start recording; fade begins automatically. Fading Out 1 While recording with the camcorder use "DIGITAL FADE" to select a fade option. 2. Press "REG/PAUSE" to stop recording; the fade begins automatically and "REC" flashes until the fade ends.
  • Page 28 NOTE: Wherl fading out be sure to wait until the PAUSE indicator (11) is visible in the viewfinder before ] attempting to put the Camcorder into the record mode again. The stable pix function corrects slight shaking of the image being recorded and is effective in the following situations.
  • Page 29 INDEX You can easily create and record personalized titles on your videos with the camcorder's built-in titler. Once a title is stored, it can be displayed and recorded at anytime. A title contains two lines of up to 16 characters per line.
  • Page 30 1. Press "SHIFT" repeatedly until the character to be corrected will flash. 2. Press either %" or "+" until the correct character appears. I NOTE: The corrected character 8 Recording titles on a tape in the camcorder 1 Slide "CAM/OFFNIDEO" to "VIDEO"...
  • Page 31 ,-;:<>! BCDEFGHiJKLMNOPQR To play back a tape recorded on your camcorder and view it on your TV receiver, you must connect the camcorder to the TV receiver using either audio/video cable (not supplied) or RF converter unit (optional). You also may play back the tape recorded by your camcorder on any other VHS video cassette recorder. The camcorder records and plays back in VHS standard speed (SP).
  • Page 32 7. Set the RF channel selector on the RF converter unit to "CH3" or "CH4" to match the channel selector on your TV. 8. Perform same procedures in steps 4 through 7 of "Example NOTE: If you want to Watch a TV program with camcorder connected as illustrated, slide !'CAM!OFF/V!DEO'! of the camcorder to OFF • 1".
  • Page 33 Use the built-in camera light if you wish to shoot objects in dark places. When "LIGHT" is set to "AUTO", the camera light turns on automatically when the camcorder is pointed at objects in a dark place and turns offwhen CAUTION: The power consumption of the built-in camera light is about a half that of the camcorder.
  • Page 34 , Never use the camera light in the vicinity of explosive or highly inflammable materials. After using the Camera light, cool the camera light section sufficiently before storing the camcorder in the case. Replace only with the specified lamp(optional) To replace the lamp of camera light To remove the front case, press and hold the tab, then remove the front case.
  • Page 35 Attach the shoulder strap (provided). as illustrated. Your camcorder is a highly sophisticated instrument under the most rigid quality control and inspection systems. However, should problems develop, check the following points and take necessary corrective measures.
  • Page 36 When you see the playback picture on your TV, adjust fine tuning knob on :elevision set to obtain best picture. The pre-recorded tape is EP or LP recording. This camcorder is for use in SP recording only. "iV receiver is of older type it needs to be modified to work properly with ;amcorder...
  • Page 37: Head Cleaning

    We expect that no maintenance other than head cleaning will be required during the warranty period by most users, unless the video camcorder is heavily used or seldom used. Normal maintenance is the responsibility of the user, although defective parts are covered during the warranty period.
  • Page 38 Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc. Hitachi has made every effort to assure you hours of trouble free operation from your unit. However, should you require service, a network of Hitachi Authorized Service Facilities has been established in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  • Page 39 SUWANEE, GA 30174 Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. we will notify you. Thank you for allowing us (Hitachi and HiTRON) to be of service to you_our valued customer FOR AUTHORIZED HITACHI SERVICE FACILITY IN CANADA Please consult the following telephone number:...

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